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MAIN COMMITTEE OFFICERS DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES September 2012 Officers Training Workshop Len Morrissey Tom OToole 1.

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1 MAIN COMMITTEE OFFICERS DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES September 2012 Officers Training Workshop Len Morrissey Tom OToole 1

2 Objective To identify key duties and responsibilities of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Membership Secretary, and Secretary in order to strengthen the leadership skills necessary for a productive committee. 2


4 Know ASTM Rules and Regulations ASTM Regulations Officer Handbook Committee Bylaws Parliamentary Procedure Roberts Rules of Order 4

5 Roberts Rules are used when….. Seeking resolution to a controversial issue (e.g. handling a negative vote) Requires a formal vote count (e.g. voting on a not persuasive negative) Business must be conducted in a formal and efficient manner (e.g. main and subcommittee meetings). 5

6 Use of Motions MotionRequires a SecondDebatableVote Needed Approve AgendaYes Majority Approve MinutesYes Majority Place an Item on BallotYes Majority Establish a Task GroupYes Majority Executive Administrative Decision Yes Majority Adjourn a MeetingYesNoMajority Not Persuasive Action (must state rationale) Yes 2/3 Affirmative Not related Action (must state rationale) (New agenda item for next meeting) Yes 2/3 Affirmative Amend a motionYes Majority 6

7 How to Make a Motion Member makes a motion Another member seconds the motion Chairman calls for discussion of the motion Chairman calls for vote on the motion 7

8 How to Amend a Motion Original Motion is withdrawn Takes precedence over the main motion Motion must be seconded Requires a majority vote Can be reconsidered Can be amended to second power 8

9 How to Call the Question Make motion Must be seconded Is not debatable Is not amendable 2/3 vote needed, If successful, vote on motion on the floor If not, continue discussion 9

10 Table vs. Postpone Table – appropriate when something else of immediate urgency has arisen Postpone – to a certain time or event Postpone indefinitely – Intended to kill the motion **All require a majority vote.** 10

11 Facilitate Committee Administration Appoint Subcommittee Chairmen and Liaisons Fill Vacancies Appoint Special Purpose Ad Hoc Committee Plan Meetings Ensure Executive Subcommittee Duties are fulfilled 11

12 Facilitate Committee Administration (contd) Appropriate Committee Funds Delegate Responsibility Monitor Subcommittee Meetings Respond to Circular Letter Ballots Assist in inquiries on standards 12

13 Inquiries on Standards ASTM membership and staff are prohibited from offering official interpretation of standards Official responses must follow Section 16 of the ASTM Regulations Inquiries can be handled informally by subchairmen and technical contacts Be clear that the response is a personal opinion Do not use ASTM stationery for the response 13

14 Chair Executive and Main Meetings Ensure Organized, Informative Reports Facilitate an Efficient Meeting Introduce and Welcome New Members 14

15 Conducting an Efficient Meeting Meeting Preparation Prepare Agenda Review Correspondence Review Minutes & action items from previous meeting Contact Staff Manager Understand the basics of parliamentary procedures Manage meeting time effectively. 15

16 Oversee the Standard Development Process Establish a Good Line of Communication with ASTM Intl Headquarters (Staff Manager) and Subcommittee Chairmen Ensure Proper Consideration and Documentation of Negatives Ensure that Consensus is Reached Ensure Standards are Up to Date 16


18 Prepare to Substitute for Chairman Know ASTM Rules and Procedures Assist Chairman With Duties Prepare to Conduct an Orderly and Productive Meeting Keep Abreast of All Committee Operations Be prepared to serve as Chairman in absence of Chairman 18

19 Perform Special Duties and Assignments Based on Committees Bylaws, there can be several Vice Chairman positions LONG RANGE PLANNING Explore and Assign New Activities Review Requests for New Standards, Ensuring that Industry Needs are Addressed Review Scopes of Subcommittees 19

20 Perform Special Duties and Assignments BYLAWS COMMITTEE Keep Bylaws Current With Society Regulations AWARDS COMMITTEE Recommend Award of Merit Recipients from the Committee Administer Committee Awards Program Honorary Members 20

21 Other Duties Liaison Publicity Symposia 21


23 Coordinate All Membership Issues Within the Committee Update Committee Rosters through Headquarters and in Accordance with Committee Bylaws Process Membership Applications via web based Roster Maintenance Utilize Electronic Membership Rosters Report on Committee Membership Status to the Executive Subcommittee Print out Main Committee sign in sheet 23

24 Coordinate All Membership Issues Within the Committee Monitor Classification and Voting Status of Committee Members Is the committee in balance? Monitor Inactivity Voting Members Not Returning Ballots Initiate and Coordinate Recruitment Efforts Membership Promotion Review Status of Affiliate Members Annually Executive Subcommittee Approval Needed 24

25 25


27 Prepare Executive Sub & Main Committee: Assist Chairman in preparing: Agenda Minutes Correspondence Communicates with Subcommittee Chairmen 27

28 Coverage of Meeting If you cannot attend, find a replacement Brief your Replacement on the Agenda Inform replacement of any potential hot topics 28

29 Perform Administrative Tasks For Committee Meetings MEETING Record Attendance Record Minutes Identify Voting Members Have pertinent documents available 29

30 Perform Administrative Tasks For Committee Meetings POST - MEETING Prepare minutes of main and executive subcommittee meetings An accurate summary of the decisions and conclusions reached Record all motions and vote counts Assignments that were made Note if follow-up action is required Note time of adjournment, next meeting date, time, and location. Collect and consolidate any germane reports Submit minutes to ASTM International Headquarters for posting (in a single file) 30

31 31

32 QUESTIONS Len Morrissey 610-832-9719 Tom OToole 610-832-9739 32

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