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World Class Standards TC SCP TEC Status Report to TC SCP Plenary #54 Paul JOLIVET, Chairman, LG Electronics Sebastian HANS, Vice chairman, Oracle SCP(12)000010.

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1 World Class Standards TC SCP TEC Status Report to TC SCP Plenary #54 Paul JOLIVET, Chairman, LG Electronics Sebastian HANS, Vice chairman, Oracle SCP(12)000010

2 World Class Standards 2 Meetings Since Last TC SCP Plenary SCP TEC #42 20 - 24 Feb 2012 Sophia Antipolis, France, hosted by ETSI SCP TEC ad hoc #144 API-topics 14 - 16 Mar 2012 Berlin, Germany, hosted by Oracle

3 World Class Standards 3 Discussions, hot topics (1/6) General issues, meeting schedule An additional meeting on API was scheduled during TEC #42 As usual, dedicated time slots will be allocated to some topics so that experts can organize their schedule, at this meeting 4FF (a full day) Contactless related topics (approx half a day) Discussions on the definitions of the UICC Some contributions trying to include in TS 102 221 or in TS 102 671 (M2M) a definition of the UICC Mentioned to be a need for external bodies (M2M in particular) A definition appears in TR 102 216 (TR on vocabulary that is not maintained anymore There were objections on the proposals and on the principle itself to add something now

4 World Class Standards 4 Discussions, hot topics (2/6) GlobalPlatform related topics The R11 version of the specification was not available during the meeting. Mirror CRs will be presented directly to Plenary when applicable References update all GlobalPlatform documents were not published during SCP TEC. There was an agreement to restrict reference updates to the only published specifications. some CRs at this meeting on TS 102 226 some more CRs to come

5 World Class Standards 5 Discussions, hot topics (3/6) API related topics 1 CR from Incard on TS 102 241 could not be discuss during the meeting Discussion on the support for HTTP request when size exceeds buffer size (related to SCWS API) Ongoing discussion since several meetings agreed to merge the proposal from Gemalto and G&D discussed during the ad-hoc: a CR based on the Gemalto proposal with enhancements from the G&D proposal is input for the next TEC meeting Some questions to come from SCP TEST on TS 102 705 discussed during the ad-hoc: 10 of the 44 requested clarification may need a CR or a CR is already proposed to TEC, all other where resolved Secure channel API work requires a session gathering all experts discussed during the ad-hoc: together with the requirements for an eCAT-client API, needs further a discussion and an API proposal for next TEC Decision to have an API ad hoc, hosted by Oracle to deal with all topics (a 3-day meeting planned 14-16 March)

6 World Class Standards 6 Discussions, hot topics (4/6) 4 th Form Factor (1/3) Technical proposals were discussed: Apple proposal (supported by multiple operators and smart card manufacturers, as such the one of which most comments were focussed) RIM, Nokia and Motorola Mobility proposal Motorola Mobility update proposal on Apples solution (finally withdrawn) For the information of Plenary, shape of the proposals: RIM, Nokia Motorola

7 World Class Standards 7 Discussions, hot topics (5/6) 4 th Form Factor (2/3) The same arguments were raised during the meeting (comparing to TEC #41) Important topics addressed during the discussion Triple punch-out/Adapters are concerns for mobile manufacturers and RIM/Nokia claim that one advantage of their proposal is to prevent this, while Apple approach allows it at least for a 6 contact approach Need for a tool: it has been mentioned that Apples solution implies a reader technology (tray) that can be considered as a tool so that UICC is used Orientation mark: there is a global agreement that this feature is required as well as different dimensions to prevent wrong insertion, chamfer could be an option. Motorola proposed to add a notch to the Apple proposal, which was finally not taken into account. Time to market: Some operators pointed out that Apples proposal is most efficient from the time to market point of view.

8 World Class Standards 8 Discussions, hot topics (6/6) 4 th Form Factor (3/3) An additional argument was raised by Nokia: the compliance of the solutions to requirement REQ-11-27-01 08 : The design of the fourth UICC form factor shall prevent the 4FF from becoming jammed in a Mini-UICC reader There is an general agreement that none of the solution really address this requirement Nokia claimed that no decision (and even more, vote) can be made on a solution that does not fulfill the accepted requirement. They also mentioned that they would raise the objection to Plenary There is no agreement to make a decision on Nokias related paper in SCP TEC. Chairman will raise the question for advice at Plenary

9 World Class Standards 9 Request for advice 4FF No agreement on the technical solutions Two solutions on the table Apples proposal supported by most Operators and Smart Card manufacturers RIM, Nokia and Motorola Mobility proposal Both solutions were discussed and minor modifications brought

10 World Class Standards Outcome Documents – CRs List of TEC accepted CRs available in SCP(12)000019 Change Requests 3 CRs to TS 102 226 1 CR to TS 102 622 4 CRs to TS 102 705 Statistics: 8 CRs Releases: 3 on Rel-9 1 on Rel-10 4 on Rel-11 Categories 1 Cat A 1 Cat B 2 Cat C 1 Cat D 3 Cat F 10

11 World Class Standards 11 Outcome Documents – WIDs No input

12 World Class Standards 12 Outcome Documents – TSs No input

13 World Class Standards 13 Outcome Documents – LSs LS directed to SCP None LS copied to SCP None

14 World Class Standards Next Steps / Milestones Rel-11 (dates to be assessed in some cases): Encapsulated CAT (?) CAT over AT Security part Contactless P2P Related API 4FF Other topics RFID support eUICC M2M 14

15 World Class Standards Meeting Schedule TC SCP TEC SCP TEC #43 23-27 April 2012 Sophia-Antipolis, France SCP TEC #44 10-14 September 2012 Sophia-Antipolis, France (TBC) 15

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