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Food Groups Ellen Roberts.

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1 Food Groups Ellen Roberts

2 Content area: Health and Wellness
Grade level: 5th Summary: The purpose of this instructional PowerPoint is to teach students about healthy eating and allow students to actively get involved with the learning. Learning objective: Given a list of food groups, students will identify examples of foods from each group with 75% accuracy. Content standard: Standard 5: The student will understand the relationship of nutrition to healthy living. Accomplishment: develop and understanding for how certain food groups help the human body

3 Dairy Dairy foods include milk, cheese and yogurt. Dairy foods contain calcium, protein and vitamins. The regular person should consume between 2-4 per day(2-3 cups). Consuming dairy helps the human body by keeping bones and muscles healthy and also can help prevent bleeding from cuts and bruises.

4 Vegetables The vegetable food group includes all vegetables, especially broccoli, spinach, carrots and beetroot and great for the human body. Vegetables are great as they contain vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fiber. The average person should consume 4-5 servings per day (3 cups). Vegetables also keep skin healthy, helps recovery time from colds and other sickness and heals cuts.

5 Question 1 Dairy foods include ______,______, and _____.
Milk, cheese, yogurt Eggs, milk, cheese Cheese, butter, yogurt

6 Correct! Yes, that is correct. Milk, cheese and yogurt can be added into meals and used in different ways to keep meal time exciting.

7 Question 2 Vegetables contain: Vitamins Minerals and carbohydrates
Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fiber Fiber, vitamins and carbohydrates

8 Correct! Vegetables are great as they provide nutrition for the body in many ways!

9 Conclusion In this lesson the students would have learned about two of the food groups, dairy and vegetables, what they provide and how they are good for the human body.

10 Incorrect

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