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A Yousef production

2 From Abaci to Pentiums to …

3 One of the earliest devices to help humans calculate was the abacus

4 Slide rule The slide rule allowed faster Calculations with logarithms

5 Pascaline Worked similarly to an odometer

6 Jacquard’s Loom

7 Hollerith’s Machine

8 Babbage’s Analytic Engine
Babbage’s analytic engine was never Built, but the image to the left illustrates

9 Mark I

10 The first bug

11 Early computers were expensive and difficult to construct

12 The needs of Integrated Circuits
After the invention of transistors in 1947 scientist tried to use the transistors in a small Integrated Circuits Integrated Circuits were needed because the vacuum tubes were costly, produce a lot of heat, heavy and slow Transistors

13 The needs of Integrated Circuits Cont.
Scientists decided to figure out a new way to solve this problem with vacuum tubes- and start to produce Integrated Circuits which helped them to do the job easily Transistors are small, fast, reliable and effective, and quickly replaced the vacuum tube Vacuum Tube

14 Different kind of Microprocessor
Speaking of computers, the most important thing we have to discuss is the astonishing improvement of Microprocessors in the last 30 years The first Microprocessors included transistors, produced by Intel in The name of that processor was “Intel 4004” In 1974 Intel produced “Intel 8080”, this chip included 4800 transistors Intel 4004 Intel 8080

15 Different kind of Microprocessor Cont.
In 1976 a new company called Zilog produced “Zilog Z80”. This chip contained 8500 transistors In 1985 Intel again produced new microprocessors; these were called “Intel 386DX”. These processors contained 275 thousand transistors Zilog Z80 Intel 386DX

16 Different kind of Microprocessor Cont.
In 1993 Intel produced the first version of Pentium - the speed of this chip was fast!; they also improved the functionality in this generation of processors. The use of this processor was for the personal use and contained 3.1 million transistors Two months ago (June 24), 2004 Intel produced the most powerful Microprocessor called Celeron, which contains 80 million transistors and has a clock speed of 2.8 GHz. Celeron

17 Why are the processors getting bigger in size?
Microprocessor are getting bigger from one version to another because scientists need to put more and more transistors in the processor. In the earliest versions they didn’t include different component in the microprocessor, such as ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) and Registers. They were separated from the actual processor

18 Why it contained more transistors??
As we know, transistors are switches which can be turn on and off. That’s how computers work. If we increase the number of transistors we actually increase the number of operations and the number of the on and off’s that take place when the microprocessor work. Each newest version of microprocessor included more functionality from the earliest one.

19 As we can see, different companies tried to produce different kind of microprocessors and tried to improve their products; most of these companies went bankrupt - others still until this day produce different kind of chips such as Intel, AMD, IBM, Motorola, HP and Hitachi.

20 Then what???

21 The Future of Computers

22 DNA Computers One pound of DNA has the capacity to store more information than all the electronic computers ever built More than 10-trillion DNA molecules can fit into an area no larger than 1 cubic centimeter Computer would be able to hold 10 terabytes of data and perform 10-trillion calculations at a time Unlike conventional computers, DNA computers could perform calculations simultaneously Conventional computers operate linearly, taking on tasks one at a time. But parallel computing that will allow DNA to solve complex mathematical problems in hours -- problems that might take electrical computers hundreds of years to complete

23 Conclusion As we can see, computers are getting better and better every year. But the question is - if computers aren’t used in the proper way, what’s going to happen ….. ?

24 For more Information

25 Questions?


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