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Organ system by Jeromi cuadros.

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1 Organ system by Jeromi cuadros

2 Guide Circulatory system Respiratory Digestive system Skeletal system
Muscular Skin

3 Circulatory system Circulatory system- carries needed materials to the body cell; carries wastes away from body cells; help fight disease.

4 Digestive system Takes food into the body, breaks down food, and absorbs the digested

5 muscular Enables body to move food through the digestive system, keeps the heart beating

6 Respiratory system Takes oxygen into the body and eliminates carbon dioxide.

7 Skeletal system Supports the body, protect it, and works with the muscles to allow movement, makes blood cells and stores some materials.

8 Skin Protect the body, keep water inside the body, and helps regulate body temperature

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