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NANC Report Numbering Oversight Working Group (NOWG) September 25, 2003 Co-Chairs: Karen Mulberry, MCI Jim Castagna, Verizon.

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1 NANC Report Numbering Oversight Working Group (NOWG) September 25, 2003 Co-Chairs: Karen Mulberry, MCI Jim Castagna, Verizon

2 09/25/2003NOWG NANC Report2 Contents PA Change Order #24 Recommendation PA Annual Performance Review Proposal NANPA/NOWG Performance Metrics Review Status NANPA 2003 Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) 2003 Meeting Schedule Attachments - Tracking Documents -PA #24 Change Order Recommendation -PA Change Order Tracking Summary -NOWG Project Status Table

3 09/25/2003NOWG NANC Report3 PA Change Order #24 Recommendation Change Order #24 submitted on 08-26-03 This change order is associated with modifications to procedures for Code Holder/LERG Assignee Exit and associated service disruptions with PA block assignments that contain unknown contamination There was three cost options identified (A $456,000; B $228,000; and C $91,200) The NOWG worked with the PA to identify a modified solution, and recommends this alternative be accepted Recommendation: PA select one NPA from each US NPAC region and perform an audit of embedded block inventory. The results will assist in determining if there is value in proceeding with a one time scrub of the entire PAS embedded base.

4 09/25/2003NOWG NANC Report4 NOWG PA Performance Review Proposal Overview The survey and corresponding NOWG report will focus on the adequacy and appropriateness of the tasks performed by the PA when discharging its duties in accordance with regulatory requirements, numbering resource assignment procedures, and industry guidelines. 1. Review applicable requirements, regulatory orders and guidelines. 2. Draft annual PA performance assessment survey questions with input by State Commissions and the PA. 3. Present final draft of the annual survey to the NANC/FCC. 4. PA to post the survey to the PA web site and notify State Commissions and telecommunication industry participants. 5. Meet with PA to perform PA Operational Review. 6. Draft report identifying process improvement opportunities and recommendations. 7. Present a draft report to the FCC and the PA. 8. Present the final report to NANC for forwarding to the FCC. 9. Prepare a work plan to track and coordinate the implementation of the performance improvement opportunities and recommendations endorsed by the NANC.

5 09/25/2003NOWG NANC Report5 Proposal - PA Performance Review Timeline

6 09/25/2003NOWG NANC Report6 PA Annual Performance Survey Contents PA survey based on NANPA survey format NANPA rating scale used Questions focused on pooling administration activities and functions Proposed survey attached.

7 09/25/2003NOWG NANC Report7 NANPA Performance Metrics July & August 2003 CO Code Administration –July - One code assignment in error/rejection NRUF –100% Compliance (busy season) NPA Relief Planning –100% Compliance Other NANP Resources –July - One CIC not processed within 10 days

8 09/25/2003NOWG NANC Report8 Status NANPA 2003 Process Improvement Plan (PIP) CAS (Code Administration System) Improvements to be embedded in the new NANP Administration System (NAS) –Allow negative numbers to be added to the MTE form. –Expand the NPA field to specify more than one NPA in the case of an overlay. –Compatibility of CAS with local SP systems to auto-populate internally generated Part 1s and Part 4s. NAS Features Still Under Review/Consideration –Ability to insert or connect supporting documentation rather than having to send them to the NANPA separately. –Ability to change or delete a Part 1 and save a Part 1 for later submission. –Use of a Back button so you may go back to previous screens.

9 09/25/2003NOWG NANC Report9 Status NANPA 2003 Process Improvement Plan (PIP) (cont) CAS/LERG/NRUF Discrepancies -August 2002 Versus September 2003 -7496 Total Discrepanciesreduced 66% to 2512 -3754 OCN Discrepancies reduced 93% to 264 -1222 Rate Center Discrepancies reduced 46% to 663 -2520 Code State Discrepancies reduced 37% to 1585 -Third Discrepancy Code lists to be posted on 9/25 for SP analysis -NANPA announced they are considering a contribution to propose a hard edit for OCN changes in the LERG NANPA Submitted INC Issue 420: Data Integrity of Number Assignment Records to clarify SP requirement to send Part 1 to NANPA when making information changes NANPA preparing Written Process for Reserving NPAs

10 09/25/2003NOWG NANC Report10 PIP - NANPA CAS/LERG Comparison

11 09/25/2003NOWG NANC Report11 2003 Meeting Schedule Contact either of the Co-Chairs for complete meeting or conference call details or (Other meetings for the NOWG may be scheduled as needed beyond what has been identified in this list) WG meeting records and documents posted on the NANC Chair web site

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