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Japan Standards Association

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1 Japan Standards Association
ICES 2011 and WSC Academic Week  Jun 2011 Importance of academic research in standards education for public policy Jiliang University Hangzhou, China Masami Tanaka President Japan Standards Association

2 Increasing Importance of standard educations
Globalization of daily life and business Emerging soft standards related to global issues Global warming, social responsibility, social securities etc Many complex issues to master standardization

3 Several initiatives on encouraging standards educations
Standards Development Organization ISO: Providing e-learning textbook, establishment of ISO Award for Higher Education IEC: Releasing Power Point material for MBA or MOT ITU: ITU-T/Academia holds workshop APEC: promoting education project for international standardization ASTM International, BSI, KSA and Others: Texts on Standards Education etc Cooperative meeting (forum) on standards education ICES(International Cooperation for Education about Standardization starting 2006) Asian Linl Project on Standardization Educations (started 2004) Working Group on Standardization Educations within Europe (2006) Many academic institutions throughout the world are already promoting the SE programs   3 3

4 Roles of the academic institutions for Standards Education
Practicing SE , which is based on more scientific results Develop the methods of pedagogy Nurturing research and studies that consolidate and expand the knowledge Creating synergistic process by fusing the academia with business and public officers

5 Many researches of Economic Aspect
Basic Aspects Improving economic efficiency Compatibility and interoperability Scale economy by simplification Limiting market failure Reducing information asymmetry Promoting trade Many case studies and analysis have been done in these basic aspects and published the books and articles

6 Two Important Area of Standards Education at the higher Education
Economic benefits of Standardization Utilization of Voluntary Standards at Public Policies

7 Relations between standards and institutions
Competition Policy Business Strategy (Marketing, R&D) Trade Policy Standards Intellectual Property Right Consumer Protections Government Regulations Environment protection 7

8 Attributes of Standards
Compatibility , Interfaces Network Economy (lock-in etc), Scale Economy Mutual understanding Common guideline ,Delivering Information  Simplification Securing Safety and Protecting Environment and Conformity Assessment 8

9 Regulations and Voluntary Activities
Voluntary Activities by Private Sectors Government Regulations Voluntary Standards (national , Regional, International)

10 Benefits of Using Voluntary Standards
More flexibility More consistency More transparency Less cost (if available) Problems of Regulators Can not manage contents of standards by themselves Takes time to change standards Different culture from standardizations

11 Two area of research Relationship between regulatory frameworks and voluntary standards Mechanism of conformity assessment in regulatory frameworks

12 Standards supporting Voluntary Activities
Management Standards ISO14000 series Guides and Codes of Industrial Associations etc Instrumental Standards Technical Specifications for machines and production systems Measurements and test methods Machinery Safety Standards etc Uniformed Information Set Information Transfer from suppliers to end user General Guides for machine Safety (Guide 51) Building Codes etc

13 Benefits of Citing standards (JIS)
Gas Suppliers safety Law Main materials for Pipe Labor safety Law Structural materials for crane Fire prevention Law Materials for evacuation equipment General rolled steel for general use for construction (JIS-G3101) Toxic poisonous chemicals control Law Materials of vessels Building Construction Law Structural materials for building Electricity Supply Law Materials for Iron pillar and tower 172 Laws cite 1991 JIS standards, with 6068duplicated counts: August 2008

14 Hierarchy of relations between regulations and standards
International Standards More transparency Widely recognized Adoption National Standards Domestic Common Practices Citation Technical Regulations

15 CE Marking System (Conformity Assessment Mechanism)
Consistent Standards (CEN/CENELEC)  Standards EU Directives (Essential elements)- (Detail specification) Internal Management of Producers Type Approval Confirming Design Batch Test/100% test Conformity Assessment Design Quality management Production Declaration of conformance CE Marking Surveillance Sampling inspection at the market

16 Changes of Conformance Framework
Government Government Government (Set Standards) (Set Standards) (Set Standards) Results Results Designated Inspection Accredited Inspection Accredited I.B. Bodies Bodies -Limited Open Open -ISO/IEC Guides Guides Certificate Certificate Certificate Private Firms Private Firms Private Firms

17 Summary Expanding SE as the higher educations in terms of numbers and scope in various areas in the world . Academic institutions play important roles in SE not only by educating but also research So far many academic researches have been done within the disciplines of the economics (benefits etc) Utilizing voluntary S at public policy such as regulations is important area at SE and academic reaserches

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