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Report to NuPECC on NSAC activities R.E. Tribble, NSAC Chair June 10, 2006.

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1 Report to NuPECC on NSAC activities R.E. Tribble, NSAC Chair June 10, 2006

2 NSAC Membership for 2006 Ani Aprahamian Ulrich HeinzSusan Seestrom (APS/DNP) Notre DameOhio State Univ.LANL (>4/06) Douglas Bryman Roy LaceyBradley Sherrill (APS/DNP) Univ. British ColumbiaSUNY-Stony BrookNSCL and MSU (<4/06) David Dean Naomi MakinsRobert Tribble (chair) ORNLUniv. of IllinoisTAMU Rolf Ent June MatthewsThomas Ulrich JLABMIT BNL Thomas Glasmacher David Roberston (ACS) Ubirajara van Kolck NSCL and MSUUniv. of Missouri Univ. of Arizona Guy SavardWilliam Zajc ANLColumbia Univ. [Members are now special government employees]

3 New vs. Old NSAC My goal is to make the new NSAC look like the old NSAC The role of NSAC is unchanged: provide guidance to DOE and NSF when asked One change – takes 6 months to approve new members so cannot quickly replace someone

4 NSAC Information web site: Includes links to membership, charter, on- going activities, reports, meeting agendas and minutes.

5 Meeting on March 2-3, 2006 Reports on FY07 budget submission for DOE and NSF Report submitted from NuSAG on accelerator and reactor -oscillation experiments Science updates from user labs (ATLAS, BNL, HRIBF, JLAB and NSCL) New charge to NuSAG Discussion of possible future charges Agenda:

6 Funding Information (implications for NSAC) Federal funding split: Department of Energy 90% National Science Foundation 10% Some details from FY06 and FY07

7 Budgets for FY06 Department of Energy (due to late change) – $367 M after 1% rescission – $34 M below FY05 (actual $) – Out year guidance – flat or reduced budgets – Led to NSAC subcommittee report last year National Science Foundation – $42.269 M (includes centers like JINA) – $40.970 in FY05

8 * *Private Funding Added to this amount



11 What is the Future of U.S. Science? Calls in Congress to double the NSF and DOE Science budgets (68/100 Senators signed a letter in 06 calling for major increases in DOE funding) – yet funding for physical science has been decreasing as in Presidents agenda Many reports generated about U.S. science New study by NAS just released: Rising Above the Gathering Storm: Energizing and Employing America for a Brighter Economic Future This has had an impact!

12 Budgets for FY07 Department of Energy and National Science Foundation to benefit from: From State of Union Address January 31, 2006



15 Connection To NSAC

16 Next meeting – July 21, 2006 Expect to receive two charges: – Call for a new Long Range Plan – Request for a Committee of Visitors for DOE LRP issues now being addressed Budget provided for LRP guidance is crucial to the report produced by NSAC

17 Long Range Plan Issues: Program Balance Physics of Nuclei and Astrophysics – traditional nuclear structure – nuclear astrophysics Quantum Chromodynamics – encompasses much of RHIC and CEBAF Fundamental Symmetries and Neutrinos – neutron physics at NIST and SNS (EDM) – double beta decay – solar and reactor neutrino experiments

18 Long Range Plan Issues: Facilities Budget Guidance in charge letter critical Status of JLAB upgrade (FY07 budget) RHIC II upgrade From RIA to ??? Longer term – electron-ion collider?

19 Long Range Plan Issues: Connections Consider program in international context Likely to call on some of you for help and information about European programs

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