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1 Accessibility Forum Projects Bill Hetzner Jim Kindrick.

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1 1 Accessibility Forum Projects Bill Hetzner Jim Kindrick

2 2 Outline Background to the current Project Resource Documents Plans for reviewing the current Project Resource Documents Next steps Overview of the Objective Measures Resource Documents Overview of the AT-E&IT Interoperability Resource Documents

3 3 Background to the Current Resource Documents (1 of 2) Produced by Project Teams made up of Forum Members (started August, 2001) Two Teams: Objective Measures and AT-E&IT Interoperability –Each has over 50 people signed up Work conducted: –Biweekly Teleconferences –Email Discussions and Message Board –Working sessions at Forum Meetings

4 4 Background to the Current Resource Documents (2 of 2) Conducted Project Workshops (September 23-25, 2002) –Strategic Management Council provided schedule direction –Participants attending provided input on form and content Focused Resource Documents on technical clarity and shared understanding –The basis for deriving assistance materials or guidelines –Voice of the Customer

5 5 Plans for Reviewing the Resource Document Documents released 10/22-10/23/02 for Forum Review –URL sent via email to every Forum Member Review ends 11/8/02 –Comments and issues can be submitted via email to Project Teams –Project Teams will consider and incorporate input as appropriate Final Resource Documents to be released 12/02/02

6 6 Next Steps Listening to the Voice of the Customer –Interviews with Federal requiring officials –Inputs from the Office of Federal Procurement Policy –Inputs from Section 508 Coordinators Getting direction from the Strategic Management Council

7 7 Objective Measures Resource Documents: Purpose Analysis of the Standard –Organized by Technical Sections of the Standard –Scope of specific Technical Provisions –Focus on clarification and common understanding –Many iterations to develop Analysis Template

8 8 Objective Measures Resource Documents: Organization Template for Analysis of the Standard –Terms and Definitions –Assumptions –Outstanding Issues/Clarifications –Measurement Preconditions –Data Collection or Measurement Methods –Related Resources –Comments and Suggestions

9 9 Objective Measures Resource Documents: Steps Taken Preliminary Analysis –Produced as discussion starter for Team –Based on available materials: Naive Perspective Initial Analysis –Incorporated inputs from Project Team dialogue –Included research on related resources Review with Access Board Staff –Clarification for outstanding issues –Validation of definitions and assumptions

10 10 Objective Measures Resource Documents: Content (1 of 2) 1194.21 Software and Operating Systems 12 Provisions: 10 Definitions, 19 Assumptions, 12 Clarifications 1194.22 Web-based intranet and internet information and applications 16 Provisions: 10 Definitions, 24 Assumptions, 3 Clarifications 1194.23 Telecommunication products 14 Provisions: 2 Definitions, 27 Assumptions, 11 Clarifications

11 11 Objective Measures Resource Documents: Content (2 of 2) 1194.24 Video and multimedia products 5 Provisions: 13 Definitions, 8 Assumptions 1194.25 Self contained, closed products information and applications 13 Provisions: 5 Definitions, 25 Assumptions, 4 Clarifications 1194.26 Desktop and portable computers 4 Provisions: 1 Clarification

12 12 AT-E&IT Interoperability Projects Overview General changes from September Workshops Dropped Questions sections from all documents. Redundant in concept, if not practice, with Objective Measures Questions may be part of subsequent tools Common outline (almost) –Applicable Interoperability Provisions –Interoperability as it applies to technical section –How E&IT products work with AT –Changing face of current products –Suggestions for realizing interoperability in current products

13 13 AT-E&IT Interoperability Projects Detail (1 of 4) 1194.21 Software and O/S –Most mature, most vetted –Includes GNOME Accessibility Framework, Java Accessibility, Linux Accessibility, Microsoft Active Accessibility, and W3C DOM More? –Additional section on Evaluation Copies –A catalyst for the ATIA/ITI/Forum activity

14 14 AT-E&IT Interoperability Projects Detail (2 of 4) 1194.22 Web-based Information and Applications –NEW –Some input from the working group –Concern that the technology is changing too fast to keep up No changing face section –Needs broad review 1194.23 Telecommunication Products –Fairly mature –Input primarily from working group –Needs broader review

15 15 AT-E&IT Interoperability Projects Detail (3 of 4) 1194.24 Video and Multimedia –Somewhat mature –Input from small working group –Needs broader review 1194.25 Self-contained, Closed Systems –No interoperability requirements, by definition –Functions associated with self-contained, closed systems are part of other technical sections.

16 16 AT-E&IT Interoperability Projects Detail (4 of 4) 1194.26 Desktop and Personal Computers –Only one provision addresses interoperability –NEW –Needs broad review

17 17 Summary Reviewed the development of the Project Resource Documents Completed review of these documents with the Project Teams Posted documents for review and comment by all Forum members Preparing for next steps

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