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Laptop Security in the current IT world W3 group.

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1 Laptop Security in the current IT world W3 group

2 Motivation Companies provide laptops to its employees – Work from home – Work during travel As of 2010 about half of adults go online with a laptop ( – Increasing every year – Use work laptops for personal use at home, on travel Usage guidelines and restrictions – Strict at work, not so strict when outside the work domain – Not clear what to do in the event of a security breach

3 Motivation (contd) Malicious users – A begrudged employee – Rival companies – Countries that access information to gain competitive advantage in world markets Malicious access to laptops – Physical (Stolen laptops, copy data using a USB drive etc.) – Online (Trojan horses, viruses etc.)

4 Confidentiality Lots of confidential information – Source code – Vital financial information (stock/trade secrets etc.) – Personal Identifiable Information (SSN, DOB etc.) – Emails (downloaded by email client programs like MS Outlook) – Data in re-used laptops Protecting confidential information – Sign NDA – Encryption (emails, data, encrypted folders) – Dont allow USB drives – Guidelines on how to handle sensitive data – Information on what to do in case of a breach – Wipe out hard disks of laptops returned to general employee pool

5 Authenticity Different ways to authenticate access to laptops – Username/passwords – BIOS passwords – Hard disk passwords – Screen save passwords – Usage of laptop locks

6 Integrity As important as confidentiality – A malicious user can access data in a laptop and change it A lot of software downloaded from the Internet – Software for office use (Adobe reader, Flash player, Updates etc. ) – Personal use (ITunes, Sticky notes etc. ) – Difficult to distinguish between malicious and authentic sites Ways to guarantee integrity – MD5 checksums for software recommended for install – Allow only admins to install software

7 Availability Employee Productivity – Directly affected if laptop is not available Availability of critical servers – A malicious user could use botnets to launch DOS attacks on internal critical resources

8 Conclusion With such prevalent usage of laptops, laptop security is of paramount importance Often not completely thought through At the minimum a disaster recovery plan should be in place – Identify and prioritize threats – Contact information in case of disasters (security breaches) – Details on how to get back the data and recover – Employee education

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