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Water by Helen Keller Review.

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1 Water by Helen Keller Review

2 Which event helps Helen to recognize the meaning of w-a-t-er?
Feeling the water as Sullivan spells the word into her hand helps Helen make the connection between the water and its name.

3 2. How is water from the pump different from water in the mug?
The water from the pump is not being contained like the water in the mug.

4 3. How does Keller feel when she goes to bed on the night she learned about w-a-t-e-r?
Helen is happy and eager to learn.

5 4. Why does she feel that way?
She now knows that there is much to learn about the world.

6 5. What are two purposes Keller may have had for writing this narrative essay?
To entertain readers by telling about events in her life and to reflect on those events.

7 6. What is an autobiographical essay?
It tells about an event or a time in the author’s own life and is written in the first person. The author may include his or her own thoughts, feelings, and reactions.

8 7. What sense does Helen Keller rely on the most?

9 8. How does Helen Keller feel after she breaks her new doll?

10 9. What is the first word Helen Keller understands?

11 10. What action causes Keller to learn her first word?
Having water from the pump flow over her hand.

12 11. What day does Keller describe in great detail in the essay?
The day she understands the word w-a-t-e-r.

13 12. What is the “strange, new sight” that Keller describes?
She understands that everything has a name, and the names give her new thoughts.

14 13. Why does Helen Keller tell about trying to fix her broken doll?
To show how much she changed; she now feels repentance and sorrow.

15 14. Describe Helen at the beginning of the essay and how she changes in the selection.
At the beginning, Keller is impatient, frustrated, and unable to connect words with objects. After the incident at the pump, Keller understands that there is a word for everything, that she is excited and eager to learn, and that her outlook on life has changed.

16 15. What is author’s purpose?
The main reason the author writes a work. An author can have more than one purpose.

17 16. What is the author’s purpose if the author presents facts and true information?
To inform

18 17. What is the author’s purpose if the author wants the reader to think or believe the same things the author does or encourage the reader to do something such as recycle glass bottles or buy a brand of clothing? To persuade

19 18. What is the author’s purpose if the author presents stories about experiences or wants to make the reader laugh, cry, feel suspense, or otherwise enjoy the writing? To entertain

20 19. What is the author’s purpose if the author writes about his or her thoughts and feelings?
To reflect

21 20. Copy; mimic imitate

22 21. Refused to give up persisted

23 22. Small, broken-off parts

24 23. A tender feeling or emotion

25 24. Things that make progress difficult; obstacles

26 25. Deep sorrow and regret repentance


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