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1 IEEE Communications Society T ECHNICAL C OMMITTEE ON C OMMUNICATIONS Q UALITY & R ELIABILITY Committee Meeting CQR Chair: Kenichi Mase November 30 Globecom 2006 San Francisco, USA

2 2 Officer Team Chair: Kenichi Mase Chair Elect: Chi-Ming Chen Vice-Chair-Operations: Hiromi Ueda Vice-Chair-Publications: Anil Macwan Vice-Chair-Programs: Mike Todd Secretary & Treasurer: Kevin Krantz & Shigeo Shioda Advisory Board : Karl Rauscher (Advisory Board Chair) Koichi Asatani (Advisory Board Chair Emeritus) Kelly Krick Raymond Bonelli Officer Team

3 3 Agenda WELCOM Recertification Policy and Procedures Update Technical Programs Strategic Programs COMSOC TAC 2007 Chairmans award Others ADJOURN

4 4 Recertification Every three years. Submitted on August 30. Policy and procedures including charters have been updated. Thanks, Chi-Ming.

5 5 CQR Charter Revised August 2006 The Technical Committee on Communications Quality & Reliability (CQR) focuses on and advocates worldwide communications and reliability on behalf of, and within, the Communications Society. CQR serves as the catalyst for global awareness and the exchange of information relative to technical and management-related aspects of communications quality and reliability. This also extends to security of the telecommunications network.

6 6 Charter (Cont.) CQR technical subject matter includes: I. Service Quality and Reliability Quality of Service Service reliability Quality aspects of emerging technologies and services Quality issues of information infrastructure Customer satisfaction Quality assessment Quality management tools and systems Timeliness of repair services Definitions, metrics, best practices, and best-in- class performance

7 7 Charter (Cont.) II. Network Quality and Reliability Network reliability Network performance Network architecture Network interoperability Network robustness Network security Emergency preparedness & disaster recovery Ad-hoc networks Priority communications Quality and reliability implications of network evolution Definitions, metrics, best practices, and best-in-class performance

8 8 Charter (Cont.) III. Product and System Quality and Reliability Software Hardware Procedures Process Testing and tools Product and process quality evolution Products, processes and procedures for emergency recovery Best practices Environment Life cycle costs Definitions, metrics, best practices, and best-in- class performance

9 9 Charter (Cont.) The direct beneficiaries of the work of CQR include academia, service providers, equipment suppliers, emerging global commercial markets, governments and end users. The CQR sponsors an annual workshop, and technical and application sessions and tutorials at major Communications Society conferences. A major goal of CQR is to engage our growing, diverse membership to promote an understanding of major communications quality and reliability issues in the world. The CQR accomplishes this goal through participation in conferences and workshop and contributions in forums and technical publications. The Technical Committee supports the industry provision of international consensus definitions, measurements, best practices, and best-in-class performance reference material.

10 10 Some questionnaire items in Recertification MENTION WHAT YOU CONSIDER THE MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT OF YOUR TC IN THE LAST 2 YEARS: Foundation of CQR Chairman s Award. Success of annual CQR workshop. Success of organizing symposia at ICCs and Globecoms. Two IEEE Fellows from CQR.

11 11 Some questionnaire items in Recertification 27. WHAT COULD COMSOC DO TO HELP YOUR TC IN ITS OPERATIONS? Would be nice to get more support on web pages, for example, software for contact information updates by members, and higher disk space quota (current limit is 100MB). CQR uses the website to communicate with members heavily by posting draft/formal presentations. Many times, a single presentation takes up to 20MB already.

12 12 Some questionnaire items in Recertification 28. WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS TO INCREASE YOUR GLOBAL MEMBERSHIP (AND, IN PARTICULAR, YOUR INDUSTRY MEMBERSHIP)? CQR has always focused on promoting the dialog and interactions of industry members and academia members. In particular, the annual CQR workshop has a strong participation from industry. CQR will continue to promote good combination of strategic program (industry focused) and technical program (academia focused) at CQR workshops and ICC/Globecom conferences.

13 13 CQR TC Policies and Procedures (Revised August 23, 2006) Duties of each officer are specified. Nomination and selection procedure for CQR Chairman s award is included. Budget and Expenses section is included. Thanks, Chi-Ming, Kelly and Karl.

14 14 CQR Chairmans Award NOMINATION AND SELECTION Nominations may be received from a CQR Committee Officer or a member of the CQR Board of Advisors. Criteria upon which candidates are evaluated include: –sustained contributions in the field of Quality, Reliability & Security of communications services, networks or systems; –a demonstration of the core value of a professional society- adding value to others; and –integrity consistent with that of a role model. Evaluations should be made by the Chair and Board of Advisors; with final selection being left to the Chair. Contact the selected candidates to inform of awarding together with the requirement of attendance to CQR workshop. If some of the selected candidates are not interested in workshop attendance, they are excluded from the selected candidates. If some of them cannot attend the target workshop, their award is canceled, but they may be considered again in future workshop. Each recipient will be cited for specific contributions, service or elements of character.

