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New Realities in Handling a Crisis

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1 New Realities in Handling a Crisis

2 Why Marsh & McLennan Global BCM Practice: 80 consultants 30 countries
Benchmark experience Consistent BCM Consulting process and deliverable Strategic Risks Financial Risks Operational Risks MMC Hazard Risks

3 Safeguard stakeholders investments and company’s assets
Company objectives Global leadership Satisfied customers Stable profit levels Return on shareholders investments Satisfied employees Profitable partnerships Corporate Governance issues- transparency The nature of activities Strategy Financial policy Social participation and responsibility Organisational structure Source:;;, &

4 Impact To Your Shareholder Value
Companies with positive approach to business continuity 15 Recovers 10 5 Management skills and response Stakeholder Communication Insurance alone is inadequate Plans need to be implemented Time -5 CAR % -10 Other companies -15 Nonrecovers -20 | Event occurs 250 days | Source: Knight / Pretty high profile catastrophes impact on shareholder value (CAR = Cumulative Abnormal Returns)

5 Risk Management structure

6 BCM structure

7 Focused on the strategic and operational issues and implications.
How to handle a crisis? + Operational and/ or Hazard risks Risk = Emergency Response Recovery Focused on controlling and fixing the exposure involved in the accident Crisis management Focused on the strategic and operational issues and implications.

8 BCM Objective To be prepared in case of a major incident or disaster:
Organisational structure Incident response Issues & implications Issues & implications Client perspective Shareholder perspective Employee perspective Liability issues Social responsibilities Reputation Contractual obligations Market position Media etc. .

9 Integrated plan development
Company structure Potential threats Company results Financial performance indicators Objectives Competition Liability claims Customer demand shortfall External processes Client satisfaction Impact on society Loss of reputation / Image Changing legislation Interruption of services Internal processes Operational processes Partnerships People management Fire Logistic / production interruption Loss of knowledge Knowledge - Management Leadership Strategy & policy Pricing policy Organisational structure Loss of management info. systems Formulate a worst case scenario

10 Integrated plan development

11 BCM delivery To create a compact and orderly action-oriented response and recovery plan which will assist senior management to minimize the impact of a catastrophic event and support them during the recovery stage.

12 Sample Roadmap BCM plan
Emergency Response Plan Crisis Management / Communication Plan Business Recovery Plan Activity Time objective

13 Benefits to your organisation
Being prepared Improving the risk awareness within your organisation The final plan will be a practical and workable management tool showing your stakeholders that risks are understood and managed. Protecting the enterprise value of your company looking at the total value supply chain.

14 Experience Engineering/ construction Manufacturing Mining
Telecommunications / Media/ IT Utilities Transportation/ Logistic centers Food industry Financial institutes Public sector Medical

15 Questions / Remarks ? Local contact: Marsh s.r.l.
For more information: Andes Lam (Asia) (85-22) William Pollock (Australia) (61-39) Doede DeWaij (Cont. Europe) (31-10) Chris Rigby-Smith (UK) (44-173) Glenn Buser (US) (1-212) Local contact: Marsh s.r.l. #46-48 Alexandru Constantinescu Str. Sector 1, Bucharest T: , F: E: W:

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