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ETSI TC SCP WG TEST Status Report to TC SCP Plenary #49

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1 ETSI TC SCP WG TEST Status Report to TC SCP Plenary #49
Andreas Bertling, Chairman SCP TEST, COMPRION Christophe Dubois, Vice Chairman SCP TEST, Gemalto SCP(11)0175

2 Meetings Since Last ETSI TC SCP Plenary
No F2F meetings since ETSI SCP#48

3 General issues (1/3) UICC test specification according to TS conformance requirements (SCP(10)0202r1) Work is on-going. First draft test specification will be expected for SCP TEST #18 (30th May – 1st June 2011)! The test specification will be presented during ETSI SCP#41 for information.

4 General issues (2/3) Test Specification for IP Connectivity (SCP ) A draft including all conformance requirements specified in TS has been presented during SCP TEST #16 in document SCPTEST(10)0259 Test cases expected soon!

5 General issues (3/3) Discussion on different test method has been started! Conformance testing Interoperability testing Field testing Document SCPTEST(11)0010 ‘Different test methods !, has been postponed to SCP TEST #18.

6 Outcome Documents – CRs

7 Outcome Documents – WIDs
SCP(11) Secure Channel

8 Outcome Documents – TSs

9 Outcome Documents – LSs

10 Outcome Documents – Question for advice

11 Next Steps / Milestones
Verification of TS for test cases verifying the interaction between TS and TS interface. Create draft of test specification to cover UICC conformance requirement specified in ETSI TS Setup of Draft WI for the contactless API Maintenance of test specifications under ETSI TC SCP WG TEST responsibility

12 AOB Discussions on potential UICC certification at GCF (I)
During GCF SG# 46 in Singapore (23 – 24 March 2011) the Global Certification Forum Steering Group (GCF SG) agreed to create an Ad Hoc Group to investigate the possible inclusion of UICC certification into the GCF Certification Scheme. The first meeting of this Ad Hoc Group (GCF UICC Ad hoc#01) took place in Düsseldorf, Germany on the 4th of May 2011, hosted by Vodafone. During the meeting an overview of ETSI TC SCP work in the area of test specifications has been given.

13 AOB Discussions on potential UICC certification at GCF (II)
One key message of GCF UICC Ad hoc#01 is: Interested committees (SIMalliance, ETSI SCP, GSMA SCAG, 3GPP, 3GPP2 etc.) and individual companies (UICC and chipset vendor ) should be informed about this discussion started in GCF to Provide feedback about similar activities/discussions in other committees (if any) Actively contribute to the discussion in GCF. Companies or organisations who are not GCF members may be invited to participate in the discussion as guests of GCF. A status of the discussions at GCF UICC Ad hoc#01 will be provided to GCF SG#47 (14–16 June, 2011, Malta). GCF UICC Ad hoc#01 agreed to send some first informal information to ETSI TC SCP via this channel.

14 AOB Status of CR implementation
SCP TEST CRs agreed during Plenary #48 (held first week of March) are not yet implemented in the corresponding specifications or at least, the corresponding specifications are still not published. This makes it quite difficult to prepare CRs for the coming meeting. It would be nice to get a release schedule for the specifications.

15 Meeting Schedule ETSI TC SCP WG TEST
SCP TEST #18 30 May – 01 June 2011 Madrid, Spain Hosted by Valid SCP TEST #19 September 2011 TBD

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