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INuC Demo Scenario of All Modules Collated by Yen-Ting Chuang.

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1 iNuC Demo Scenario of All Modules Collated by Yen-Ting Chuang

2 AAA module (1/2) Use NTU AD Server Authentication ID/PW Authentication Check Key in ID/PW Show Usersetting StartPage. Pop up a messageBox. Back to Login Page. User Guest Function List Page true false

3 AAA module (2/2) Authorization –User Pages are enable or disable. –Buttons are visible (enable) or invisible (disable). disable enable Before Login After Login

4 DRM Module Network down or server down –DRM send an error message to the callee module. iNuC shutdown abnormally –Recover all data automatically when iNuC reboot again. –Should notify IT that iNuC recover data fail. Logout –Only if the current users data all commit to the finish, next user will login.

5 iMan module (1/3) Alert type –Pop up MessageBoxDialog –Make a sound –Flash LED light –Print a message via RG modules –Send E-mail

6 iMan module (2/3) User can choose some alert types in iNuC setting pages. – Ex. 10 Ex. 5

7 iMan module (3/3) Give nurse or IT a notification by some kinds of the alert notification when any of one module has encountered an unexpected problem. Ex. Ex. E-mail IT

8 LIM Module Prepare drug ( ) Click PrepareDrug Button. Wait for drawers to open. Scan bar code. Plug in drawer. Click OpenDrawer without mapping Button. Map patient Id and drawer Id. Complete preparing drug. Plug in drawer. (without scan barcode) Drag patient icon from finished area to unfinished area. Open patients drawers. Finished! Unfinished! Finished!Unfinished!

9 LIM Module Give drug ( ) Click Givedrug Button. Open drawers. Click GoBack one page. Go back one page. Is drawer plug in or not Stay in Givedrug Page. Click Exception button. Keep an exception record. Yes No

10 WTM Module Add events –Nurse Event Continues schedule event –Patient Event Periodic schedule event Continues schedule event Delete events –Delete any events besides givedrug event. Modify events –Modify time or content of any events besides givedrug event.

11 WTM Module Recover events –Recover events which were deleted before. Event is going to be overdue –UI will pop up a MessageBoxDialg to notify user. Remove unfinished event

12 User Interface (1/5) Patient List

13 User Interface (2/5) Patient Records –Physical records Table mode Graph mode –Memo records –Injection records

14 User Interface (3/5) Web Browser

15 User Interface (4/5) Medication Searching

16 User Interface (5/5) Quickshow toolbar

17 Web Setting (nurse-head) Configuration –Add and modify medication frequency symbol (QD, QID, PO,…). –Modify terminologies of function and table name. –Modify server IP & server port. –Modify iNuC default setting. Arrange nurses 'shifts.

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