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Cyclotron Refurbishing & Development Meeting March 6, 2008.

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1 Cyclotron Refurbishing & Development Meeting March 6, 2008

2 Outline 5-year plan process Accelerator development program Cyclotron refurbishment Cyclotron high intensity upgrade Plan for extracted beam instabilities measurements (L. Root) New results for extraction considerations (G. Dutto, Y. Rao)

3 5-Year Plan Preparation 5-Year Plan Steering Committee is guiding the process Details are described at TRIUMF web page: Plan will be reviewed by a number of external committees: –Mar 14-15, 2008: Policy and Planning Advisory Committee (PPAC) MeetingPolicy and Planning Advisory Committee –Mar 25-26, 2008: "Special" Experiments Evaluation Committee (SEEC) Meeting"Special" Experiments Evaluation Committee –Mar 27-28, 2008: Halo Nuclei WorkshopHalo Nuclei Workshop –Apr 3-4, 2008: Accelerator Advisory Committee (AAC) MeetingAccelerator Advisory Committee –Apr 3-4, 2008: Life Sciences Projects Evaluation Committee (LSPEC) MeetingLife Sciences Projects Evaluation Committee –May 9-10, 2008: Advisory Committee on TRIUMF (ACOT) MeetingAdvisory Committee on TRIUMF –Sep 24-26, 2008: (NRC) International Peer Review Committee Meeting Short descriptions of proposed projects ready for PPAC:

4 Science needs for accelerators upgrade 1.More proton beam to existing facilities Meson Hall 1A: 110 μA - 150 μA ISAC 2A: 75 μA - 100 μA STF 2C: 60 μA - 100 μA 2.More beams to ISAC users New proton beam line 4N: 100 μA 50 MeV electron linac as a new driver for exotic beams Two new actinide target station Low energy separators and switchyard New chain of accelerators: RFQ, DTL, low beta SC linac

5 Requirements to the cyclotron Reliability (low downtime) Quality (stable beams of required parameters at production targets) High intensity (up to 450 μA) Maintainability (low beam losses) Efficiency (reproducibility, easy tuning and control)

6 Cyclotron beam physics issues Injection –High intensity low emittance ion source –Space charge problems at injection –Beam tune reproducibility Cyclotron centre region –Vertical focusing –Longitudinal acceptance –Collimation –Beam losses (heating power) Acceleration –Machine instabilities –Resonances –Beam tune reproducibility –Beam losses (radiation exposure)

7 Cyclotron beam physics issues (continued) Extraction –Shadow mode extraction –Multiple energy extraction –Extraction foils studies and 7Be contamination –Beam intensity stabilization –High intensity (up to 200 μ A) extraction to Beamline 2A –Beam losses –Beam quality at ISAC production target New Beamline 4N –Achromatic beam transport –Beam losses –Beam quality at ISAC production target BL1A (Meson Hall) –Low loss tune down to TNF –Beam dump full capacity exploitation (up to 300 μA?)

8 To be refurbished (replaced) Vault re-cabling Main magnet power supply Trim-and-Harmonic coils power supplies Main magnet and RF high voltage transformers, feeder and breakers BL4 front end BL1A components (Q14-Q16 triplet) Injection line vacuum (cryo-pumps for turbo- pumps replacement)

9 New developments 10 mA H- ion source (I3) Water cooled cyclotron probes, flags RF intermediate power amplifier (IPA) Additional beam diagnostics Extracted beam intensity stabilization Injection energy stabilization

10 Upgrades Main RF system (50% more power) Injection Line (high intensity) Cyclotron extraction and diagnostic probes Cyclotron and beam lines vacuum controls Centre region cooling Main controls infrastructure Dee voltage stabilization

11 Resources request Accelerator staff: 25-35 employees Operational budget: 2 M$/year Refurbishing budget: 7 M$ E-linac: 20 M$ Beam line 4N: 5 M$ Target stations: 12 M$ ISAC-III front end: 11 M$ Buildings: ?

12 ISAC-III overall timeline installacquiredesigncomm installacquiredesigncomm installacquiredesign installacquiredesign installacquiredesign comm installacquiredesigncomm installacquiredesigncomm installacquiredesigncomm Design Tunnel, cave Grade level installacquiredesigncomm Develop conceptcommDevelopAcquire installacquiredesign concept design, acquire Design Install comm installacquiredesign installacquiredesign installacquiredesigncomm installacquiredesigncomm installacquiredesigncomm Control Room

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