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Parenting Styles Parenting Styles can have a large effect on children.

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2 Parenting Styles Parenting Styles can have a large effect on children.

3 Authoritarian Parenting Parents act like tyrants. Parents are very restrictive and demand obedience. Kids do not have a lot of say.

4 Authoritarian Parenting Effects Bad Decision Makers Socially Incompetent

5 Permissive Indifferent Parenting Parents let the children do as they wish. Very little social interaction with kids. Children feel that other aspects of their parents lives are more important than the children.

6 Permissive Indulgent Parenting Parents are involved with the childrens lives but do not place many demands or controls on them. Soft parents.

7 Permissive Parenting Effects Kids do not have a lot of self motivation. Kids have difficulty controlling their behavior. Kids have problems making decisions.

8 Democratic Parenting Kids are encouraged to be independent. All family members are involved in the decision making process. Verbal give and take Parents set limits and are consistent with the rules.

9 Democratic Parenting Effects Friendly, Self confident, Responsible kids. Generally these kids like the relationship they have with their parents. They do not want to disappoint their parents.

10 Transmission of Values Most adults end up in the same socioeconomic class that they were born into.

11 Sociologists Kohn and Schooler felt that the following contributed to social class distinctions: Access to education. Opportunities in the job market. Values that parents instill in their children.

12 Kohn and Schooler studied families for 20 years and found: Differences in the way different socioeconomic classes instilled values in their kids. These differences were linked to their careers.

13 Working Class Parents Placed more value on manners, neatness, good behavior in school, honesty, and obedience. Very concerned with their children following the rules.

14 Middle Class Parents Place more value on consideration, interest in how and why things happen, responsibility, and self control.

15 Those in higher social classes More likely to value self direction. Their jobs are not closely supervised, they deal with people or data instead of things, they use various approaches at work.

16 Those in lower classes: Are more likely to value traits that involve conformity to external authority.

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