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LegalMeetings: Making the Change

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1 LegalMeetings: Making the Change
Getting Started with Citrix

2 What We’ll Cover Today Overview and Introduction
A Note about Addresses You Use to Set Up Your Account Nuts and Bolts of Getting Started and Signing Up with an Account GoToMeeting GoToWebinar Review of What to Expect from Both Meeting and Webinar Services

3 Overview and Introduction
Citrix has TWO products: G2M and G2W ( & You use each one separately. Remember how with WebEx, you go to a website and select either Meeting Center or Training Center…With Citrix, you decide you go to two distinct sites initially for setup. You can schedule your Meeting or Webinar in one of two ways: from your desktop or from the website links above.

4 Overview of Getting Started: Account Set-Up
NTAP enters in a designated address to which Citrix sends a customized that shows you how to set up your account. You’ll enter your account information for your program (not you as an individual). You will download Citrix onto the computer you’ll schedule meetings from. (As many as you want…) You will forward the login info to all staff who schedule meetings and instruct them to also download the software for their use…(easy, 30-second process) People can schedule meetings with one-click on their desktop OR you can go to the gotomeeting or sites and Host a Meeting.

5 What is a Designated Email?
Your “user name” on Citrix is the address of your choice. Therefore, for all staff to use it, best to make it: Generic Easy to Remember Perfect: Some of you have addresses like: This goes to all the staff in your program who use LegalMeetings. This will be perfect for Citrix. Not-Perfect: Some of you use addresses like: This will not work for Citrix. Your login user name is THIS .

6 Nuts & Bolts: How to Set Up Your Account
Citrix GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar

7 Step-by-Step You receive an email to a designated email address.
You complete the online registration. NOTE: Careful how you enter your information. You download software onto your machine or any machine you’ll use to schedule a meeting. Give the designated address and password to everyone who will be using it. Inform them to download software. Then, for GoToWebinar: and login, then install.

8 1. You’ll Receive an Email from GoToMeetings Care

9 2. When You Click the Link, You Fill In A Form, BUT WAIT

10 Be Careful on Your Entry
Be Careful on Your Entry. Enter In Your PROGRAM’s Info not your own name…

11 Why Naming is Important
Why Naming is Important? This is what an attendee sees when they join a meeting. See Organizer: NAME?

12 Suggestions for Naming Your Account
For example: Northwest Justice Project: Your First Name can be: Northwest Justice Project or NWJP Your Last Name can be: Host

13 3. Install Software on Computer Click Yes (or Trust) if Prompted

14 Installation: Most Times It Is Easy
Let’s See Screen Shots When It’s Not Super Easy… Still, Just Follow 3 Prompts.

15 You or They May be Asked to Download Software…Say Yes.


17 Once You Install…You’re Done!
Now… You can Use It. You can Inform Others how to Install.

18 For You: Now What? Use It. Schedule a Meeting three ways:
1. Desktop: You should see the Citrix GoToMeeting Symbol on your desktop. Click it to schedule a meeting. 2. Program Tray: Click Citrix GoToMeeting Symbol in your program tray, bottom of screen. 3. Or, go to and click Host a Meeting.

19 See it on Your Desktop? Just Click it to Schedule a Meeting.

20 Schedule a Meeting Easily See the Citrix Symbol in Your Program Tray??

21 Or, Host a Meeting from

22 For Your Staff: Now What?
Make sure they Log In and Download. Distribute the user name (designated address) and password to all users in your program. Inform them: They need to go to and LOGIN They too will download the software and be able to schedule a meeting using that same icon on their desktop.

23 They go to: and Log In

24 They follow prompts to install…

25 They Can Schedule a Meeting… Just Click Icon on Desktop.

26 Or Click Icon on Program Tray See the Citrix Symbol in Your Program Tray??

27 Or, go to

28 What About GoToWebinar?
Once you are logged in with an account, you can go to Login. Install Software…(same steps as with G2M) New icon on your desktop to schedule a webinar. Or, go to

29 Schedule a Webinar? Just Click Desktop Icon.


31 Review: After You’ve Set Up Your Account,
After You’ve Set up Your Account, you can go anytime to To Login (Download the Software on Your Machine) To JOIN a MEETING (If someone else on your staff created a meeting, just JOIN. No need login.) To HOST a MEETING (Once you’ve created the account on your computer, it remembers you.)

32 Schedule a Meeting Easily See the Citrix Symbol in Your Program Tray??

33 Or, Host a Meeting from

34 Review 2: Once You’ve Installed…
You are ready to Start a Meeting by: Clicking on the Citrix Logo on Your Desktop Or going to and clicking on Host a Meeting You can change your account settings at by clicking on LOGIN.

35 go to:

36 Review: What About Webinar?
LOGIN, Install, Done.


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