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Piet Van Duppen K.U.Leuven and ISOLDE-CERN on behalf of the EURISOL Project Office EURISOL Transition period 2009-2013 MYRRHA and

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1 Piet Van Duppen K.U.Leuven and ISOLDE-CERN on behalf of the EURISOL Project Office EURISOL Transition period MYRRHA and

2 What is EURISOL? LINAC: H, D, He and A/q=2 ions up to 1 A GeV Up to 150 AMeV for 132 Sn Multi-user capabilities 235 U 3 3 x 100 kW targets (REX-ISOLDE, SPIRAL ~ few kW HIE-ISOLDE ~ 10kW, TRIUMF ~ 50 kW) 1 x 4 MW converter (fission) target (SPIRAL-2 ~ 200kW, SPES ~ 100 kW) 3 x post-accelerators: 150 A.MeV 132 Sn for secondary fragmentation 1-5 A.MeV Coulomb barrier nuclear physics ~ 1 MeV nuclear astrophysics ~ keV ground states, solid-state physics, etc. Cost: 1.3 B€ EURISOL Design Study finished: ~400 person-yrs, ~ 33M€ - (documents/report available on

3 The “Transition” Period ( ) The EURISOL project office: Overall coordination of EURISOL related actions Yorick Blumenfeld (chair), Alberto Facco, Marek Lewitowicz, PVD The EURISOL collaboration: MoU between all laboratories interested in EURISOL (in preparation) - update/shape the physics case/instrumentation - perform further R&D for RIB production/acceleration - contact with funding and political bodies - EURISOL on the ESFRI list and EURISOL Preparatory Phase

4 The EURISOL User Group and the EURISOL Network in ENSAR: - EURISOL User Group will federate scientific community and update physics case; elected executive committee: A. Bonaccorso, chair - EURISOL Network focuses on R&D at current facilities and fund workshops and town meetings; 105 k€; leader Y. Blumenfeld - Task1: R&D coordination (Y. Kadi) - Task 2: Physics & Instrumentation (A. Bonaccorso) - Workshops/topical meetings – town meetings: - Catania 9-11 December 2009 – Nuclei in the r-process region (~40 part.) ( - Valencia February 2011 – N=Z region (~70 part.) - Lisbon Fall 2012: town meeting and topical meeting on light nuclei - CERN, Geneva: June 27-28, 2011: EURISOL-NET on R&D coor : topical meeting : Final town meeting The “Transition” Period ( )

5 The EURISOL work package in TIARA: - Define/Prepare R&D platforms for EURISOL (270 k€, S. Bousson – Orsay) Requests to NuPNET: R&D through National Funding Agencies (see also S. Gales: NuPECC meeting Paris): - Three proposals submitted: Accelerators – Charge Breeding – Target-Ion Sources systems (requested 1.25 M€) Test Infrastructure and Accelerator Research Area Workpackage 9: The “Transition” Period ( )

6 Timescale for EURISOL : Transition period; contacts with funding agencies and political bodies 2013 : Application to be included in ESFRI list (support from NuPECC) 2013 : Call for preparatory phase : EURISOL Preparatory Phase : Preparation of TDR : Construction 2025 : First Beam

7 REX-ISOLDE, SPIRAL, EXCYT, ALTO, JYFL, … RIBs from 2 nd generation ISOL facilities EURISOL Collaboration MoU EURISOL Preparatory Phase TDR Construction + Commissioning RIB Timeline for European ISOL RIB facilities Construction+ commissioning HIE-ISOLDE SPES SPIRAL2 Adapted from M. Lewitowicz and P. Butler 2 nd generation ISOL facilities ExistingISOLfacilities ESFRI List

8 MYRRHA at SCKCEN Courtesey Lucia Popescu (SCKCEN, Belgium) Copyright © 2011 SCKCEN

9 MYRRHA - Concept Total investment (estimation 2009): 960 M €  Sustainable fission energy: Accelerator Driven System (ADS)  Fast neutron spectrum: neutron irradiated silicon  Health care: production of radioisotopes for nuclear medicine  Fundamental research:

10 2019 On site assembly Construction of components & Civil engineering 2015 Tendering & Procurement Commissioning 2023 Progressive start-up Full exploitation Front End Engineering Design The project MYRRHA -supported by the Belgian government (March 2010) -on the ESFRI roadmap (Nov. 2010) -on the “European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative – ESNII” roadmap (Nov. 2010) -on the NuPECC roadmap (Dec. 2010) MYRRHA Project Schedule

11 Pre-Conceptual Design 11 `L. Popescu, EURISOL topical meeting, Valencia 22/02/2011 Pure and intense RIBs of ~50-60 keV Low-resolution mass separator RFQ cooler and buncher High-resolution mass separator Beam splitter Ruggedized target: e.g. Ta, UC/C Sustainable 1 + ion source: protons: 2-4 mA, CW, 600 MeV ~  A, ~DC MYRRHA 5 cell Elliptical 704 MHz 2 gap Spoke 352 MHz 100 MeV 200 MeV 17 MeV600 MeV

12 Facility Characteristics  based on proven technology (largely based on experience at ISOLDE and TRIUMF)  can deliver:  pure RIB: selective ionization, chemistry, M/DM >  intense RIB (x100 compared to the present ISOLDE ‘standard’ RIB)  RIB of good ion optical quality  optimal experimental conditions/lay-out/support (green-field facility!)  extended beam times with stable operation  complementary to ISOL and In-Flight facilities => unique possibilities for experiments that: − need very high statistics − involve many time consuming systematic measurements − hunt for very rare events − have an inherent limited detection efficiency

13 Project at SCKCEN is an integral part of the MYRRHA project  Delivery of the proton beam by MYRRHA  Support by in house group at SCKCEN Building an international users group  Workshops on R&D for RIB production and the physics case (update) Search for national and international support: ~40 M € - consortium More information: Assembly & Installation Manufacturing of components & construction 2016 Awarding construction contracts Commissioning Front End Engineering Design Exploitation 2011 Pre- Conceptual Design


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