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Life Quest: Driving Directions for Your Life. where did you come from… where are you going Knowing where we want to go increases the probability that.

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1 Life Quest: Driving Directions for Your Life

2 where did you come from… where are you going Knowing where we want to go increases the probability that we will arrive at our destination Have a succinct statement of your overall purpose in life An effective purpose statement is your GPS. It tells you when you are on track and when you are off track.

3 Life Purpose – The Destination for Your Road Trip through Life Write a one sentence statement of the purpose of your life Sharons Life Purpose: to bring joy to and lessen the pain in others lives while enjoying my life to the fullest

4 How is Your Car The Motor A Sharp Mind The Gas Energy to Fuel The Chassis Your Body The OilYour Values The BrakesYour Self Control The Gas PedalYour Determination

5 The Motor Does Your Mind Run Smoothly or Gunkily ? FocusedConflicted ConfidentWorrier Positive thinkerSelf-defeating Good self-esteemSelf-loathing Risk takerAfraid CreativeRigid VisionaryStumbler

6 The Gas Your energy where does it come from (internal and external sources) how do you harness it (motivation) how do you use it (going forward or going backwards) how do you replenish it (positive results) Your goal is to preserve your time and energy for what you value most instead of wasting it on random events, soon forgotten, that have little to do with your true goals and intentions. Life Strategy: Choose a "Successful Response" and Move On! - By Michael J. Russ

7 The Chassis Your Body is your chassis Lets look at your body What shape is it in? What grade would it get on a scale of A-F? Do you wash and polish it on a regular basis? Do you keep the insides clean? Is it cluttered with junk? Do you check out nicks and scrapes or do you let it rust? How about your tires ? The good news is that you still have time to change it!

8 The Oil Your Values lubricate your motor Values guide us in creating the direction of our lives Help us make critical decisions Function as key indicators for why we are frustrated, angry, out of sort or without integrity Values are intangible such as honesty, dependability and loyalty 3 Kinds of Values The Superficial Shoulds – we believe we should do Chosen Values – we select them as important to fulfill Core Values–3 to 5 critically important personal values we hold A motor runs on the power to believe YOU have the ability to affect your own life and the lives of others. Take CHARGE of your motor

9 The Brakes Why are brakes used? To stop the momentum when it would be dangerous to be moving Quick changes in braking upsets the chassis & can send you in the wrong direction! If you need to stop the momentum, don't slam on the brakes, squeeze them firmly and quickly. Think about the consequences of your decisions –dont rush to tailgate, or speed up so you can get to the light quicker Go cautiously so you can be safe, reap better gas mileage and give your brakes a longer life! Smoothness is the key to driving efficiently

10 The Gas Pedal How do you use your gas pedal? Heavy footed – always pushing down even when you need to go slow Light touch – barely moving along – too cautious Speed up, slow down – jumping around too much Steady – maintain an even speed Keep things under control in the driver's seat. Be sure you are driving the car, don't let the car drive you. Don't get in a situation where things are happening too fast for you to be comfortable. You should be relaxed, but alert.

11 Yield when to give way; be flexible – As Kenny Rogers would say you got to know when to hold them and when to fold them Warning one way do not enter Stop just dont go there Information provides you with knowledge – places of interest, speedy limit, historical markers Highway Signs are you headed in the right direction?

12 Curves Unexpected turns in the road Always be aware of what's going on around you. Look up ahead, not just to the taillights of the car right ahead of you. Anticipate what is coming up next. Know what you're going to do beforehand. Don't get in a situation where you have to do something quickly from the driver's seat. You do this by paying attention to what the car is doing now and what you expect from it next.

13 Your Safety Rules Seat belt - back up measure to keep you safe in case of an accident; have you created safety nets for yourself Lock your doors- how do you protect yourself Detours – sometimes you reach a dead end and have to use alternative routes; what are your skills for turning around and finding a new way Check your mirrors – look to see where youve been and what is going on around you now Dont do too much while driving – concentrate – dont get overloaded

14 Aggressive Driving Aggressive driving can endanger persons or property. Do you drive aggressively? Speeding - can t get things done fast enough; rush through life not smelling the roses Improper hand or facial gestures at other drivers – comparing yourself to others and you don t appreciate your accomplishments – always lamenting what you should or could have done Tailgating - Not taking enough risks – being too cautious – stopping and starting Passing on the shoulder of the road -skirting the real issues; concentrating on the symptoms, not the problem Running red lights and stop signs- don t care about the consequences of your behavior Cutting off another vehicle - not listening to our inner observations about our behavior Yelling, improper hand or facial gestures at other drivers; Repeatedly honking the horn & flashing of headlights – move your agenda ahead of others; not part of a team effort

15 Driving Safely Anyone can become an aggressive driver. Dont let stress and frustration get the best of you while driving on your path of life Be patient and courteous with yourself. Do not try to accomplish things when angry, overtired, or upset. Allow extra time to get to your destination. When possible, change your schedule to avoid congestion – keep it simple and you are more likely to accomplish what you want. Take care of yourself. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt - all drivers make mistakes. Handle conflict in a win-win way. Try new ways of driving yourself to where you want to go. Plan for the unexpected. Dont drive the same way all the time Insanity Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

16 How are you going to keep your car in good shape? Maintenance log Rotate your tires – check your goals have you worn them down? do they need replacing? See what maps are in your glove compartment Does your car still suit your needs? Emergency road kit- what is in it?

17 So how have you done so far on your road of life? Keep driving straight and you wont end up like this!

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