15 15 Technical and Strategic Programs Technical –ICC –GLOBECOM –Symposia Strategic –Annual International Workshops –Special Hot Topic Workshops Combined: –JSAC –ICC and GLOBECOM Business Application Sessions Strategic Programs Technical Programs

16 16 Technical Programs - Planning 2006 ICC Istanbul, June 11-15 H. Ueda, Symposium Co-Chair with N. Fonseca of CSIM-TC* 220 papers submitted, 89 accepted 2006 GLOBECOM San Francisco, November 27-30 H. Ueda, Symposium Co-Chair with M. Devetsikiotis of CSIM-TC 140 papers submitted, 39 % accepted 2007 ICC Glasgow, June 24-28 H. Ueda, Symposium Co-Chair with N. Fonseca of CSIM-TC and A. Jamalipour of SSC-TC** TPC established. 2007 GLOBECOM Washington, D.C. 2008 ICC Beijing China, May 19-23 H. Ueda Plan to have our symposium. 2008 GLOBECOM New Orleans, November 2009 ICC Dresden Germany, June 14-18 T. Tsuboi 2010 ICC T. Tsuboi * Communications Systems Integration & Modeling TC ** Satellite & Space Communications TC

17 17 Recent Hot Topic Workhops Workshop 1Power & Environment Rome, ItalyOctober 3, 2006 Workshop 2Network & PayloadLondon, U.K.October 6, 2006 Workshop 3Hardware & SoftwareBerlin, Germany October 11, 2006 Workshop 4Policy & HumanBrussels, BelgiumNovember 15, 2006 Workshops on Availability and Robustness of Europe's Future Communications Networks Proceedings on Workshop on The Trust Paradigm: Implementing Trusted Methods in Information Technology Management and Security, October 17, 2006, Washington D.C.

18 18 Small workshops A series of 4 workshops across Europe in Rome, London, Berlin, Brussels on the subject of the reliability and security Europe's future networks; CQR attendees include Rick, Karl, Ray hopefully Mike and/or Peter Hoath,... Trusted Computing workshop in Washington DC, October 17 - many high level government (NIST, FRB) and industry folks (very high levels from Microsoft, HP, Verizon/maybe Dick Lynch, etc.) attending. CQR attendees include Chi-Ming, PJ,, Stephen Malphrus, Karl... These small workshops (less than 40; less than 1 day) are easy to execute because they all have no fee. Local host companies (Telecom Italia, BT, etc. provide the facility; people pick their own hotel). We have CQR positioned as a technical co-sponsor for these. What is great is that CQR will get to publish the proceedings. These events should build momentum on our London '06 workshop for CQR visibility in Europe, and the event in DC will help get us set for Globecom'07, where we should plan for strong business application type session.

19 19 When: May 15-17, 2007 Where: Sanibel Harbor Resort 17260 Sanibel Harbour Pointe Drive Fort Myers, Florida Technical Program Chairs Richard Krock, Lucent Technologies Peter Hoath, BT CQR 2007 International Workshop

20 20 CQR 2007 International Workshop Program at a Glance SegmentSegment Chair No. of Sessions Telecommunications is a Social Service too Francois Cosquer, Alcatel 2 e-Commerce; still a tricky business? William Hitchcock, Sprint 2 Communications Now!Martin.Guldberg, Verizon Wireless 2 Services Network, and SystemsDavid Harcourt, BT 3 Topical TechnologyWeider Yu, San Jose State Univ. 3 Updates are posted on Five Segments/Themes

21 21

22 22 Program Organization of 2008 CQR Workshop Previous workshops Program Chair Mainly strategic program (invited presentation based) No TPC, no call-for-paper and no review 2008 workshop General Chair Mainly strategic program (invited presentation based) follows a traditional way. TPC Chair: Technical program (selected paper based) TPC, call-for-paper and review (CD-based Proceedings)

23 23 2008 CQR Workshop General Chair: Karl Rauscher, Lucent Technologies TPC Chair: Masayuki Murata, Osaka Univ. Location and dates: To be selected before CQR2007

24 24 ComSoc TAC Reports The meeting minutes and the presnetations of the Nov. 28, 2006 TAC meeting are available on

25 25 2007 CQR Chairmans Award nomination and selection schedule Send me your proposals by the end of February, 2007. (Short bio, reasons and possible citation) Voting by advisory board members due March 15. Selection completed due March 31. Attendance confirmed due April 15. A plaque and a $US100 honorarium prepared. Recipients announced and awarded on 2007 Workshop.

26 26 CQR Logo Official Name: Technical Committee on Communications Quality & Reliability –note use of & sign (instead of and) Abbreviation as: CQR Logo –one space between each letter –font = Garamond –font effects setting = Shadow –yellow (brightest yellow in Microsoft Office: Red = 255, Green = 255, Blue = 0) –preferred background = Blue (various shades) C Q R

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