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EBSCOadmin Authentication

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1 EBSCOadmin Authentication

2 Welcome to the EBSCOadmin Authentication tutorial, which focuses on the six most popular authentication methods. EBSCOadmin Authentication allows you to provide seamless access to your EBSCOhost subscription databases, from your institution or remote locations. To customize your Authentication options, click the Authentication tab at the top of the EBSCOadmin screen.

3 User ID and Password Authentication: This method provides remote users with secure access to your institution’s EBSCOhost databases. Each account is set up with a user ID and password. To add a custom user ID and password, click on the User ID/Password sub-tab, then click the Add New User link. Select the Group ID from the drop-down menu, add your ID and password, and click Submit. Each authentication type has a unique URL displayed, which you may provide to your users.

4 IP Address Authentication: Entering station IP addresses can eliminate the need for user IDs and passwords. To enable this method, click Add IP Address. Enter the new IP address or range for your institution. To upload an IP address list, click on the Upload IP Address List link, fill in the fields and click Submit.

5 Patron Files Authentication: Using Patron Files authentication, EBSCO can accommodate your existing IDs and passwords. Click on the Help link for instructions on how to upload a Patron File list, or, to add your existing IDs and passwords individually, click on the Add a Patron ID link, fill in the fields, and click Submit.

6 Sample CPID Model ID and Mask CPID or (Customer Patterned ID) authentication accommodates library card bar code numbers. Click Add Model ID, fill in the required numbers, and select “1” from the corresponding Mask field to indicate that each of these numbers is mandatory. Enter an “x” in the fields that do not have to match in order to grant access. Leave the Mask corresponding field value at “0.” Click Submit.

7 Referring URL Authentication (from which the institution accesses EBSCOhost) provides seamless access to EBSCOhost from another secure web page. Click on the Add Referring URL link. In the Referring URL field, enter the URL for the page from which users will originate. Click Submit.

8 Cookie Authentication: Once you have enabled the Use Cookies option and the end user has entered EBSCOhost by any authentication method, a cookie is placed on their computer, which will last for 30 days, eliminating the need to re-enter their ID and password. Under the Cookies tab, set Use Cookies to Yes. Click Submit.

9 Shibboleth Authentication: If your institution belongs to a federation, you may be able to use Shibboleth authentication. Click the Add Shibboleth Affiliation link, select your Region or Group and Institution, add your Shibboleth Affiliation or Entitlement information, and click Submit. You should first check with your federation to obtain your Region or Group, and Affiliation or Entitlement information.

10 HTTPS Authentication: This method provides a secure search link via an HTTPS connection, denying unauthorized users from viewing a customer’s searches or results information. Only profiles that qualify for HTTPS authentication are displayed. Set the desired profile to On, and click Submit.

11 Personal User Authentication: This method allows you to create personal user accounts for members of your institution in EBSCOadmin. In addition, when Personal User Authentication is enabled, your users can use their My EBSCOhost folder login values to access EBSCOhost. Click Add Personal User to add a new Personal User Authentication account.

12 Click the Help link to view the online User Guide, or visit to search our Knowledge Base of FAQs, view additional tutorials, download support materials such as Help Sheets, or contact Technical Support. This concludes the EBSCOadmin Authentication tutorial.

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