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Citrix GoToMeeting and Webinar Roundtable Series Scheduling a Meeting & Webinar.

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1 Citrix GoToMeeting and Webinar Roundtable Series Scheduling a Meeting & Webinar

2 Overview Reminders of Using GoToMeeting Scheduling a Meeting: –From Desktop, Program Tray, Outlook –Managing Recurring Meetings Editing or Canceling a Meeting Starting a Meeting Scheduling a Webinar: –From Program Tray and Online

3 Reminders To schedule a meeting, –You need an account (email addy and pwd) –You need to install Citrix GoToMeeting on your computer Only one concurrent meeting at a time per account… –It may not support impromptu meetings –But all meetings for that account will be seen like a coordinated calendar –You can sign up for more accounts if needed.

4 Schedule a Meeting From Desktop Icon From Program Tray (What is This? See Slide 10) From Website (

5 Schedule Meeting: Desktop Icon Double-Click and Login

6 Schedule Meeting: Desktop Icon Select Meet Now or Schedule Meeting

7 Schedule Meeting : Enter Meeting Info See Recurring Meeting Box? Recurring Meetings keep a Meeting ID and URL active for 40 days. See Local Time Zone? You can change the time zone if needed.



10 Program Tray Icon: Right-Click to Schedule or Start This is your program tray. The Citrix icon sits here as well. If it doesnt, drag it there from your desktop.

11 Schedule a Meeting: Program Tray Right click on icon and select Schedule a Meeting Enter you account login information On the Schedule Meeting dialogue box, enter your meeting information and click Schedule You will be notified your meeting has been scheduled. If you are using MS Outlook or IBM Lotus Notes, a meeting reminder will be generated and give you the option of inviting attendees via a calendar appointment.

12 Schedule Meeting: Enter Meeting Info Schedule a Meeting or Meet Now To Edit a Meeting: Select My Meetings… To Start a Meeting, Select My Meetings…

13 From Outlook GoToMeeting Toolbar in Outlook Select Host a Meeting.

14 Schedule a Webinar Desktop Icon, Program Tray, or Website

15 Schedule Webinar: Right-Click Program Tray Icon Schedule a Webinar To Edit or Start a Webinar: Select My Webinars…

16 Schedule Webinar Form

17 Note: When you login, you can see results, surveys, and reports of past webinars.

18 Three Steps to Webinars.

19 Schedule Webinar: Time, Date, Title, Conference Call Service Note: GoToWebinar calls only require each person (organizer and attendee) to pay their own long distance charges. No extra bridging costs. For toll-free, consider InterCall

20 Schedule Webinar: Continued

21 Schedule Webinar: Branding & Logo You can insert your programs logo and select a theme. This will appear in the Waiting Room that attendees see upon joining.

22 Schedule Webinar: Branding & Logo

23 Schedule Webinar: Registration Attendees must register for webinars. You can customize your form.

24 Recap Schedule a meeting from Desktop or Program Tray (Outlook or Website too) –Click or Right Click and follow prompts Start a meeting same way (My Meetings..) Schedule a webinar from Desktop or Program Tray (or Website too) Start a webinar same way (My Webinars..)

25 Resources LSNTAP.Org ( | Click LegalMeetings and Getting Started & How

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