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Dominique Guillemaud Mueller

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1 Dominique Guillemaud Mueller
NuPECC Meeting – March 11, 2011

2 IN2P3, an Institute of CNRS
CNRS Under the authority of the ministry for higher education and research 1 200 research and service units (labs) research in all the fields of knowledge employees performing and accompanying research 10 thematic institutes, including 3 national institutes IN2P3 (created in 1971), INSU and INSMI permanent staff researchers, engineers, technicians, administration © CNRS/Dircom 2

3 IN2P3 Missions Promote and federate research in nuclear, particle, astroparticle physics Coordinate the programs in the name of CNRS and Universities, in partnership with CEA Explore the physics of elementary particle their fundamental interactions their bounding in atomic nuclei the properties of these nuclei the connections between infinitely small and infinitely large LHC - © Cern 3

4 IN2P3 Missions Bring its competence
to other scientific domains to contribute solving societal problems Participate to the formation of students (University, grandes écoles) Help the companies benefit from its expertise IPN Orsay/IN2P3-CNRS 4

5 IN2P3 Key figures 2 400 CNRS staff, researchers, engineers ands technicians; 600 university and other staff Budget from CNRS (excluding salaries): 50 M€ 24 laboratories and platforms, most of them associated to an University or "grande école" 40 large international projects 15 associated international laboratories (LIA and LEA) Expérience LHCb - © LHCb, Cern 5

6 Laboratories structured in a network
Sharing and optimisation of the ressources and competences of the Institute - large laboratories, infrastructures or technological platforms in limited number - permanent concertation and interactions between laboratories with other units of CNRS, CEA/IRFU, universities, grandes écoles, foreign institutes,… 6

7 Scientific themes Particle Physics Nuclear and Hadronic Physics
Astroparticles and Neutrinos (all including Theory) Detectors and Instrumentation Accelerators Nuclear Physics and Energy Nuclear Physics and Health Grids Expérience Hess - © Coll. Hess 7

8 IN2P3 FTE Physicists + Postdocs +PhD


10 IN2P3 Budget Sharing Large scale infrastructures GANILSP2 LHC ContribCERN XFEL FAIR EGO VIRGO HESS CTA R&DKM3/EMSO LSST 10

11 Fundamental research at IN2P3
Fundamental research at IN2P3 Understand the Universe its origins, its construction, its laws ultimate components and fundamental interactions structure of nuclear matter composition and behaviour of the Universe Expérience Virgo - © EGO – Virgo / CNRS Photothèque 11

12 Fundamental research at IN2P3
Structure of nuclear matter quarks confinement in nuclei nucleon structure quark-gluon plasma nuclei properties and dynamics exotic nuclei and stability limits search for superheavies nuclear astrophysics Expériences Phenix et Star - © BNL 12

13 Nuclear physics The proton and the nucleus : emergence of complexity
Experiments / projects Ganil, Spiral, Alto Spiral2 Riken, Jyväskyla, GSI, MSU, Dubna, Isolde, ILL Alice (LHC) Star and Phenix (Rhic) JLab, GSI, FAIR, - Agata, S3, Paris, Gaspard, Desir, Superconducting Linac Production of radioactive ions Stable beams 13

14 Accelerators Themes - superconducting cavities, cryotechnology
- ion and electron sources - target / source for radioactive beams - beam dynamics - laser-accelerator synergy Experiments / projects - Spiral-2, XFEL, Fair, ESS, ILC, S-LHC - Phil, Alto, Aifira, Jannus, Arronax Spiral2 cavities at IPN Orsay IN2P3-CNRS 14

15 Nuclear physics and Energy
Themes  transmutation of present nuclear waste by ADS innovating nuclear systems with low wastes (thorium) - developments in radiochemistry - accelerator and target R&D for ADS - accelerator-reactor coupling experiments - measurements of nuclear data - molten salt technology - scenarios and simulations Experiments / projects - Peren, Megapie, … , MYRRHA Guinevere Project - © CNRS 15

16 Nuclear physics and Health
 Strong involvement of IN2P3 in the fight against cancer Themes - radioisotopes, radiobiology, radiothérapy - dosimetry / beam monitors R&D - imaging, simulations (Geant, Gate) Experiments / projects - Aifira, Arronax, Etoile, Archade - Maestro, Imabio - Poci, Imhotep, Pixscan… Composante SPECT d’AMISSA © IPHC/CNRS 16

17 Activities at IN2P3-CNRS
Accelerators technology and activity  : B. Launé Bio-medical applications  : D. Brasse Nuclear-Energy-related activities :  B.Grambow Hadrons and hadronic matter : JP Lansberg Nuclear structure, nuclear reaction and nuclear astrophysics : O. Sorlin Status of Spiral2 project and related instrumentations : M. Lewitowicz

18 Thank you for your attention

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