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NANC Report Numbering Oversight Working Group (NOWG) July 15, 2003 Co-Chairs: Karen Mulberry, MCI Jim Castagna, Verizon.

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1 NANC Report Numbering Oversight Working Group (NOWG) July 15, 2003 Co-Chairs: Karen Mulberry, MCI Jim Castagna, Verizon

2 07/15/2003NOWG NANC Report2 Contents NOWG / PA Meeting PA Change Order #19 & # 20 Recommendations Status of PA Change Orders #21, #22, #23 NANPA Performance Metrics Status NANPA 2003 Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) 2003 Meeting Schedule Attachments - Tracking Documents -PA #20 Change Order Recommendation -PA Change Order Tracking Summary -NOWG Project Status Table

3 07/15/2003NOWG NANC Report3 NOWG / PA Meeting NOWG met with Shannon Collins, Regional Director – External Affairs, Pooling Administration on June 17th, 2003. Among other duties, activities engaged by Shannon of interest to the NANC include: Compliance/Regulatory, e.g., FCC Monthly Reports vis- à-vis Technical Requirements and FCC Orders NOWG Liaison for process and Change Orders The NOWG has called upon Shannon several times since the last NANC meeting and is very pleased with the quality and timeliness of NeuStars responses to our inquiries.

4 07/15/2003NOWG NANC Report4 PA Change Order #19 Recommendation Change Order #19 submitted on 5-14-03 This change order is associated with the submission of Thousand Block Forecast Report (Appendix 1) using Microsoft Excel There was no cost identified for this change order No NOWG review was required FCC approved this change order on 5-15-03

5 07/15/2003NOWG NANC Report5 PA Change Order #20 Recommendation New Change Order submitted on 5/29/2003 Change Order #20, Changing non-pooled NXXs to pooled NXXs, relates to INC LNPA Issue #387 & #414 NOWG worked with the PA to clarify several issues –PA will have outlined internal methods and procedures –PA "verification step" will validate the company identity of the email originator against the OCN listed in the LERG –PAS will populate database using a graphic user interface screen that will support automated reminder and SP electronic response NOWG recommended the Change Order be approved and forwarded its recommendation to the FCC on 6/27/2003

6 07/15/2003NOWG NANC Report6 Status of PA Change Orders #21, #22, #23 NOWG currently analyzing outstanding Change Orders in order to prepare a recommendation for the FCC –Working with Shannon Collins, PA Director of External Affairs to obtain clarifications for issues identified with Change Orders –Contacted FCC regarding compliance clarification for Change Order #21 –Reviewing LNPA-WG PIM statements and PA proposed solution for consistency and interpretation as well as discussing potential coordinated impacts for existing Guidelines in liaison with INC

7 07/15/2003NOWG NANC Report7 NANPA Performance Metrics CO Code Administration - Sandy Tokarek –25 Metrics - 25 Met for 100% Compliance NRUF - Beth Sprague –26 Metrics - 26 Met for 100% Compliance NPA Relief Planning - Jim Deak –33 Metrics - 33 Met for 100%Compliance Other NANP Resources - NANC Fears –21 Metrics - 20 Met for 95% Compliance –NOWG believes that the missed10-day assignment/denial time limit was due to understandable circumstances

8 07/15/2003NOWG NANC Report8 Status NANPA 2003 Process Improvement Plan Code Administration System –Detailed Findings of 2003 Survey to be Available July 2003 –Inclusion of Records of Other NANP Resources Assignments Safety Valve Procedures –Posted to NANPA Web Site CAS/LERG/NRUF Discrepancies –31% Discrepancy Decrease in Eleven Months –Web Listing of Homeless NXXs Soon Available for SP Review Development of Written Process for Reserving NPAs –Use When NANPA is Selecting NPAs for Future Relief CAS Code Request Profile –May 2003 Pooling Pass-Through Applications at 241 –May 2003 External CAS submissions at 636

9 07/15/2003NOWG NANC Report9 2003 Meeting Schedule Contact either of the Co-Chairs for complete meeting or conference call details or (Other meetings for the NOWG may be scheduled as needed beyond what has been identified in this list) WG meeting records and documents posted on the NANC Chair web site

10 07/15/2003NOWG NANC Report10 Attachments - Tracking Documents PA #20 Change Order Recommendation PA Change Order Tracking Summary NOWG Project Table - Tracking WG Activities/Timelines

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