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1 Computer Systems Upgrade Lindh, Lopez, and Williams.

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1 1 Computer Systems Upgrade Lindh, Lopez, and Williams

2 2 Status Summary Conversion underway. Currently awaiting computers for Sales/Mktg, two weeks overde. Completion by year end, if last shipment of computers arrives on time.

3 3 Upgrade Completed Telemarketing Management Shipping Mail Room

4 4 Upgrade Underway Client Services Production Quality Assurance Catalog

5 5 Upgrade Pending Sales Marketing

6 6 Attention Areas Computers for Sales/Mktg are late in arriving. Expansion of the Sales/Mktg area is still not completed.

7 7 More Areas Needing Attention Rewiring wrong in Production department. Additional labor to complete upgrade on time. Upgrade cannot disrupt client service. Training must be scheduled; contact.

8 8 Schedule All departments upgraded by 10/16 –Except Sales/Mktg (11/20) Training begins 10/21 –Call Barb x2132 Sales/Marketing training complete by 12/15

9 9 Areas Over Budget Sales/Mktg upgrade IS department overtime Extra training sessions

10 10 Areas Under Budget Wiring Network server systems Some software upgrdes

11 11 Problems Resolved Last week’s Internet outages solved Email spam/virus detectors installed Additional training weeks scheduled

12 12 Status By Monday On: Computer shipments Wiring installation Sales/Mktg carpentry IS Department overtime

13 13 Status Also Needed For: Cost for temp workers Departments completing upgrade Training schedules

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