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Free data that helps you Australian Business Register.

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1 Free data that helps you Australian Business Register

2 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 2 Free data that helps you the ABR offer ABR data and how you can use it success stories becoming a valued partner

3 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 3 Free ABR data helps you achieve your agency’s strategic goals save time and money

4 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 4 The Australian Business Register the ABR is an extensive database of identity information provided by businesses when they register for an Australian Business Number (ABN) an ABN enables businesses to deal with a range of government departments and agencies using a unique single identification number.

5 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 5 Up to date business identity data The ABR data contains: more than 9.6 million ABNs – both active and cancelled approximately 7.3 million active ABNs

6 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 6 Transform the way you do business ABR data can assist with many business functions including: research and analysis planning and economic development education issuing licences and registrations undertaking investigations, regulatory compliance and enforcement procurement provision of grants debtor management

7 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 7 Business data at your fingertips ABR data contains public data and non-public data: public data freely available to the public non-public data available to eligible government agencies (ABN Act 1999)

8 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 8 ABR public information Australian Business Number (ABN) entity legal name business trading name(s) ABN status GST status entity type place of business (state or territory & postcode) details of tax concession status details of deductible gift recipient (DGR) status Australian Company Number or Australian Registered Body Number ABR data provides you with public business details, including:

9 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 9 ABR non-public information ABR data provides you with non-public business details: service of notice address principal business address within Australia industry code & description email address associate details

10 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 10 The ABR offer ABR data is: free of charge an authoritative government source tailored to suit your business requirements easy to integrate into your systems delivered via a secure online data portal, disc provided either monthly, quarterly, annually or real-time

11 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 11 State Total Records Approx Extract size (MB) ACT134,81553 NSW3,122,243848 NT75,89233 QLD1,982,848534 SA663,423190 TAS166,65357 VIC2,398,271643 WA1,003,129275 All States9,572,2442.5 GB Tailor the data to your needs Data can be broken down by geographical area

12 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 12 The benefits of embedding the ABN You can reap added benefits by embedding the ABN into your systems and processes to: make it easier for businesses to identify themselves and interact with your agency easily share and match data through a common identifier remove duplicate records from your database

13 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 13 Our growing partnerships We currently have 370 ABR partners –200 local government agencies –124 state government agencies –46 federal government agencies

14 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 14 Some of our satisfied partners ‘Using ABR data saved us time and money by allowing us to contact only those businesses that would have a genuine interest in attending relevant seminars.’ Willoughby City Council ‘ABR data underpins our economic development initiatives – helping us to grow local businesses, manage their needs, create jobs and enhance the sustainability of the local and wider economy.’ Auburn City Council ‘We are successfully using ABR data to monitor business retention and expansion’. Liverpool Plains Shire Council

15 ABR INTRODUCTORY PRESENTATION 15 Transform the way you do business

16 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 16 Research and analysis Use industry coding to identify trends in your region

17 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 17 Administrative Services Arts & Recreation Services Finance Education & Training Planning and economic development ANZSIC and address details will help you: plan for future business growth assist with identifying industry clusters

18 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 18 Education and communication Connect and consult with the businesses about: your business support services regulatory requirements

19 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 19 ABN: * Legal Entity: * Trading name: * Your business or trading name. The ABN or the Legal Entity makin ABN Lookup FINECOAST HOLDINGS PTY LTD MR INSULATION Allow your clients to pre-fill your online forms with public data and validate the completed forms against non-public data 54 085 971 437 Licensing and registration

20 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 20 Use ABR data to identify: businesses of interest in specific locations persons of interest associates and address details for sending notices Compliance

21 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 21 34567234589 Active 345678987 JOE BLOGGS PTY LTD BLOGGS PTY LTD ACT 2600 JOE’S PTY LTD AUSTRALIAN PRIVATE COMPANY Procurement and grants Use the ABN in your electronic payment system to easily verify entity details before issuing payment

22 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 22 Revenue management Use ABR data to maximize revenue verify entity details for review of rates discounts locate an alternative address for service of notices find contact details of to assist with debt recovery use the ANZSIC code for spend analysis

23 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 23 Gain the most out of ABR services Ensure your database is up-to-date by using a mix of ABR services DeliveryAvailabilityValue ABN Lookup web services Real timeAllows you to offer pre-fillable forms and transactions (Public data) ABR data extracts Monthly, quarterly, yearly Provides records as an extract from the ABR (public and non-public data)

24 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 24 Partnering Process The first step to becoming an ABR partner: Public data – complete an application form Non-public data – complete a terms and conditions application

25 INTRODUCING ABR DATA 25 Summary ABR data is free The ABR is the authoritative register of all ABN holders. The ABN is a unique single identification number to simplify your dealings with business. Use ABR data for a range of government agency functions Personalised service through a dedicated partnership management team

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