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© 1995-2005, Actuate Corporation Engineer Orientation IT Facility.

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1 © , Actuate Corporation Engineer Orientation IT Facility

2 © , Actuate Corporation Main Process IT Policy Computer Accounts Setup your PC Install Software Apply Accounts Standard Desktop Configuration HQ Passwords/ Password Changing HQ Password IT Support Request

3 © , Actuate Corporation IT Policy Network Policy There should be no personal use, especially downloading video or game, of company network during normal work hours. Policy Prohibit personal usage – may be used only for Company Business, It is a violation of company policy to use the company system for any personal purposes. l Prohibit disclose sensitive message –Company technology and trade secretes –Project information of co-workers –Contact information of co-workers l Prohibit propagate political, religionary message l Read & Reply intime

4 © , Actuate Corporation IT Policy Computer Software Policy Use licensed software only. Core desktop applications such as MS Office, Outlook, PVCS Tracker client and anti-virus programs should be kept up-to-date by the individual using the computer. Exercise caution when downloading free software: some contain bugs that may destabilize the system; some may not allow commercial use.

5 © , Actuate Corporation Company Accounts HQ Domain Account/ Account Tracker Account Perforce Account VSS Account CVS Account BIRT Bugzilla Account BIRT Mailing List Local Bugzilla Account

6 © , Actuate Corporation Setup your PC Change your computer name to your Chinese name(Pinyin) Create a new user name same as your account and let it be a member of administrator Create a password for your account Run Windows Update,Install all Critical/Recommended updates Let Windows Firewall to be on Turn on Windows Automatic Updates Enable Anti-virus software Mcafee Autoupdate Disable Administrator account

7 © , Actuate Corporation Install Software If you need other software, you can find it on \\shanghai\software\\shanghai\software

8 © , Actuate Corporation Apply Accounts Sign up Bugzilla account on Eclipse Go to for applying a bugzilla account. Subscribing to birt-dev mailing list Go to for subscribing birt-news mailing list. Other accounts will send to your mailbox.

9 © , Actuate Corporation Standard Desktop Configuration Hardware CPU P4 2.8GHz or above Memory 512MB Disk 80GB Network100Mbps Software OS Windows XP MS Office XP Mcafee 7.0 or above Eclipse 3.1 JSDK or above Ant or above Acrobat Reader 6.0 or above Visual Source Safe 6.0 PVCS Client 8.0

10 © , Actuate Corporation HQ Domain/ Password Password policy Password protection is an important part of Actuate Corporation security.The following are guidelines that All employees must follow: 1. Passwords must be at least six (6) characters long. 2. Password must contain at least one number and one uppercase letter. 3. Passwords are case sensitive. 4. You cannot use your previously used password. 5. All passwords expire every six months. 6. Do not write down your username and password. Password should be memorized.

11 © , Actuate Corporation HQ Domain/ Password Changing Password 1.) Remotely log on server ts.

12 © , Actuate Corporation HQ Domain/ Password

13 © , Actuate Corporation HQ Domain/ Password Changing Password 2.) Click Start at left-bottom, then click Windows Security on the pop-up menu

14 © , Actuate Corporation HQ Domain/ Password Changing Password 3.) At last click Change Password

15 © , Actuate Corporation IT Support Request n We now have a Bugzilla server on local for IT Supprot Request. n Go to here to submit your requesthere

16 © , Actuate Corporation Thank You!

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