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EURISOL DS : Status and Future Yorick Blumenfeld IPN Orsay We acknowledge the financial support of the European Community under the FP6 Research Infrastructure.

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1 EURISOL DS : Status and Future Yorick Blumenfeld IPN Orsay We acknowledge the financial support of the European Community under the FP6 Research Infrastructure Action - Structuring the European Research Area EURISOL DS Project Contract no. 515768 RIDS. The EC is not liable for any use that can be made of the information contained herein.

2 EURISOL DS Major Technical Achievements Managerial achievements Proposals for the Future


4 The Main Challenges Design a 5MW; 1GeV proton driver with additional capability of 200 AMeV deuterons and A/Q=2 Heavy Ions (Task7) ; build and test prototypes of the cavities (task 8). Design a liquid Hg converter which will accept 5 MW of beam power (task 2). Design a UCx target which will make the most efficient use of the neutrons produced (task 4). Evaluate the safety constraints of the above set up (task 5). Design an efficient multi-user beam distribution system (task 9). Design a superconducting HI LINAC capable of accelerating 132 Sn up to 150 AMeV (task 6) Investigate technologies for the instrumentation of the future (task 10) Provide a conceptual study for a beta-beam neutrino facility (task 12).

5 New baseline scheme with extended capabilities 2 injection lines for H,D, He and A/q=2 ions SARAF scheme up to 60 MeV/q IPNO scheme from 60 to 140 MeV/q CEA scheme from 140 to 1000 MeV/u cw beam splitting at 1 GeV (1 line 4 MW + 3 lines 100 kW) Total length of the linac: ~240 m H-,D- H+,D+, 3 He ++ RFQ 176 MHz HWR 176 MHz 3-SPOKE 352 MHz Elliptical 704 MHz 4 MW H- 100 kW H+, 3 He 2+ 1.5 MeV/u 60 MeV/q 140 MeV/q 1 GeV/q B stripper foil stripper >200 MeV/q D, A/q=2 =0.047 =0.03 =0.09 =0.15 =0.65 =0.78 10 36316397

6 1 GeV Multiple Extraction 3 splitting stations 4 simultaneous users for cw proton beams: 1 4 MW 3 0 100 kW (continuously adjustable) Unique ability of EURISOL at present EURISOL parallel cw Proton extraction

7 SPIRAL-2 philosophy : Smoothest beam dynamics (regular FDO lattice, low number of -sections), Modular solution and simple cryostats, Separated vacuum (safety with FP), Warm focusing (easier for alignement), Possibility to insert diagnostics at each period, ease of tuning Main technical requirements: Only 2-gap cavities (high q/A acceptance) Max. accelerating fields 7.8 MV/m Nominal operation for A/Q between 4 and 8 Design of the post-accelerator

8 New Target Concept

9 Reactor Type Target Concept Validated by International Advisory Board

10 Double effusion line prototype (E. Bouquerel, L. Penescu ) Heat screen Bellows ISOLDE cold FEBIAD MK7 Ion source Cu body 2 pneumatic valves RIB 1.4GeV protons 2xwater cooled transfer lines 2x20cm containers

11 Underground target position Front-end retracts vertically Hot-cell for target exchange Separator in 3 rd level Neighboring hot-cell accessible during run Effective dose rate E (Sv/h) Soil activation! Effective dose rate maps Conceptual design of 100kW target station

12 Fragmentation of 132 Sn (Preliminary results) Fragmentation of 132 Sn on Be D. Perez and D. Dragosavac

13 Management Achievements Organization of mid-term review (April 2007) Organization of 3 rd Town meeting in association with EURONS Link with EC concerning financial aspects of annual report and extension of the contract to 31/07/2009 Start up of EURISOL User Group: Angela Bonaccorso, chair. First workshop Jan. 2008; Charter established; election of executive committee (UEC) in progress Start-up of Site Investigation Panel : A. Shotter, G. Cuttone, D. Geesaman, A. Mueller, S. Myers. First Meeting Jan. 2008. Mandate Written Production of brochure for General Public Defining strategy for the future of EURISOL

14 Financial Situation Second Pre-Financing has been received and distributed. Third expected next year (no auditing for 3 rd year). Extension will allow the timely use of all resources Spending in-line with expectations (95%) Slight overspending in Personnel compensated by under spending in T&S and Consumables

15 Proposal for the Future of EURISOL EURISOL has made use of EC instruments: 5th framework RTD and 6th framework DS. Major advances have been achieved and a large community with varied technical expertise has developed and must continue to be nurtured Full engineering report necessary before Pre- construction phase: No (evident) EC instrument for funding. We (the EURISOL DS MB) propose to form a EURISOL collaboration consisting of laboratories interested in participating in the continuing effort.

16 Role of the EURISOL Collaboration Follow the scientific and policy recommendations of NuPECC Promote and Coordinate the R&D to further EURISOL Solicit support of the funding agencies, in particular through the NuPNET Eranet, and explore other funding opportunities (EC, intercontinental…) Interact with the EC >> entry on the ESFRI list. Goal : Produce a full engineering report for the facility

17 Organization of the EURISOL Collaboration Collaboration board representing participants >> Elects collaboration chairperson and appoints project leader. Project office supported by collaboration fee. Engineering work coordinated by project leader and funded by funding agencies (+ other), preferably coordinated by NuPNET. Work divided into work packages

18 EURISOL Work Packages (3-5 years) Management (Project Office) RIB production: Specific prototyping and tests –Neutron converter in beam –Fission target in n flux –New target materials; liquid metal direct target –Novel beam splitter system… Prototyping at intermediate facilities; linked to EUR- ISOL Net in ENSAR Documentation and licensing Infrastructure Updating the science case : coordinated by EURISOL User group

19 Requests Very approximate price tag: 2M/year for 4 years. We would like the support of NuPECC to implement this plan (and welcome your suggestions). Collaboration launched by the EURISOL Steering Committee in Nov. 2008 Startup should be in fall 2009

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