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Civil Resilience – Corporate Social Responsibility David Donegan BT Group.

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1 Civil Resilience – Corporate Social Responsibility David Donegan BT Group


3 Links between civil and corporate?

4 IP Phone PDA Blackberry® Mobile Email WEB Instant messenger Remote users servers ID TV & VTC Telephone & Conferencing What we support …

5 BT Resilience - underpinning that strategy BT STRATEGY Managing Risk Effectively Providing an Emergency Response in support of others Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility Maximising the benefits from compliance and Regulation Maintaining and Growing Revenue Minimising Loss, Reducing Costs Maintaining & Enhancing BTs Brand & Reputation


7 Responders BT BT Gold

8 Programme – External Focus Emergency Service / Emergency Planning – The Give Rapid Provisioning & GES Work Implementing HMG / Police Schemes (GTPS) Mutual Aid (C&W / AT&T SLA + Good Will & Receive in Return) Civil Support (Generators…Education) CNI Support Advice on their vulnerabilities / CP / BCP Plan / Respond using HMG / CNI Influence Assist in protection of CNI (MOD, VSS, EKP) DR / BC / Support Educate about ICT Issues (21CN… Vendors… BRENT…) BT Resilience

9 Programme Impact Management - BT Needs Support – The Take Information Physical Access Escorts / Transport Emergency Powers (Requisitioning / Land…) Protection Rescue Support Priority Access Mutual Aid, Communications, Welfare, Inclusion in Plans & Having Plans (For Telco Incidents) Training, Awareness, Exercising Integrated C&C (USC, NEAT, RCCC) 1 of 200! BT Resilience

10 Programme Compliance with Obligations – The Must Civil Contingencies Act Co-operate Info Sharing Attendance Risk Registers Education! Communications Act S94 – National Directives Section 3 & 5 USO SOME BT SPECIFIC BT Resilience

11 Programme Broader Benefits – The Rub Relationships, Understanding, Opportunities (Civil, Govt, & Industry) Revenue – EGTPS, ECN2, & wider – Wireless Networks… Reputation & Brand (Education & Expectation Management) CSR Opportunities (Leadership, Sponsorship…) Minimise Burden (53+9 with Sub-Committees) BT Resilience

12 Managing potential impact on BT The Impact on Shareholder Value Cumulative Abnormal Returns (%) i.e., change in market cap adjusted for market movement Source: The Impact of Catastrophes on Shareholder Value, Rory F. Knight & Deborah J. Pretty, Templeton College, University of Oxford, p. 3. Trading Days After the Event 255075100125150175200225250 Effective Crisis Response Ineffective Crisis Responses After initial reflex (10 days), market begins to assess companys response.

13 Managing potential impact on BT People Property Providers Platforms Products Networks Systems Data Brand, Reputation & Revenue CUSTOMERS CRITICAL (INTER)NATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE

14 Supporting disaster recovery of others

15 Re-route traffic Provision of system / data back up Call centres Messaging

16 Provide support to the response


18 Information & Traffic Management Casualty Bureau – Directory Enquiries, Link-Line, Network management Disasters Emergency Committee Call capacity controls / gapping Emergency Provisioning Additional lines / equipment Priority restoration Support to CNI Implement Special Schemes Govt Tele Preference Scheme (GTPS) & Code Words, Kidnap / Hostage Stanstead & Channel Tunnel./… RAF Nuclear Crash Mutual Aid Generators CSR Missions Appeals / Funds

19 Assist with the investigation

20 Assist the authorities National Security Operations Forensic Support Internal Security Operations

21 BT SUPER EMERGENCY CONTROL CENTRE (SECC) 13.5 m x 2.5m Step frame semi trailer based at Coventry ROMES site


23 ROMES (Rationalisation Of Mobile Exchanges Site)

24 BT RED (Restoration Equipment Deployment)


26 Recent experience



29 Offices worldwide Telecommunications services described are subject to availability and may be modified from time to time. Services and equipment are provided subject to British Telecommunications plc's respective standard conditions of contract. Nothing in this publication forms any part of any contract. © British Telecommunications plc 2006 Thank you

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