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MyGateway. Top Tabs MyGateway Home Students Library

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1 MyGateway

2 Top Tabs MyGateway Home Students Library Knowledge@umsl

3 Home The home tab gives you easy access to your student email, lists of your courses and school organizations, tools and more.

4 Tools The tools module gives you quick access to several of the useful utilities of MyGateway. These include: A link to class, organization and campus wide announcements. A calendar, into which you can enter events and assignments. A link for checking the grades of in your active classes. A link for sending email to instructors and students in your classes.

5 Tools: Calendar To create a new event in your calendar, double click on the date. A new window will pop up with a quick form to fill out with a description of your event.

6 Tools: Email The email link allows you to select a course or organization you are part of and then pick whom you wish to contact within that group. After that, its as simple as typing out your message and clicking submit.

7 Arranging Your Desktop You can change the order of the modules on your MyGateway home page by clicking the button on the top right area of the screen that depicts two arrows: This will bring up an interface that lets you move around your modules by selecting them and clicking the arrows indicating where you want them to go. You can also move modules around by dragging and dropping.

8 Arranging Your Desktop: Adding Modules To add a new module, click on the Add Module button on the top left of the Home page. This will bring up a list of useful tools that you can select and add your Home page. You can preview each module by clicking (More)… and add it to your Home page by clicking the Add button:

9 Students The students tab has general information about the services UMSL provides its students. It also has: information about you as a student academic planning tools a job listing for students and a list of upcoming campus events.

10 Library The library tab shows the schedules for the libraries on campus. It also allows you to search the catalogue of the research and reading materials available to you from our libraries and online. A more in-depth guide to the Library tab can be found under the Other Resources header under Tutorials, Subject Guides & Help

11 Knowledge@umsl Knowledge@umsl is your resource for quick solutions to your technical support questions. The Self Service Application displays announcements, frequently asked questions and your favorite solutions. If you need more assistance, with a click of a button, you can open a ticket, request additional help from your support center and track the status of your ticket.

12 Find Solutions Tab To find a solution to your technical support issue, you can either start by performing a search for the solution, or you can browse for your solution by selecting a particular category to navigate into. No matter which of these options you decide to start with, you can then continue your search by browsing, or continue your browse by searching.

13 Find Solutions Tab: Browse By Category Browse by category allows you narrow down your question by starting from the broader subject. To Browse by category, select the type of thing you are having an issue with (e.g. Internet Browsers or Portable Devices.) from the list and continue to narrow down the sub-topics until you have found your problem.

14 Searching Knowledge@umsl The search function allows you to look for solutions to technical support problems. To do a search, type a description of your problem in the Enter your question below… box and then click the Search button. Be precise in your search. Describe the problem or error that is occurring, or the task that you are trying to accomplish. Usually, this means using more than just one word in your search.

15 Opening a Ticket From time to time, someone will experience a technical support issue that cannot be solved with the information already available at Knowledge@umsl. That doesnt mean that all hope is lost! If you experience such a problem, you can open a ticket with the Help Desk. The experts at the Help Desk will look into the issue and try to find a solution for you and for anyone else who may run into this issue in the future.

16 Opening a Ticket To open a ticket, navigate to the Home tab. There, a link is available that, when clicked, will prompt you to login to our service request system. Use your normal UMSL ID and login to access this system.

17 Opening a Ticket: Service Request Management Click Information Technology Services, this will call up a list of services available to you through the Service Request Management site:

18 Opening a Ticket: Request IT Help Select Request IT Help, this will bring up a form for you to fill out explaining the nature of your problem. When you have filled out this form, click Submit and someone will look into your issue during the Help Desks normal office hours.

19 The Help Desk The Help Desk is located in Lucas Hall 211, you can reach the Help Desk at (314) 516-6034, its office hours are: 7:30 AM – 10:00 PM Monday – Thursday 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM Friday

20 Other Help For more specific help regarding MyGateway, you can click on the drop-down menu that displays your name at the top of the page. From there: Click the question mark at the bottom: -This will open a new window. On the left, click student help: This will give you a list of tutorials to help you with more specific MyGateway functions.

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