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SEM11-06 Committee procedures ETSI Seminar © ETSI 2010. All rights reserved.

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2 SEM11-06 Committee procedures ETSI Seminar © ETSI 2010. All rights reserved

3 SEM11-06 TIME - our most valuable resource! Dont waste the time of your delegates Good organization is essential 2 Organization

4 SEM11-06 At least 30 days before the meeting: Host sends invitation and logistical information Chairman sends draft agenda To all on the Technical Bodys membership list Any subjects for voting (deliverables, officials etc) must be indicated 3 Sufficient notice of meetings TWP 1.5.1 & 1.5.2

5 SEM11-06 What level of support can be expected? 4 Discuss practical arrangements with the host

6 SEM11-06 5 Compile a good agenda AGENDA 1. Bla bla bla 2. Bla bla bla 3. Bla bla bla 4. Bla bla bla 5. Bla bla bla 6. Bla bla bla

7 SEM11-06 6 Compile a good agenda Etc.

8 SEM11-06 7 …and a document list

9 SEM11-06 8 The contributor of this item could only attend on the morning of 10 March This was an important item added late to the agenda. Rather than change the entire agenda, it was put at the end, buttimetabled to come early in the meeting Produce a timetable

10 SEM11-06 9 Nominate a Vice-Chairman and Secretary

11 SEM11-06 10 Good documentation

12 SEM11-06 11 Make sure the scope of your work is clear

13 SEM11-06 12 Scheduling the copying/distribution

14 SEM11-06 13 Scheduling the copying/distribution

15 SEM11-06 14 Improved efficiency Typical Technical Body secretariat: notifies members by e-mail explodere-mail exploder documents are not attached large file sizes and decoding create difficulties places documents on the ETSI portal (docbox) only electronic contributions are accepted

16 SEM11-06 15 Using (some of) the applications Need: Progress of a deliverable Contact information Know what meetings are taking place - and where Calendar of Meetings Send invitation, agenda, joining instructions E-mail exploder (listserv) See meeting documents TB document pages Identify companys official contact, etc Membership Information Prepare a contribution Calendar of Meetings Submit a contribution Solution: TB Inbox folder; FTPTB Inbox folderFTP Additional access rights Obtain contact details Access Rights Maintenance Work Programme Create a meeting Meetings Management : DocboxDocbox

17 SEM11-06 16 Be clear what was decided… Etc.

18 SEM11-06 17 Be clear what was decided… Etc.

19 SEM11-06 Report: Meeting report proceedings of the meeting, summaries of essential discussions and the decisions made to be approved by the Technical Body to DocBox (even if just as a draft) within 30 days of the meeting a list of the main decisions and matters arising if the full report is not produced within 15 days of the meeting any changes to TB structure any officials elected new work items adopted or stopped deliverables approved or withdrawn new meetings organised any other items where Secretariat action is required(TWP 1.9.3) Approved deliverables: To ETSI Secretariat within 30 days (TWP 2.2) Work programme: Update! (TWP 1.6.4) 18 After the meeting…

20 SEM11-06 19... will you let me stay? - and will you let me vote? Complete the above chart with the correct answer for each case: = yes = yes, but with certain restrictions X = no ! = normally no, but maybe yes in special circumstances If I come to your meeting... GA TBGATB Counsellor Observer Attendance Voting Full Member Associate Member Applicant for membership Non-Member

21 SEM11-06 Remote participation in ETSI TB meetings By audio conference, webcast etc Permitted where technically feasible Should not be misused! e.g. to influence a vote 20 TWP 1.4

22 SEM11-06 Project Co-ordination Group (PCG) 5 representatives of each OP 3 representatives of each MRP TSG Chairmen & Vice Chairmen ex-officio 1 representative of each Observer 3 representatives of the ITU 21 What about 3GPP meetings …?

23 SEM11-06 Technical Specification Groups (TSG) and Working Groups (WG) Representatives of members of participating OPs (i.e. Individual Members) Representatives of OPs Representatives of MRPs Representatives of Observers and Guests 22 What about 3GPP meetings …?

24 SEM11-06 Organizational Partners meetings Representatives of OPs TSG officials may be invited to form part of their OP delegation MRPs by invitation 3 representatives of the ITU OP meetings are outside the scope of the 3GPP Working Procedures MRPs may convene their own co-ordination meetings 23 What about 3GPP meetings …?

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