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COMM 3050 GoToWebinar Tutorial

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1 COMM 3050 GoToWebinar Tutorial

2 GoToMeeting / GoToWebinar
Webinar and collaboration tool Create a trial account at Only one account is needed per team GoToWebinar is the product that will be used for ICE presentations

3 GoToWebinar Roles Organizer Panelist Account holder
Creates the webinar Receives webinar invitations Starts the webinar Can present / share screen Can record webinar Has audio controls Controls Q&A Controls polls Panelist Should be made the Presenter

4 GoToWebinar Roles Presenter Attendee User who is actively presenting
Listen-only mode Can ask questions via Questions panel Can answer polls

5 Create a Webinar Login at
Expand My Webinars from the menu on the left Click Schedule a Webinar

6 Title & Description Webinar Name must include “McIntire Student Webinar:” and a few words to describe the project Description – includes a few sentences to describe the presentation

7 Date & Time Enter the Date and Time of your webinar

8 Audio Accept the default options for audio

9 Panelists Panelists are people that will share their screen(s)
Click Edit to add Panelist Enter your team name in the Name field Enter the address of one team member Click Save and Continue

10 Branding and Theme Theme settings determine look of the webinar invitation and registration page The Waiting Room is what attendees will see when they arrive online and until a presenter shares his/her screen

11 Theme Add a logo Choose a Theme Add an image Maximum 400 x 200 pixels
100kb maximum Choose a Theme Add an image Maximum 200 x 200 pixels

12 Theme Select Preview Theme at the bottom of the page

13 Waiting Room

14 Waiting Room Add names for each person in team
Insert images for each (optional)

15 Waiting Room Preview the Waiting Room

16 Registration

17 Registration Select Clear All to remove all questions except First Name, Last Name, and Address

18 Registration As an option, questions specific to your project can be added to the registration page

19 Registration Click Preview to view the registration page

20 Webinar Creation Click to complete basic setup
Panelist invitation sent to Panelist(s) Attendee invitation sent to Organizer

21 Invitations The invitation must be sent to Attendees
Forward the message that is sent to the Organizer Attendee must follow link in message to pre-register for webinar

22 Invitations

23 Attendee Registration

24 Creating Polls Create polls by logging into the GoToWebinar website
Select Polls from the Change Session Settings list

25 Creating Polls Determine the Question Type Enter the Question
Enter Answer options Click Create

26 Setting Email Notifications
Notifications are sent to registered attendees based on the intervals you choose Edit notifications by logging into the GoToWebinar website Navigate to My Webinars Select Notifications from the Change Session Settings menu

27 Setting Email Notifications
Confirmation – Message that is sent to attendees after registration Reminder Select 3 Hours before Select 1 Day before Follow-Up De-select this option

28 Obtaining the Webinar ID
Click the View link to the right of the Settings menu

29 Prior To Final Webinar Delivery
Suzy Peng at with the following information: Block Number Group / Team Number Name of Webinar Name and of group contact if necessary during webinar Webinar ID

30 Starting the Webinar When delivering the Webinar, all group members should be in the same room There should be two computers online The Organizer will be logged into GoToWebinar on one computer Ideally the Organizer’s laptop should be hard-wired using the Ethernet connection in the room The Panelist will be logged into the other The Organizer must use a Windows-based computer The Organizer should remain muted

31 Organizer - Start the Webinar
Start the webinar by logging in and clicking the Start button Panelists join the session using links in the messages previously sent

32 Organizer - Webinar Start
Attendees On Hold Attendees see the Waiting Room information Organizer and Panelists can talk or use Chat

33 Organizer Control Panel
Dashboard Audience View Attendee List Audio Polls Questions Chat

34 Organizer Settings Click the Options Menu
De-select the Attendees Can Raise Hands option

35 Organizer Settings Click the View menu Select Recording
De-select Auto-Hide the Control Panel

36 Attendee List Shows Staff (Organizers and Panelists) and Attendee details Right-click on any Attendee to send a message or change status

37 Audience View A live snapshot of what the Attendees currently see
When another person is presenting, the Audience View will switch to the GoToWebinar Viewer

38 Dashboard Displays statistics such as attendance, attentiveness, and number of questions for current webinar

39 Audio Select to change Audio Mode
Click Edit to turn off “On-Hold Beeps”

40 Attendee View Audio Mode Questions Panel

41 Attendee View Viewer Panel Click Arrow to expand Full-screen button
Attendees see Waiting Room until presentation begins

42 Organizer - Make Panelist the Presenter
Click the Change Presenter button Select the Panelist

43 Presenter Have slideshow ready and running
Exit all other running applications such as web browsers and anything that would cause notifications or sounds This is the only computer that should be unmuted in your room!

44 Presenter – Show Options
The Presenter may select from the options in the Show My menu The default is to show the entire screen Choose the Screen- CLEAN option

45 Presenter – Screen Shared

46 Organizer - Recording Click the Start Recording button to begin recording Recording is not automatic Select from the View menu Recording is saved locally Recording is not available for Organizers using Mac OS X.

47 Organizer - Recording Access the Recording Defaults by clicking Settings in the Recording panel or in File | Preferences

48 Organizer - Start Broadcast
For Attendees to hear the webinar presentation, the Organizer must first start the meeting Presenter / Panelist should ensure that screen is shared Click the Start Broadcast button which starts the audio portion of the Webinar

49 Organizer – During Webinar

50 Ask a Question - Attendee
Attendees may ask questions during the webinar by typing in the Question panel Questions are sent to the Organizer

51 Question - Organizer The Organizer receives the question in the Questions panel

52 Question - Organizer When answering the question, the Organizer can send the response to the asker or to the entire audience

53 Question - Asker The answer is displayed in the Questions panel

54 Polls – Organizer View When one or more polls are created, the polls are available in the panel Select a poll and click Launch to immediately display the poll to attendees While displaying a poll, screen sharing is disabled

55 Polls – Attendee View When the poll is launched, the attendee’s Viewer will display the poll

56 Polls – Organizer View While the poll is open, the current results are displayed to the Organizer Click Close to close the poll

57 Polls – Organizer View To share the results of the poll, click Share

58 Polls – Attendee View

59 Recording Reminders Remember, only the organizer can record
You must start it manually The organizer machine must be Windows! Keep the default GoToMeeting recording setting Copy the recording to the student shared drive for your Block S:\Webinars\BlockX Student VPN automatically Maps the S drive

60 Best Practices PRACTICE – Create another webinar to test
Use at lest two computers Organizer Presenter – Have a clean desktop Possible third computer as Attendee Enable microphone for only the presenter computer Be sure to start Recording Consider bringing a set of headphones to allow you to hear what the audience is hearing

61 Best Practices Consider using an Intro Slide
Start sharing your screen before broadcasting audio Allows you to: Provide a more customized experience for attendees Instructions for Q and A More graphic and photo options

62 Sample Instructions for Attendees
Select auto-hide options from the View menu Click the arrow to minimize the control panel Type questions in this box.

63 Exploring Industrial Waste Management in Peru
Block 1, Group 5 Thomas Jefferson James Madison George Washington James Monroe Select auto-hide options from the View menu Click the arrow to minimize the control panel During the presentation, attendees will be in listen-only mode. Please feel free to ask questions at any time using the Questions box. We will answer as many questions as possible at the end of the presentation Type questions in this box.

64 GoToWebinar Resources
45 Day Trial: Quick Start: User Guide: Support & Training:

65 Questions

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