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Develop your own teaching style that promotes

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1 Develop your own teaching style that promotes
Responsibility, Cooperation, Courage, and Self-esteem What are the top three or four things that you want your teaching style to promote?

2 The Continuum Authoritarian..... Permissive ..... Democratic.....
Where do you fit along the continuum?

3 Equal and Different The teacher’s role is that of a leader, while the student plays the role of the learner. Authoritarian Style: The Dictator Permissive Style: The Doormat I have observed few teachers that are consistently a democratic style teacher. It is important to know which teacher you are and which you want to become more like. Democratic Style: The Active Teacher

4 Authoritarian Results in an
Atmosphere of competition, fear, and anxiety Environment of rigid order and routine Teacher gives vigorous discipline, expects swift obedience, discourages verbal exchange, gives few praises tells students what to think lectures while students listen Can you pick out the authoritarian style teachers in your school? Do you agree with the statements on this slide?

5 Permissive Results in an Atmosphere of insecurity.
Environment of chaos with little respect for order and routine. Teacher is apathetic, not very involved, and places few demands; does the thinking/problem solving for students; plans lessons involving lecture, films, and bookwork. Can you identify the permissive teachers in your school? What are some of their classroom management challenges?

6 Democratic Results in an Teacher
Atmosphere of acceptance and high expectation. Environment of order and routine; flexible and conducive to creative, constructive, and responsible activity. Teacher places limits while encouraging independence, is polite but firm, and nurturing; is open to verbal interaction; gives praise and encouragement; guides rather than leads. The key to being a good democratic style teacher may be consistency. Being authoritarian one day and permissive the next does NOT balance out to being democratic.

7 Authoritarian outcomes
Permissive outcomes Democratic outcomes Students Own and solve their problems Lear self-reliance and socially competent behavior Are more likely to achieve and be motivated Learn from their mistakes Students Are given few opportunities for achievement, motivation, self-control, and discipline Spirits are broken Feel powerless and may rebel and disrupt class or comply and become a pleaser Have little opportunity to enhance motivation, personal goals, or communication skills Students Are less likely to become socially competent; be motivated to achieve, and gain self control Have not been taught to cooperate or contribute in constructive ways. Developing a true democratic teaching style is a lofty yet challenging goal. Striving to be more toward the center is a great starting point. 7

8 General Classroom Management Strategies
Holding and communicating high expectations for student learning and behavior Establishing and clearly teaching classroom rules, procedures and consequences Enforcing classroom guidelines promptly, consistently, and equitably Implementing a democratic style classroom management is often challenging for teachers. Learning how to become a democratic teacher takes time and practice. Several more hours will be spent on the democratic style of teaching.

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