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1 The curriculum on standardization in China Jiliang University Zhou Lijun.

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1 1 The curriculum on standardization in China Jiliang University Zhou Lijun

2 2 Click to add Title 2 The curriculum on standardization 3 Click to add Title 1 The Training System Design 2 Click to add Title 2 The Research on Enterprises demands 1

3 3 Click to add Title 2 The Research on Enterprises demands 1 Research Background 1 Questionnaire 2 Analysis 3

4 Standard has become an important element of international competition. 4 Background of The Research 1

5 Technology patents-patient standardization - standard internationalization has become the global strategic model, and standardization strategy that are commonly adopted by innovative nations and governments have attached increasingly greater importance to it. 5 Background of The Research 1

6 With the rapid development of standardization undertaking, there ahs been an increasing demand of professional talents with knowledge of standardization.. 6 Background of The Research 1

7 7 Questionnaire 2 Industry where enterprise belongs to Enterprise patent application and technical research & development Enterprise development course Quality inspection department Enterprise staff numbers The quality management system certification Enterprise annual sales Understanding of the role of standardization Enterprise total assets The relevant department of Standardization Enterprise main products Standardization responsibilities Enterprise brand building Some standardization work field that is need to be improved

8 8 Questionnaire 2 Quality management and standardization Consciousness of senior managers The Training Approach of standardization talent Classification of Talent Requirement The way of employment of standardization talent Knowledge of standardization talent The education requirement of standardization talent The capacity of standardization talent The working experience requirement of standardization talent The quality of standardization talent Whether enterprises are willing to employ graduates practicing in standardization

9 9 Analysis of standardization professionals with management talents' knowledge structure 3

10 10 Analysis of standardization professionals with management talents' knowledge structure 3 General Knowledge Knowledge of Humanities Sociology Foreign Languages, Computer, etc The Basic Knowledge of Disciplines Professional Knowledge Technical Knowledge on Standardization Quality management Standardization method Standardization Strategy International Standardization Law Economics Management Standardization Metrology

11 11 Analysis of managerial standardization talents' ability structure 3 The Ability to Use Knowledge Standardization work Innovation ability Technology Innovation Ability R&D and Design Ability The Ability to Acquire Knowledge Learning Ability Foreign Language Application Skills Computer Application Ability Ability to Plan Ability to Organize & Coordinate Ability to Perform Ability to Predication and Decision Ability to Information Collection

12 12 Click to add Title 1 The Training System Design 2 The Design of Standardization Talents Training System Based on Dual-degree 1 The Training System Design of Standardization Talents of Full– time Staff 2

13 13 The Design of Standardization Talents Cultivation System Based on Dual-degree 1 Relevant Technical Knowledge Specialized Courses Specialized Basic courses Specialized Optional Courses Dual- Degree Professional Talents on Standardization Practical Training on Standardization

14 14 The Cultivation System Design of Standardization Talents Among The On-the-job Personnel 2 Full-time Staff Technological Developments Tracking, Acquiring, Applying, Revising Standard Standardization Theory External Lectures Training Sending Staffs to Universities to Accept On-the- job Education The Enterprises Internal Training

15 15 Click to add Title 2 The Characteristic Courses System 3 Business managers 1 Standardization Managers Quality managers 2 3 Standard makers 4 Objectives

16 Public Foundation 1006h 33.72% 1234 Internship 18.48 31.5W Discipline Foundation 876h 30.5% Discipline 304h 11.14% Curriculum

17 Course Code Course name ScoresHours R0502X02English12192 J0701X01 Advanced Mathematics 10160 J0701X10 Linear Algebra 2.540 J0701X13 Probability and Statistics 2.540 C0806X02 C Programming Language 3.572 Curriculum

18 Course CodeCourse nameScoresHours A0803K04Engineering Drawing358 I0201Y01Chinese Business Law232 I1101Y01 Principle of Management 356 I0201Y02Micro-economics348 I0201Y03Principle of Accounting356 A0803ZA6 Fundamentals of Machine Engineering 350 Curriculum

