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CYPRESS Software Testing 101 1 By Rick Clements

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1 CYPRESS Software Testing By Rick Clements

2 CYPRESS Software Testing Overview Terminology Requirements Configuration control Test plan Test cases Test procedures Bug tracking & ship decision After the testing

3 CYPRESS Software Testing QA vs. QC Quality assurance (QA) - The management of quality. The encouragement of best practices. QA is about preventing defects. Quality control (QC) - Validation and verification of the product. This includes reviews, inspections and testing. Terminology

4 CYPRESS Software Testing Test Documents Test plan (or validation plan) - The plan describing the general approach, the people required, equipment required and schedule for testing and other validation activities Test cases - Specific data used to test the product. Test procedures - The procedures to follow in testing the product. These may be manual or automated. Terminology

5 CYPRESS Software Testing Types of Tests Black box testing - Testing by looking at the requirements to develop test cases. System level testing is often black box testing. White box testing - Testing by looking at the structure of the program to develop test cases. White box testing often occurs in unit testing. Terminology

6 CYPRESS Software Testing Levels of Testing Unit testing - The process of running small parts of the software. The design teams often handle unit testing. Integration testing or Interface testing - The testing of pre-tested modules and hardware to determine that they work together. System testing - The testing of the entire product to see that it meets its requirements. This occurs after the product has been integrated. Terminology

7 CYPRESS Software Testing Software Development Process Define Requirements Software Design Software Implementation & Debug Test Design Test Implementation & Debug Software Test Software Release

8 CYPRESS Software Testing Requirements Why are they important? How are they documented? Whats important? What if you dont have any requirements?

9 CYPRESS Software Testing Why Are Requirements Important? How do the designers know what to build? How can you test that it was built correctly? When you disagree, whos right? Requirements

10 CYPRESS Software Testing Documenting Requirements Data sheet Requirements specification Functional specification Data base Traceability matrix Requirements

11 CYPRESS Software Testing Whats Important They exist They are unambiguous and testable Cover all of the customers (not just final customer) They are under configuration control Requirements

12 CYPRESS Software Testing No Documented Requirements Ask the project manager Ask the marketing representative Has anything been sent to the customer? Ask a domain expert What are the designers building? Write them down Requirements

13 CYPRESS Software Testing Configuration Control Why is it a testing issue? What to track Build & Version Number

14 CYPRESS Software Testing Why Is It A Testing Issue? Ship the version that was tested A single test system failing Modules accidentally reverting to older version Re-create software and tests Configuration Control

15 CYPRESS Software Testing What To Track Requirements Software Hardware Tests Configuration Control

16 CYPRESS Software Testing Version & Build Number Simple to generate Unique for each build or change Readily visible and validated for correctness Configuration Control

17 CYPRESS Software Testing Test Plan What will be tested and not tested? What approach will be taken? What resources are needed? Which people are needed? Schedule

18 CYPRESS Software Testing Test Cases Test boundary conditions System interfaces Where have other errors been found? What will the users do most often? What is the most serious if it fails? Usability What is unique to your product's environment?

19 CYPRESS Software Testing Boundary Conditions Values at and away from the boundaries Valid and invalid values Both numeric values and strings Minimum-1, minimum, maximum, maximum+1, a good middle value Test Cases

20 CYPRESS Software Testing Where Have Errors Been Found? Errors tend to cluster Can a common error be fixed? Would a code review be useful? Test Cases

21 CYPRESS Software Testing Usability Often over looked First to see software outside of design The interface makes sense if you know the design Need to know your users Test Cases

22 CYPRESS Software Testing Interfaces User interface Interfaces between software modules Interfaces to other programs Hardware / software interfaces Test Cases

23 CYPRESS Software Testing What Will Users Do Most Often? Frequently encountered errors impact the user more Test heavily used areas more heavily Less used areas cant be ignored Test Cases

24 CYPRESS Software Testing What Failures Are Most Serious? Areas data could be lost Errors with a large financial impact Errors that could injure someone Test Cases

25 CYPRESS Software Testing Unique to Web Applications Versions of browsers Different operating systems Server capacity Multiple servers - one fails? Test Cases

26 CYPRESS Software Testing Unique to GUI Based Application System configuration changes Size of the screen Number of colors available Default font type and size Test Cases

27 CYPRESS Software Testing Unique to Database Applications Compatible with existing data Testing on a copy of real data Server capacity Test Cases

28 CYPRESS Software Testing Unique to Embedded Applications Can multiple simultaneous stimulus be handled? Are hardware failures handled correctly? –Running out of supplies –Components breaking or degrading Communications errors between components Can temperature changes cause the system to behave differently? Test Cases

29 CYPRESS Software Testing Bug Tracking & Ship Decision Bug states Bug Information Is the software ready?

30 CYPRESS Software Testing Bug Tracking & Ship Decision

31 CYPRESS Software Testing Bug Tracking & Ship Decision

32 CYPRESS Software Testing

33 CYPRESS Software Testing After the Testing Known problems and solutions –Defects not fixed –Shorten customer service leaning curve Test report –Tuned to the audience –Introduction & conclusion –Major defects –What was run on which versions –What tests couldnt be run

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