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Victorian - Human Services Directory (HSD) Friday 24 th June 2011 Project Manager – Max Walker

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1 Victorian - Human Services Directory (HSD) Friday 24 th June 2011 Project Manager – Max Walker Email:

2 Current Status – HSD The Statement:- The Human Services Directory will be the most easily accessible, reliable, authoritative and comprehensive source of information for Services supporting the health and wellbeing of people in Victoria The Users:- Nurse On Call (200,000 phone calls/year) The Better Health Channel (1,000,000 hits/month) National Health Call Centre Disability Online The GP Register is used by Public/Private Victorian Patient and Client Management Systems, Clinical Information Systems and Community Systems Other Peak Bodies, General Practitioners, Victoria

3 The Facts Victoria:- Landmass – 227,000 km2 = State of Utah Population Total - 5,500,000 Capital City – Melbourne, 4,500,000 Rural 1,000,000 HSD Usage:- 800,000 hits/month from health/human practitioners and the public via GUI 200,000 hits/month are from the public API HSD Content:- 24,000 practitioners (Including the States 5,900 GPs) 1,070 pharmacies 15,000 service sites, and 11,000 organisations

4 Directory management – Single Source of Truth Human Services Directory Clinical application local address book/Other Applications (using API) HPI-I and HPI-O sourced from IHI Services Web Services – (API) (To be Done) Certificates from Trusted Authority Web Services (API) (Done) NASH (Not deployed) Sites maintain their own content (via Web Browser) Public Access Portal (Web Browser) Better Health Channel – Victoria (API)

5 Program of Work/The Future Program of Work:- National E-Health Infrastructure – February 2011 International Standard – Geo-Coding of Address Authenticated Application Programming Interface (API) Health Provider Identifier – Organisations/Individuals (HPI-O/Is) National Authentication Service Health, Certificates (NASH) Endpoint Locator Service (ELS) Individual Health Identifier (IHI) Service National HSD – Search Screen by Jurisdiction – April 2011 Personal Electronic Controlled Health Record (PECHR) The HSD as an International Standard (in the making)

6 Content Management - Quality and Integrity Human and Health Services – Yellow Pages Service Breadth and Depth of coverage of the Human and Health Environment The HSD is an Opt-in model Self Authorship based Content Management workflow - Author and Approver Content Management Quality Assurance processes Validation at the Source Validation where appropriate – Victorian Mapping Address Service (VMAS) Geo- Coding (via API) Automatic System content checking processes e.g. Medicare Provider Number Security Matrix Supported and updated by a dedicated team of 4 - 6 Helpdesk staff, who are updating information to the directory on a daily basis Partnerships, e.g. GP/Hospital Liaisons – GP movements

7 What Consumers/Practitioners say The database is such a useful resource for me, I would use it 3 or 4 times a week. So it is really in my best interests that it is as up to date as possible. Email Ian Ferretter Quitline Manager - Tobacco Control Unit Cancer Council Victoria Thanks again for your help Ted. For what it's worth, I think the HSD is a wonderful initiative and hope the other states plan to follow suit (if they haven't already). Email Glenn Tassie, (Website Developer) "You've done a terrific job with the HSD and I particularly appreciate the foresight gone into what has been developed to enable systems such as ours to leverage off it in a mutually beneficial way" Email Elli Wellings PACT Project Manager Victoria Police Thank you very much for your prompt and very detailed response to my queries. I am truly impressed with this directory and we will make good use of it in our office. Am very excited by the prospect of a national register rolling out one day like this. Email Senior Project Officer, FaHCSIA Victoria STO

8 Websites Human Services Directory - Live Human Services Directory – UAT ACT Government, Human Services Directory Better Health Channel - Public Face of Human Services Directory Arthritis Map - Believed to be a World First - 2 Websites, Consumers and Health Planning

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