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The University of Scranton Using Workflow to Streamline Campus Processes Bill Burke Director of Financial Aid The University of Scranton.

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1 The University of Scranton Using Workflow to Streamline Campus Processes Bill Burke Director of Financial Aid The University of Scranton

2 Work Study at UofS Work funds are budgeted to Departments Departments request number of students Financial Aid Office refers students Supervisors make hiring decision Each job description has own position number for federal, university, SWSP Students enter hours electronically Different Pay Rates based on seniority

3 The University of Scranton Using Workflow Software – What can it do for me?

4 Topics of Discussion What is a workflow? What is SCT Workflow? Selecting processes Why did we select this project? Who should be on the project team? Using Workflow to improve your internal processes

5 What is a workflow? Total process perspective Processes which involved information being exchanged between offices which ultimately had to be entered into Banner Processes that involved paper forms which needed to be moved around campus for approval/signatures

6 What is SCT Workflow? Process to automate tasks Automate routing and scheduling Triggers Ability to direct tasks Automate certain decisions E-mail notifications Coordinate and monitor tasks

7 Project Development Paper-based processes Are there value added steps Can rules be written?

8 Work Study Work Flow Student Placement/Employment

9 Case Study – The Old Process Running back and forth Manual paper forms Time consuming & inefficient Collected same data elements Errors

10 Define Scope of the Project Define the Scope of the Project Determine the scope of the project Flowcharting Focus on sub-processes –Two separate workflows: 1. Referral/Placement Process 2. Hiring Process

11 Referral Form (In House)

12 E-Mail Referral to Student You have been referred for a work-study position. Please understand that a referral does not guarantee employment. Please contact the supervisor below to arrange details in reference to an interview. Name: Ed Jones Address: Room 115 St. Thomas Hall Phone: 570-941-1111 Email Department Number: 600522 Department Name: Payroll If you have any questions concerning this letter please contact our office, as we are here to assist you. The University of Scranton wishes you the best in achieving your educational goals. Sincerely, Scott Key – Financial Aid Counselor

13 E-Mail Placement to Department The following student has been placed for a position in your department. Please complete the electronic placement form for this student. Student ID: 164311111 Student First Name: Sarah Student Last Name: Smith Position Number: 040200

14 Supervisor Hire List

15 Supervisor Hire Form

16 E-Mail to Student - Hired You have been hired as a work study student in the Payroll Department. Please contact your supervisor listed below to finalize your work schedule. Ed Jones Room 115 St. Thomas Hall 570-941-1111

17 E-Mail to Student – Not Hired The student work study position you applied for in the Treasurers Office has been filled. If you would like to apply for another position please reply to this E-mail for another placement. Scott Key Financial Aid Office

18 Missing Information Please contact Donna Hurricane in the Payroll Office at extension 4068 concerning missing W4 or I-9 information. You cannot enter your hours or begin working until these forms are completed.

19 Special Rate Request The following Student has been hired at an 'other rate'. Student ID: 16411111 Student First Name: Sarah Student Last Name: Smith Pay Rate: 7.75 Rate Comment: Sarah fills in for Director of Library during Intersession.

20 Payroll Workflow Task List




24 Some Statistics 2003-04 Academic Year Over 1300 referrals made to date Approximately 929 hirings to date Approximately 765 students hired Approximately 215 not hired Approximately 166 in process Approximately 111 supervisors

25 RESULTS! Old process required a minimum of 15 person minutes to complete each record With SCT workflow, processing time is two minutes per record 250 person hours of administrative processing time per year was eliminated Improved accuracy of the data and data flow Increased student and supervisor satisfaction

26 The Good & Bad GOOD Points Less paper Reduced mailing Instant communication Easy to use Less errors Documents not lost Ability to track process BAD Points Getting supervisors to buy into the system Technical glitches Deciding access Less paper means no copy information Challenge to keep departmental records up to date

27 Some Comments I must commend you and your office for the prompt services that we are receiving from your office for our requests and questions. Thank you for not giving up on us. With all our complaining about the previous system being better, it wasnt. Its just so easy. All the information is right there Its more streamlined

28 The University of Scranton Workflow Project Questions??? Thank you, Bill Burke

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