19 Course CodeCourse nameScoresHours I0201Y04Macro-economics2.540 I1102K01Financial Management348 I1102Z89Marketing2.540 I0201Y05Application Statistics3.564 I1102Z46 Management Information System 364 Curriculum

20 Course CodeCourse nameScoresHours I1101Y02Operation348 I1101Y03 Human Resources Management 232 I1102Z87 Production & Operation Management 2.540 I1102ZA5 The Error Theory and Data Process 2.540 Curriculum

21 Course CodeCourse nameScoresHours I1102ZC2 Quality control 348 I1102Z23 Standardization 232 I1102Z63 Metrological Management 232 I1102ZE8Quality Certificate232 Curriculum

22 Course CodeCourse nameScoresHours Y0803X04 Practice of Metal Machining22W I1101Y04 Operational Research course Design 11W I1102Z07 Quality Management Software Practice 22W I1101Z01 Management Software Practice 22W I1102ZD3 Simulating to Management Practice 22W I1102ZD6 Professional Practice66W I1102ZD7 Pre-graduation Project1414W

23 Standardization (1)Terminology: Standard, Standardization; ISO/IEC Guide 2: 2004, WTO/TBT; Document, Physical. (2) The History of Standardization: from ancient times to modern times; from China to the world. Chapter 1: The Outline of Standardization

24 Standardization (3)Classification of Standards: from Hierarchical levels, Fields, and Implement Ways. (4)The roles of Standardization: from Industry, Agriculture, Service, Safety, Economy, and Society. (5)China Standardization: Administration System, SDOs, Policies, and Laws. Chapter 1: The Outline of Standardization

25 Standardization (1)T.R.B Sanders Theory: The 7 Articles (2) The Principles of Matsura Shiro: The 19 Articles Chapter 2: The Standardization Theory

26 Standardization (3)The Principles of Standardization A.Structural Optimization Principles B.System Effect Principles C.Order Principles D. Feedback Principles E.Control Principles

27 Standardization (4)The Models of Standardization A.Simplification B.Unification C.Generalization D.Serialization E.Combination F.Modularization

28 Standardization (1)The General Number Series Arithmetic Progression (2)The Preferred Number Series Geometric Progression Charles Renard Numbers Chapter 3: Parameter Classification

29 Standardization (3) The Electricity Number Series Geometric Progression (4) The Modulus Number System Construction Modulus System Package Modulus System Chapter 3: Parameter Classification

30 Standardization (1) QFD In Terms of Customers Satisfaction (2) DOE The Design of Experiment Based on Experiment in Practice/Lab Chapter 4: Parameter Design

31 Standardization (3) Genichi Taguchi Methods System Design Parameter Design Permitted Error Design (4)The Reliability Design The Reliability Indicators The Technologies of Reliability Design Chapter 4: Parameter Design

32 Standardization (1) The Principles of Drafting Standard In Terms of GB/T1.12000 (2) Standard Structure The Normative Elements The Informative Elements Chapter 5: Drafting Standard

33 Standardization (3) Drawing up and Editing Standard Normative General Elements, Normative Technical Elements; Informative Overview Elements, Informative Complementary Elements. (4) The Procedure of Drafting Standard Based on GB/T167331997 The 9 Phrases Chapter 5: Drafting Standard

34 Standardization (1)ISO (2)IEC (3)ITU (4)The Regional Standardization Organizations CEN, ASTM Chapter 6: International Standardization

35 Standardization (1) Draw up Company Standards Management and Technical Standards (2) Carrying out Standards Company Standards, Product Certificates, Management System Certificates Chapter 7: Company Standardization

36 Standardization (3) Standard Information Works (4)Taking Part in the External Standardization Works Chapter 7: Company Standardization

37 Standardization (1) Introduction of TBT (2) WTO/TBT Agreement (3) Case Study: Standardization and International Trade Chapter 8: WTO/TBT

38 Government Guiding and support. Knowledge universal education of standardization Cooperation with universities and enterprises to train standardization talent Suggestion 5

39 39

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