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SIGARCH Viability Review Doug Burger SIGARCH Chair September 2010.

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1 SIGARCH Viability Review Doug Burger SIGARCH Chair September 2010

2 Financial Goals Grow fund balance slowly –Industry contributions to conferences high –NSF, IEEE matching funds common –SC fellowships endowed Support students and outreach –Increased student travel support to all >=33% conferences –Child care and companion travel programs –Supported CRA-W/CDC Architecture Workshop in 2008 –Supporting CRA-W scholarship recipients

3 Membership Benefits Conferences –Copious healthy conferences supported Awards –Publication, student, career, service awards Outreach –Support for students, access, diversification Publications –SIGARCH newsletter in addition to conferences Stabilized membership –Current membership of 1389 Increase of 45 from 2009, decline from 1427 in 2006 –Membership fees flat for many years, e-membership option reduces costs Currently 270 members registered under electronic option

4 Goal #1: Intellectual Excellence SIGARCH Goal #1: Building an intellectual community and recognizing excellence within that community Publications –SIGARCH Computer Architecture News 4 regular issues, several have special sections on workshop proceedings Special issues: ISCA and ASPLOS proceedings Plan to reinvigorate non-special issues –Publications plus program with SC, ICS, SPAA proceedings –New e-membership option, reduced dues and no print mailings –SIGARCH announcement email 2x/month Outreach –Enhanced student travel, companion travel, child care support –SC fellowships, CRA-W support for diversification in the area Awards –Eckert-Mauchly, Maurice Wilkes, ISCA Influential Paper, Distinguished Service Award (2008), Ken Kennedy (2009), ASPLOS Best Paper (2009) –Planned awards: Doctoral Dissertation award, ASPLOS influential paper award –ISCA co-sponsored by SIGARCH proudly hosted the ACM A.M. Turing Lecture

5 Goal #2: Successful Meetings SIGARCH Goal #2: have a rich portfolio of successful, influential, healthy conferences 50-100% sponsorship –ISCA, ASPLOS, SCXY, ICS, SPAA, HPDC, GRID 10-49% sponsorship –PACT, NOCS, ANCS, SENSYS, ICAC In cooperation: 6 conferences Moved ASPLOS to annual conference –Creating Influential Paper Award Many overlapping architecture conferences –SIGARCH, SIGMICRO, IEEE TCCA sponsors –Other SIGs for some conferences –Complex to set schedules

6 Goal #3: Policy Transparency SIGARCH primarily a research-supporting organization Formalization and documentation of policies –Award committee procedures (Eckert-Mauchly) –ASPLOS Steering Committee composition Bylaws Change –In 2009, changed bylaws to be gender neutral and add Information Director position New expanded website close to ready –Enhanced transparency, publication of all procedures, committee composition rules, etc. –Community can understand how everything works from reading the website

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