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EURISOL Transition period MYRRHA and

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1 EURISOL Transition period 2009-2013 MYRRHA and ISOL@MYRRHA
Piet Van Duppen K.U.Leuven and ISOLDE-CERN on behalf of the EURISOL Project Office EURISOL Transition period MYRRHA and

2 EURISOL What is EURISOL? Multi-user capabilities
Up to 150 AMeV for 132Sn 3 x 100 kW targets (REX-ISOLDE, SPIRAL ~ few kW HIE-ISOLDE ~ 10kW, TRIUMF ~ 50 kW) 1 x 4 MW converter (fission) target (SPIRAL-2 ~ 200kW, SPES ~ 100 kW) 3 x post-accelerators: 150 A.MeV 132Sn for secondary fragmentation 1-5 A.MeV Coulomb barrier nuclear physics ~ 1 MeV nuclear astrophysics ~ keV ground states, solid-state physics, etc. Cost: 1.3 B€ 3 235U Design Study finished: ~400 person-yrs, ~ 33M€ - (documents/report available on LINAC: H, D, He and A/q=2 ions up to 1 A GeV

3 The “Transition” Period (2010-2013)
update/shape the physics case/instrumentation perform further R&D for RIB production/acceleration contact with funding and political bodies EURISOL on the ESFRI list and EURISOL Preparatory Phase The EURISOL project office: Overall coordination of EURISOL related actions Yorick Blumenfeld (chair), Alberto Facco, Marek Lewitowicz, PVD The EURISOL collaboration: MoU between all laboratories interested in EURISOL (in preparation)

4 The “Transition” Period (2010-2013)
The EURISOL User Group and the EURISOL Network in ENSAR: EURISOL User Group will federate scientific community and update physics case; elected executive committee: A. Bonaccorso, chair EURISOL Network focuses on R&D at current facilities and fund workshops and town meetings; 105 k€; leader Y. Blumenfeld Task1: R&D coordination (Y. Kadi) Task 2: Physics & Instrumentation (A. Bonaccorso) Workshops/topical meetings – town meetings: Catania 9-11 December 2009 – Nuclei in the r-process region (~40 part.) ( - Valencia February 2011 – N=Z region (~70 part.) - Lisbon Fall 2012: town meeting and topical meeting on light nuclei - CERN, Geneva: June 27-28, 2011: EURISOL-NET on R&D coor. - 2013: topical meeting - 2014: Final town meeting

5 The “Transition” Period (2010-2013)
The EURISOL work package in TIARA: - Define/Prepare R&D platforms for EURISOL (270 k€, S. Bousson – Orsay) Requests to NuPNET: R&D through National Funding Agencies (see also S. Gales: NuPECC meeting Paris): - Three proposals submitted: Accelerators – Charge Breeding – Target-Ion Sources systems (requested 1.25 M€) Workpackage 9: Test Infrastructure and Accelerator Research Area

6 Timescale for EURISOL : Transition period; contacts with funding agencies and political bodies 2013 : Application to be included in ESFRI list (support from NuPECC) 2013 : Call for preparatory phase : EURISOL Preparatory Phase : Preparation of TDR : Construction 2025 : First Beam

7 Timeline for European ISOL RIB facilities
Existing ISOL facilities REX-ISOLDE, SPIRAL, EXCYT, ALTO, JYFL, … Construction+ commissioning HIE-ISOLDE SPES SPIRAL2 2nd generation ISOL facilities RIBs from 2nd generation ISOL facilities ESFRI List EURISOL Collaboration MoU EURISOL Preparatory Phase Construction + Commissioning TDR RIB Adapted from M. Lewitowicz and P. Butler

8 Courtesey Lucia Popescu (SCK•CEN, Belgium)
MYRRHA at SCK•CEN Copyright © SCK•CEN Courtesey Lucia Popescu (SCK•CEN, Belgium)

9 MYRRHA - Concept Total investment (estimation 2009): 960 M€ Sustainable fission energy: Accelerator Driven System (ADS) Fast neutron spectrum: neutron irradiated silicon Health care: production of radioisotopes for nuclear medicine Fundamental research:

10 MYRRHA Project Schedule
Front End Engineering Design 2015 Tendering & Procurement Construction of components & Civil engineering 2019 On site assembly Commissioning 2023 Progressive start-up 2024- Full exploitation The project MYRRHA supported by the Belgian government (March 2010) on the ESFRI roadmap (Nov. 2010) on the “European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative – ESNII” roadmap (Nov. 2010) on the NuPECC roadmap (Dec. 2010)

11 ISOL@MYRRHA Pre-Conceptual Design
protons: 2-4 mA, CW, 600 MeV 2 gap Spoke 352 MHz 5 cell Elliptical 704 MHz Beam splitter 17 MeV 100 MeV 200 MeV 600 MeV ~ mA, ~DC Ruggedized target: e.g. Ta, UC/C Sustainable 1+ ion source: RFQ cooler and buncher Pure and intense RIBs of ~50-60 keV Low-resolution mass separator High-resolution mass separator

12 Facility Characteristics
based on proven technology (largely based on experience at ISOLDE and TRIUMF) can deliver: pure RIB: selective ionization, chemistry, M/DM > intense RIB (x100 compared to the present ISOLDE ‘standard’ RIB) RIB of good ion optical quality optimal experimental conditions/lay-out/support (green-field facility!) extended beam times with stable operation complementary to ISOL and In-Flight facilities => unique possibilities for experiments that: need very high statistics involve many time consuming systematic measurements hunt for very rare events have an inherent limited detection efficiency

is an integral part of the MYRRHA project Delivery of the proton beam by MYRRHA Support by in house group at SCK•CEN Building an international users group Workshops on R&D for RIB production and the physics case (update) Search for national and international support: ~40 M€ - consortium More information: 2020 Assembly & Installation Manufacturing of components & construction 2016 Awarding contracts Commissioning Front End Engineering Design 2023 - Exploitation 2011 Pre- Conceptual


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