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NANC Report Numbering Oversight Working Group (NOWG) May 13, 2003 Co-Chairs: Karen Mulberry, MCI Jim Castagna, Verizon.

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1 NANC Report Numbering Oversight Working Group (NOWG) May 13, 2003 Co-Chairs: Karen Mulberry, MCI Jim Castagna, Verizon

2 05/13/2003NOWG NANC Report2 Contents PA Change Order #18 Recommendation NANPA Performance Metrics and Other Activities Summary of PAS (Pooling Administration System) Semi-Annual Forecasting Report Summary of 2002 NANPA Performance Report 2003 Meeting Schedule Attachments - Tracking Documents -PA Change Order Recommendation -PA Change Order Tracking Summary -Monitoring Report -NOWG Project Status Table

3 05/13/2003NOWG NANC Report3 PA Change Order #18 Recommendation New Change Order submitted on 4/3/2003 Change Order #18 is to remove the AOCN field from the Part 1A form - associated with INC Issue #385. NOWG reviewed and could not recommend the Change Order be approved without reservations –Required more detail regarding proposed cost –No mention if change could be implemented in conjunction with other outstanding change orders Provided recommendation to the FCC on 4/24/2003

4 05/13/2003NOWG NANC Report4 NANPA Performance Metrics and Other Activities Performance Metrics - All Satisfactory –CO Code Administration - 25 Metrics –NRUF - 26 Metrics –Relief Planning - 33 Metrics –Other NANP Resources - 21 Metrics Other Activities –2003 CAS Survey –Uniform Safety Valve Procedures –CAS/LERG/NRUF Discrepancies

5 05/13/2003NOWG NANC Report5 Summary PAS Semi-Annual Forecasting Report Dispute with the PA reported 1-29-03 and referred to the NOWG for investigation Final report circulated to the NANC on April 25th Results of investigation indicate that there is a disconnect between the PA contract/technical requirements and the INC guidelines. Recommendation –The PA modify its practices to allow SPs to submit Appendix 1 forecasts via all of the methods itemized in the contract: Web- based, FTP, email, and fax. –The industry guidelines be modified to align with the FCCs PA technical requirements and the current PA contract.

6 05/13/2003NOWG NANC Report6 Summary 2002 NANPA Performance Report 2002 Survey Responses More responses than in previous years Total reflects single survey per entity

7 05/13/2003NOWG NANC Report7 Summary 2002 NANPA Performance Report Considered, reviewed and analyzed data from NANPAs: –Operational Review Presentations –2002 Performance Survey Responses –Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) results –Responses to NOWG clarifying questions –Annual Report –Observations

8 05/13/2003NOWG NANC Report8 Summary 2002 NANPA Performance Report NANPAs rating for the 2002 performance year was determined by the NOWG to be More than Met.

9 05/13/2003NOWG NANC Report9 Summary - Key Observations 2002 NANPA Performance Report High level of satisfaction revealed: Exhibited perseverance, leadership, initiative, outstanding professionalism and expertise Pro-actively participated in various NANC Issue Management Groups (IMG) and monthly NOWG meetings Promoted number conservation at the State and National level in many activities Displayed exceptional cooperation with the NANC, the FCC and State Regulators Cooperatively worked with the NOWG very forthcoming and cooperative in resolving complaints and, where appropriate, discussing possible administrative solutions to the satisfaction of all parties Proactively introduced new INC issues and contributions. Participated in several industry activities (e.g. NENO) Code Administration System (CAS) has proven to be an invaluable tool for the NANPA, regulators and SPs..

10 05/13/2003NOWG NANC Report10 Summary - Suggestions 2002 NANPA Performance Report Some suggested areas for NANPAs continuous improvement were identified: Develop a policy and template to be used to assist in explaining FCC and/or State directives to SPs when a change to a current process occurs. Continue participation in industry forums (e.g., NANC, INC, US Study Group A and NOWG) Preparation of CAS to store and display Other NANP Resources assignment data for User viewing and report generation. Reduce CAS/LERGTM/NRUF discrepancies through increased level of effort (project plan with milestones), development of a job aid to assist with data management, and identification of underlying root causes to develop solutions. Conduct annual NRUF training and mechanize the identification, processing and records update for anomalous data Circulate a new CAS user survey and address the CAS survey recommendations to improve system usage and expand functionality

11 05/13/2003NOWG NANC Report11 Summary - Recommendations 2002 NANPA Performance Report NANC adopt and forward Report to FCC NANPA to develop 2003 Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) based on suggested areas for improvement NANPA to review proposed 2003 PIPs with NOWG and present to the NANC NANPA create timeline and milestones for each PIP NOWG to track PIPs monthly and report progress to the NANC

12 05/13/2003NOWG NANC Report12 2003 Meeting Schedule Contact either of the Co-Chairs for complete meeting or conference call details or (Other meetings for the NOWG may be scheduled as needed beyond what has been identified in this list) WG meeting records and documents posted on the NANC Chair web site

13 05/13/2003NOWG NANC Report13 Attachments - Tracking Documents PA Change Order Recommendation (#18) PA Change Order Tracking Summary Monitoring Report NOWG Project Table - tracking WG Activities/Timelines

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