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Shining Star Shifting Perspectives Unit 6 Part 2.

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1 Shining Star Shifting Perspectives Unit 6 Part 2

2 barrier Noun something that separates us or holds apart obstruction, boundary opening, passage

3 defects Noun The lack of something necessary or desirable for completion or perfection; a deficiency imperfection, deformity Excellence, faultlessness

4 imitate Verb To use or follow as a model. copy, mimic original

5 repentance Noun Remorse or contrition for past conduct or sin Penitence, sorrow happiness

6 sorrow Noun Mental suffering or pain caused by injury, loss, or despair Grief, depression Happy, joy

7 tangible Adjective Possible to touch Real, touchable Abstracts, conceptual

8 brief adjective short concise, swift extended, lengthy

9 dreary adjective dull or boring gloomy, somber bright, cheerful

10 rejoicing Adjective Celebrating Delighted, joyful Depressed, downhearted

11 luminous Adjective Glowing Beaming, bright Dark

12 improvised Adjective Made without preparation, using what she had convert change Impromptu, makeshift Planned out, scheduled

13 convert Verb Change Alter, adapt Hold, keep

14 provoking adjective causing or tending to cause anger or resentment Egg on, tease Mind ones own business, keep quiet

15 immeasurable Adjective Enormous Infinite, bottomless Finite, measurable

16 dumb Adjective Unable to speak Voiceless, uncommunicative Communicative, speaking

17 vaguely Adverb Unclearly Indefinite, unclear Certain, clear

18 bitterness Noun The feeling of being angry because of something that someone has done or said. Agony, anguish Happiness, joy

19 languor Noun Feeling of tiredness Dullness, weakness Energy, liveliness

20 passionate Adjective Having very strong feelings Enthusiastic, eager Bored, not interested

21 groped Verb Felt around for something Feel for, explore

22 Laura Bridgman She was a hearing and sight impaired woman who had learned to read and write at the Perkins Institute in the 1830s.

23 uncomprehending Adjective Not understanding Dumbfounded, confused Aware, excited

24 despair Noun Feeling sad or having no hope Anguish, gloom Cheer, happiness

25 impatient Adjective Annoyed; irritated Edgy, testy Calm, easy going

26 sentiment Noun Feeling or emotion Passion, belief

27 drawing water Getting water from a well

28 spout noun Part of water pump where water comes out

29 vainly Adverb Without success Futile, fruitless Useful, successful

30 sowing verb Planting

31 bunk Noun Cabin Bed, residence Single bed, floor

32 confront verb Deal with an a direct way Challenge, encounter Avoid, dodge

33 interaction noun Action or communication between or among people Relationship, counterpart Contradiction, opposition

34 boundaries noun Borders or barriers Obstruction, barricade Opening, passage

35 facilitators noun People who encourage discussion about specific topics Help, aid

36 Traditional summer camp activities phrase Sports, games

37 perplexed adjective Puzzled or confused Mystified, taken back Clear, understanding

38 perceived verb Seeming to be a certain way Sensed, detected Understood, clearly stated

39 contentious adjective Likely to cause argument and disagreement Aggressive, quarrelsome Kind, passive

40 legitimate Adjective Lawful or right Authentic, sanctioned Illegal, illegitimate

41 intimidating Adjective Threatening or scary Frighten, alarm Comfort, encourage

42 composed Adjective Thoughtful Calm, at ease Agitated, nervous

43 proprietors Noun Owners Holder, land owner Renter,

44 sporadically Adverb From time to time Ever so often, not often All the time, consistently

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