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1 SharePoint as a DM (coming Fall 2010) Erik B. Goltzer Chief Information Officer & Bob Chauvin Senior Application Engineer.

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1 1 SharePoint as a DM (coming Fall 2010) Erik B. Goltzer Chief Information Officer & Bob Chauvin Senior Application Engineer

2 2 Todays Presentation Covers Miller Johnson (MJ) as-is DM & systems MJ SharePoint DM efforts & environment SharePoint DM is a two phase effort Phase1 is Outlook centric (near deployment) Phase 2 is document production centric (+90 days completion of phase 1) Why SharePoint? Lots of Phase 1 material to share today Lots of Phase 2 to share later in the year

3 3 Firm Profile IS Department has two Developers Check out what weve accomplished with a small team! 225 Users 95 Attorneys Two Offices Full Service Firm 50+ Years of Practice

4 4 As-Is Tier 1 Technologies Fairly typical law firm technology wise VMware vSphere & View: 95% of servers & 75% desktops MS Shop (servers, SQL, Exchange, etc) Typical law office applications: Windows XP, Office 2003, Hummingbird DM Workshare Professional, Microsystems DocX Rippe Kingston LMS V (Accounting) Uncommon to most Firms but rock solid

5 5 Quick Poll How many experimenting with SharePoint? How many have SharePoint in production? Actively planning DM replacement with SharePoint? How many waiting for SharePoint 2010 before deciding on DM replacement?

6 6 Current SharePoint Systems Numerous Client Extranets Intranets: Numerous Practice Management Sites Firm Wide Client Matter Intake & Maintenance Client, Matter, Industry Centric Views Cross Selling Library Many more sites/uses

7 7 DM Vendor Challenges Vendor turn over and over and over… Innovation stops each time vendor is sold Application patching lags MS cycle badly Support base is tiny compared to SharePoint Always a full version behind on SQL 2005: We dont support SQL 2003 yet… 2007: We dont support SQL 2005 yet… Simple customizations require expensive upgrades or another module

8 8 Why ask what you already know? (my context rant…) SharePoint already knows our users! Who/what are my clients and my matters? Who are my coworkers? Which office, practice and section am I in? What have I billed or worked on recently? What industries do I practice in? Use these at save & search screens! Profiling client & matter ID still important But arent the only way to find/save an item

9 9 Why We Love SharePoint! Enterprise technology platform Collection of web technologies & tools Context matters! Context updates as user navigates page Stitch various applications into one page One stop shopping, less application fatigue Attorneys are consumers of data not application experts

10 10 Why a SharePoint Enabled DM? SharePoint already knows a ton about us Now DM does too! Reduce profile fatigue & objections Push and trim results via users context Consumes AD & personnel databases SharePoint 90% market dominance How can you ignore or discount that?!

11 11 SharePoint Continued… SharePoint MOSS 2007 cost us less than one years maintenance of current DM btw… WSS is FREE! Dozens of local and thousands of national vendors Unbelievable online user community Need a widget? Just Google one up Can leverage current release products Amazing integration with Office 2010

12 12 Two Phase Project Phase 1 (Sustainable Email System) This phase focuses only on Outlook centric functionality, build and training issues Phase 2 (SharePoint DMS via Handshake) Occurs 60 to 90 days after Phase 1 Discontinue as-is DM and introduces SharePoint based Handshake DMD Natural boundary for systems and training between Outlook & document production

13 13 Firm Email Challenges Firm has: Nearly 3.8m emails in Exchange (~375gb) 2.2m have attachments Nested in thousands of folders Numerous email retention policies Many 10+gb OSTs Degrades Outlook & desktop performance Complicates business continuity plans Loaded with e-discovery risk issues

14 14 Phase 1 Goals Simplify email profiling Single click email inbox profile options Single click email profile on send Stamp user context on saves Auto-profile single click saved items Auto-profile 101 Retire Exchange 2003 for 2010 Implement Firm standard retention policy

15 15 New Email Archive Custom import, partnered with Handshake Imported from Exchange to DMD Imported email secured user Accessed via DMD (IE or Outlook client) Familiar folder view retained in archive Read only; no new content allowed Can re-profile client ID/security if desire

16 16 Email Archive In Action (Video) Overcomes frequent attorney objection Ill never find my old email in the new system Maintains Outlook folder setup/names Partner product with Handshake


18 18 Handshake Email Director (Video) Overview of Email Director Dynamic updates from DMD to Outlook Same sender Same thread Client ID Client & Matter ID

19 19 Simplified Inbox Profiling (Video) Single click Inbox profiling to Attorney number Eligible for Auto-profile Utilizes preconfigured profile options Static Firm Departments, Practices, Sections, etc Dynamic via context (In Development) My clients, matters, locations, etc. Batch Profiling

20 20 Profile on Send (Video) Completely new feature for MJ Profiling sent items frequently forgotten Very inconvenient as-is process Single click or via preconfigured pull down Single click profiles eligible for Auto-profile Can easily turn off with single click

21 21 Video Questions Anyone? Any Questions on Phase 1?

22 22 Phase 2 Basic Review Document production phase Remove as-is DM client integration Configure Handshake DMD client Training: Document search File open/close Redlining Handshake DMD Local Storage Manager Sorry, no videos yet, we hope to have some to show in Vegas

23 23 Our New SharePoint DM Benefits Documents & email in SharePoint pages! Handshake magic for documents/emails! Enriched search and save options Folder crutch view of email archive Familiar view for attorneys Single click Inbox profile & profile on send Simple and should drive up profiling Email now inline presentation on client search Standard firm email retention policy

24 Firm Topology


26 26 ILTA Questions Common questions from ILTA: Do you use third party solutions? Consultants Products Training Do you need a developer? Is SharePoint robust enough for a DM solution? Any others?

27 27 Special Thanks! Ryan Aeschliman for all his Camtasia help!

28 28 Thats all folks… Erik B. Goltzer Chief Information Officer Bob Chauvin Senior Application Engineer Thank you!

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