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Fun and Easy Food Science Labs Stacy Fritz Chatfield High School.

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1 Fun and Easy Food Science Labs Stacy Fritz Chatfield High School

2 Why Food Science? Expanding value added products industry Ties into multiple subject area standards Ties concepts into things students relate to Adds excitement to your lessons Labs can be easily adapted to basic or complex curriculum A current event topic relevant to all students Creates knowledgeable consumers!!

3 Soy Candles Soy candles

4 Sensory Labs Kool-Aid lab Kool-Aid Food Coloring Materials to make Kool-Aid Cups Have students taste test and try to identify flavors accurately

5 Typical sensory lab booth

6 Spice and Extract Lab Ideal – plastic or glass vials (numbered) Students attempt to identify correct substance Food Science CDE

7 Food Preservation Fruits and vegetables Ideal – apple slices, applesauce (fruit leather), pineapple, pearsapplesauce

8 Beef jerky Ideal – mix made for ground meat/jerky gunground meat/jerky gun

9 Refrigerator jam Refrigerator pickles

10 Plastic From Corn Lab Document

11 Current Events clip on biodegradable plastic

12 Value-added Food Project Project Resources Resources2

13 Gum Drop Lab - Materials Document

14 Dairy vs non Dairy Dairy products to try Organic milk vs conventional milk Lactose free milk

15 Unusual cheeses Asiago/Romano Feta Gouda

16 Non-dairy products



19 More lab ideas Planting a garden for your local food shelf Planting food to use for special menus in your cafeteria

20 What part of the plant are you eating? Spinach Eggplant Kohlrabi Broccoli Beets Peas Celery

21 Beano Lab Lab

22 AURI Ag Innovation News


24 Communities of Practice Agriscience Page

25 Standards Food Science State

26 Questions

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