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SIGBED Viability Review Rajeev Alur October 2006.

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1 SIGBED Viability Review Rajeev Alur October 2006

2 History Established in May 2003 Focus: all aspects of embedded computer systems Challenge: To integrate diverse subareas into a community Hardware/software co-design Embedded control systems Real-time programming and implementation Networked sensors and actuators Close ties with programming languages, software engineering, operating systems, architecture and compilers, networking, design automation, formal methods, …

3 Finances Steady growth in fund balance 2004: (1,377); 2005: (4,034), 2006: 10,007 Getting the fund balance to required level Growing membership Surplus from conferences is showing healthy growth Embedded systems week

4 Membership Growing membership 2004: 289; 2005: 435, 2006: 504 Stable student numbers: currently 46 Challenge: Most conferences are cosponsored with other SIGs Growth Opportunities Can we attract practicing members from industry? Industrial liaison on executive board Attracting international members Embedded Systems Week 2006: Seoul, Korea Embedded Systems Week 2007: Salzburg, Austria

5 Conferences FY 06 conferences EMSOFT: Embedded software (100%) IPSN: Information processing in sensor networks (50%) LCTES: Languages, compilers, and tools (50%) CASES: Compilers, architectures and synthesis (33.3%) CODES/ISSS: Hardware/software codesign and synthesis (20%) SENSYS: Networked sensor systems (10%) Embedded Systems Week Fall event: EMSOFT, CODES/ISSS, CASES, and many workshops Ongoing efforts More meetings for ESWEEK (e.g. next year: Formats) Spring event around IPSN?

6 Activities SIGBED Review Quarterly, electronic only SIGBED/SIGSOFT Frank Anger Memorial Award To promote interdisciplinary research among students First SIGBED winners announced at ESWEEK 2006 Close cooperation with journals: TECS and TOSN Education Standardized embedded systems curriculum? Education workshop and SIGBED Review special issue Close cooperation with NSF and EU on funding initiatives

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