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EURISOL Peter Butler University of Liverpool

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1 EURISOL Peter Butler University of Liverpool
on behalf of the EURISOL Project Office

2 What is EURISOL? Multi-user capabilities Up to 150 AMeV for 132Sn 235U
3 x 100 kW targets (REX-ISOLDE, SPIRAL ~ few kW HIE-ISOLDE ~ 10kW, TRIUMF ~ 50 kW) 1 x 4 MW converter (fission) target (SPIRAL-2 ~ 200kW, SPES ~ 100 kW) 3 x post-accelerators: 150 A.MeV 132Sn for secondary fragmentation 1-5 A.MeV Coulomb barrier nuclear physics ~ 1 MeV nuclear astrophysics ~ keV ground states, solid-state physics, etc. Cost: 1.3B€ 3 235U LINAC: H, D, He and A/q=2 ions up to 1 A GeV

(~400 person-yrs, ~ 33M€) Driver linac cavity IPN Orsay Driver requires half-wave resonators and spoke resonators 2 prototypes of 3-spoke cavity at =0.15 and =0.35 fabricated and successfully tested at 4.2 K Spoke cavity tuner 3

4 EURISOL Target Building
DESIGN STUDY High-dose irradiation tests of materials for 100 kW targets carried out at PSI and TRIUMF Innovative method of beam stripping by Lorenz stripping of H-

5 Liquid Hg converter concepts
DESIGN STUDY LOOP Curtain Prototypes tested at the IPUL Hg laboratory, Riga

6 Multi Mega Watt Target Layout
DESIGN STUDY 6 x “MAFF”-type individual UC target-and-moderator units new type of high-density UC compound tested on-line at PNPI, Gatchina

7 Beam Merging and ion source
DESIGN STUDY Prototype ARC-ECR built at Jyvaskyla Also: prototype RFQ coolers at ISOLDE and ORSAY Tests of EBIS, ECR at ISOLDE, LNL, GSI and BNL

8 Design of the post-accelerator
DESIGN STUDY SPIRAL-2 philosophy : Smooth beam dynamics Modular solution and simple cryostats, Separated vacuum Warm focussing (easier for alignment), Possibility to insert diagnostics Ease of tuning Main technical requirements: Only 2-gap cavities (high q/A acceptance) Max. accelerating fields 7.8 MV/m Nominal operation for A/Q between 4 and 8 8

9 Comparison of yields: Kr

10 Secondary fragmentation of 132Sn beam at GSI
DESIGN STUDY Secondary fragmentation of 132Sn beam at GSI D. Loureiro et al. Zakopane proceedings (2008) 10

11 Expected reach of EURISOL fragmentation of 132Sn
heaviest stable 115 116 109 110 103 104 New Pd 125 r-process & drip-line New Pd 125 r-process & drip-line 1 10-2 10-5 10-7 10-9 10-11 COFRA Karlsruher Nulidkarte 2006 132Sn: GSI present: 103/s FAIR, FRIB: 108/s EURISOL: 1012/s

12 Timescale for EURISOL EU FP6 EURISOL Design Study (~30M€) completed 2009 : Transition period; contacts with funding agencies and political bodies ~2012 : Application to be included in the ESFRI list (support from NuPECC & LRP necessary) Call for EU funded preparatory phase EURISOL Preparatory Phase Preparation of TDR Construction ~2025 : First Beam

13 The Transition Period (2010-2013)
The EURISOL project office (Y Blumenfeld chair, P Butler, A Facco, M Lewitowicz) setting up the EURISOL collaboration: (MOU in preparation) The EURISOL User Group (A. Bonaccorso chair ) The EURISOL Network in ENSAR (100 k€; Y. Blumenfeld leader) Requests to NuPNET for R&D through national funding agencies

14 Potential candidates to host
CERN LNL Legnaro 1. LINAC4 – 2013 10 kW direct target 2. Decision on SPL Potential candidates to host EURISOL GANIL + other sites? 1. Post-accelerator for SPIRAL-2 150 MeV/u 2. Phased approach to full EURISOL

15 Timeline for European ISOL RIB facilities
Existing ISOL facilities REX-ISOLDE, SPIRAL, EXCYT, ALTO, JYFL, … Construction+ commissioning HIE-ISOLDE SPES SPIRAL2 2nd generation ISOL facilities RIBs from 2nd generation ISOL facilities ESFRI List EURISOL Collaboration MoU EURISOL Preparatory Phase Construction + Commissioning TDR RIB Adapted from M. Lewitowicz


17 EURISOL post-accelerated beam intensities Combination of single-stage target, double-stage target and two-step method Kr Sn

18 Liquid Hg converters Coaxial Guided Stream
Windowless Transverse Mercury Film

19 Beam Preparation

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