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Developing Best Practices Work Session. Objective Provide ideas for utilizing social media in conjunction with more traditional media to positively change.

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1 Developing Best Practices Work Session

2 Objective Provide ideas for utilizing social media in conjunction with more traditional media to positively change consumer behavior.

3 Agenda Key challenges and examples for overcoming (15 minutes) –Present key challenges brands face when engaging through social media and examples of how other brands addressed those challenges Developing a plan (30 minutes) –Break-out into groups to ideate ways to overcome those challenges in your organizations Sharing ideas (35 minutes) –Present recommendations to the larger group

4 Key challenges

5 Challenge 1 How can brands link traditional communications to the social media domain?

6 Dominos Pizza Turnaround campaign

7 Campaign microsite tells the good, bad and ugly of the brand turnaround Blog highlights brand commitment and marketing, and pulls live posts from customers

8 Dedicated YouTube channel includes commercials, updates to their turnaround progress and new brand challengesbrand challenges Twitter feed supports customer service dedication and promotes brand interactions

9 Facebook page brings out the fun side of the brand and provides special offers Order tracker became focal point and took off virally with customers virally

10 Old Spice

11 Axe

12 Questions How can your organization help bring the new Less campaign to life: –On Facebook –On Twitter –On YouTube –On Google+ –On blogs What other types of messages support the idea behind owning less?

13 Challenge 2 How can brands establish a two-way conversation with their target audiences?

14 Open dialogue with customers, posted for all to see on their site

15 Passionate fans want to tell their stories through a dedicated feed pulled from Twitter

16 Facebook posts humanize the brand and encourage friend-type conversations with fans

17 Encourage more involved communications through contestscontests

18 Questions How can you open up your organization for more candid, open feedback from consumers? How can your organization tap into passionate consumers, giving them a venue of support and an outlet for communications? How else can your organization connect with consumers about their other passions? Each medium lends itself to a unique communication opportunity; how can your organization better match the message to the medium?

19 Challenge 3 How can brands stay fresh and manage content with a minimal staff?

20 Brands encourage the audience to be creators Post questions and request comments on posts


22 Brands repurpose content Get the most out of every post by distributing it in multiple venues YouTube channel Facebook discussion Twitter updates and reminders

23 Brands reuse content Brands with similar missions can help each other by cross promoting content


25 Brands use all their resources to create content If objectives are clearly established, and topics are provided, all employees can become resources for content

26 Questions What types of questions could your organization pose to encourage consumer participation? –How could you engage consumers via social media to do with less? What other subjects could link naturally with Less? What content has your organization developed that others could repost? How else could your organization repurpose existing content (like newsletters)? Who in your organization could become a resource for content?

27 Challenge 4 How can brands balance the need for control with the openness of the medium?

28 Risks and rewards Understanding how to engage in social media can help overcome challenges organizations face Risk Reward Listen Engage Respond to posts about the organization Respond to posts about recycling Respond to posts about the disposal of goods, donations, etc… Post original content in other, more general forums Post pre-approved content from your organization (marketing materials, etc…) Host Create a presence on social media sites Allow comments on your content Allow comments on your website

29 Mayo clinic Embrace social media, but teach teams (and others) how to handle themselves


31 Rules of engagement Follow all applicable Mayo Clinic policies (like patient privacy) Write in the first person If you communicate in public about Mayo Clinic, disclose your connection with Mayo Clinic and your role at Mayo Use a personal email address (not your address) as your primary means of identification If your online activities are inconsistent with, or would negatively impact Mayo Clinics reputation or brand, you should not refer to Mayo Clinic Be respectful and professional to fellow employees, business partners, competitors and patients

32 Many posts increase awareness about diseases and new treatments


34 Questions What initial steps would your organization be willing take to begin some level of social media listening or engagement? What information would your organization need to become more comfortable increasing its presence in social media? How could your organization use some of the toolbox elements to venture into the social media space?

35 Challenge 5 How can brands measure results to evolve tactics in the future?

36 Measurements Base awareness builders: –Fans –Followers –Views –Click-throughs Engagement components: –Likes –Comments –Pass-along/repost/retweet Behavior changes: –Objectives met (pounds recycled, items donated) –Anecdotal feedback (community response, thought-leader response)

37 GoGirl Website Facebook page Twitter page YouTube videos Blog posts Extensive PR push

38 GoGirl Awareness gains during the campaign: –Hundreds of blog posts – 30,000 website visits daily – 700% increase in traffic to the State Fair booth – 800 new Facebook fans in three days – Twitter posts every minute Sustained awareness – 8,000 fans on Facebook – 1,800 followers on Twitter – Over 25K channel views on YouTube

39 Engagement strides: –Numerous active posters on Facebook –Over 50 submission to the Tell your GoGirl story Sales gains through the roof: –Peak sales of more than 10,000 GoGirls in a week –150,000 units within the first two years –Increase distribution in 250 U.S. retailers and in 23 different countries GoGirl

40 Questions How is your organization tracking current social media efforts? And what does your organization do with that information now? How could your organization increase their monitoring of online efforts given current resources? What plan could you implement in your organization for acting on results of your social media efforts?

41 Your assignment

42 Break-out groups Please spread out and divide yourselves in 5 groups with approximately 10 people in each Each group will be assigned one challenge to address with key questions to answer in 30 minutes –Packets will be given with the challenge, the examples and the questions to consider At the end, each group will present their ideas

43 Presentation Please present your top 5 ideas for addressing the challenge, including: –If your organization has tried this idea previously, was the effort successful in your opinion? Why or why not? What can be done to succeed in the future? –How could these tactical ideas could be executed based on current resources (staff, budget, content)?

44 Group Discussions

45 Group Presentations

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