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Body Systems Review. Skeletal System Includes the bones.

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1 Body Systems Review

2 Skeletal System Includes the bones

3 Functions of Skeletal System Protect internal organs Hold us up Ligaments connect bones to bones Tendons connect muscles to bones

4 Muscular System Our muscles

5 Functions of Muscular System Help us move Contain three different types of muscles

6 Smooth Muscles Smooth muscles are found in our blood vessels and intestines

7 Cardiac Muscles Cardiac muscles are found only in the heart

8 Skeletal Muscles Skeletal muscles attach to bones for movement.

9 Digestive System Processes food

10 Functions of Digestive System Breaks down food into tiny pieces. It works with the cardiovascular system to carry the nutrients to your tissues and organs. It includes the esophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, and small and large intestines.

11 Respiratory System Air !!!!!

12 Functions of Respiratory System Take in Oxygen Let out Carbon Dioxide Works with the cardiovascular or circulatory system to provide body with oxygen

13 Cardiovascular or Circulatory System Blood

14 Functions of Cardio System Circulates blood throughout the body. The blood contains nutrients from digestive system and the red blood cells carry the oxygen. Arteries move blood away from the heart. Blood pressure is highest in the veins which are small and lowest in the arteries which are larger.

15 Nervous System Control

16 Functions of the Nervous System The control system of the body. It interprets and coordinates many things that happen in the body. Central nervous system includes the brain, spinal cord, and neurons. Peripheral includes the five senses.

17 Lymphatic System I’m sick!!

18 Functions of Lymphatic System Also called the immune system Help you fight infection with the help of lymph nodes It collects fluids from around the cells and releases it into the bloodstream to be removed from the body.

19 Endocrine System HORMONES!!!!!

20 Functions of Endocrine System Controls the release of hormones

21 Integumentary System

22 Functions of Integumentary System Contains hair, nails, and skin Protects us from germs Regulates our body temperature

23 Urinary System Your brain tells you at 75% full you need to go to the bathroom at 100% it releases on its own.

24 Functions of Urinary System Also called the excretory system Includes the kidneys which filter wastes out of the blood Includes the bladder which stores the wastes until they leave your body

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