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1 Computer Systems Upgrade Lindh, Lopez, and Williams.

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1 1 Computer Systems Upgrade Lindh, Lopez, and Williams

2 2 Status Summary Conversion underway. Currently awaiting computers for Sales/Mktg, two weeks overde. Completion by year end, if last shipment of computers arrives on time.

3 3 Upgrade Completed Telemarketing Management Shipping Mail Room

4 4 Upgrade Underway Client Services Production Quality Assurance Catalog

5 5 Upgrade Pending Sales Marketing

6 6 Attention Areas Computers for Sales/Mktg are late in arriving. Expansion of the Sales/Mktg area is still not completed.

7 7 More Areas Needing Attention Rewiring wrong in Production department. Additional labor to complete upgrade on time. Upgrade cannot disrupt client service. Training must be scheduled; contact.

8 8 Schedule All departments upgraded by 10/16 –Except Sales/Mktg (11/20) Training begins 10/21 –Call Barb x2132 Sales/Marketing training complete by 12/15

9 9 Areas Over Budget Sales/Mktg upgrade IS department overtime Extra training sessions

10 10 Areas Under Budget Wiring Network server systems Some software upgrdes

11 11 Problems Resolved Last week’s Internet outages solved spam/virus detectors installed Additional training weeks scheduled

12 12 Status By Monday On: Computer shipments Wiring installation Sales/Mktg carpentry IS Department overtime

13 13 Status Also Needed For: Cost for temp workers Departments completing upgrade Training schedules

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