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Pamela Norris Project Manager Kraft Kennedy & Lesser, Inc.

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1 Pamela Norris Project Manager Kraft Kennedy & Lesser, Inc.
Catchy Title goes here! Pamela Norris Project Manager Kraft Kennedy & Lesser, Inc.

2 Case Study The purpose of this presentation is to provide insight into how project management facilitated the success of a network upgrade in an academic environment. 1

3 2 The Client Office of the General Counsel - Columbia University
10 attorneys 12 support staff including secretaries, paralegals & admin Three year old network SoftSolutions document management 2

4 3 Goals and Objectives Upgrade Document Management system
Upgrade network infrastructure File server PCs Network & Desktop operating systems Facilitate daily maintenance 3

5 Goals and Objectives (cont)
Capture time Deploy desktop faxing Upgrade Records Management 4

6 5 Challenges Consultant Services Agreement
Purchasing Department requirements Coordination of Academic pricing Very tight budget Isolation of network Integration with Columbia University internet 5

7 6 Challenges (cont) Wiring limitations for new location
Coordination of university personnel Multiple hardware/software distributors Availability of OGC staff for training OGC project manager wore many hats Coordination of third party vendors Delivery of hardware/software 6

8 7 Technical Issues LegalTrax conversion
SoftSolutions security conversion Internet access limitations Separate address for OGC 7

9 8 Available Solutions LegalTrax Conversion
Upgrade DOS system (to prep) Install current version at KKL for training SoftSolutions security conversion Provided document list by author Manual data entry into Worldox 8

10 Available Solutions (cont)
Internet Access limitations Implemented CyberPatrol product Separate address Current mail to GroupWise server 9

11 10 How Did We Get There? Dedicated Project Manager for OGC
Dedicated Project Manager from KKL Understood the procedures (red tape) Frequent communication via phone, status meetings and (sort of) Budget tracking Staggered training 10

12 11 Results Project completed on schedule
Users happy with system (as much as can be expected) Project completed within budget Minor technical issues 11

13 12 Client Feedback Training “Training was terrific”
People took to the system quickly Training stuck w/users better than expected Great team from KKL Project management made a big difference 12

14 13 Conclusion Know the business environment Do’s and don’ts
Dedicate a resource to “manage” the project Prepare the users in advance Involve third parties during planning Assess risks and have contingency plans 13

15 Parting Thought Don't begin a project until you know how to end the project. Kean and Associates

16 14 Thank You! Thank you for attending this session!
Please be sure to complete the evaluation form before you leave! 14

17 Kraft Kennedy & Lesser, Inc.
Kraft Kennedy & Lesser, Inc. is a technology consulting and integration company that specializes in law firms and corporate legal departments. KKL has offices in New York, Houston and San Francisco. 15

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