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The Policies and Procedures of the IEEE 802 LMSC 17-March-2008.

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1 The Policies and Procedures of the IEEE 802 LMSC 17-March-2008

2 Presenter Matthew Sherman, 1 st Vice-Chair IEEE 802

3 Purpose l Review Rules of IEEE 802 l Formally called Policies and Procedures (P&P) of IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee (LMSC) l Update on recent P&P activities

4 Background

5 The Standards Process l EMS presentation from 1-July-03 provides good overview l orials/july03/EMS_Tutorial_Presentation_Fi nal.pdf

6 IEEE Inc. Standards Association Computer Society Board of Governors - policy -fiscal oversight Standards Board -PARs -Standards - Patents -Rules Staff -publishing -ballots -support -training Standards Activity Board -General Oversight Review Committee PARs Submittals (Drafts) IEEE 802 in the IEEE Hierarchy IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee New Standards Committee Audit Committee P&P

7 Executive Committee (EC) IEEE 802 Organization EC Study Groups LMSC Technical Advisory Groups Working Groups WG Study Groups Standing Committees Task Groups or Task Forces

8 WORKING GROUP/TAG CHAIRS APPOINTED OFFICERS HIBERNATION 802.2 LLC (Dave Carlson) 802.5 Token Ring (Bob Love) DISBANDED 802.8 Fiber Optic TAG 802.9 Integrated Services LAN 802.10 Security 802.12 Demand Priority 802.14 CATV 802.11 WG WLAN Stuart J. Kerry 802.1 WG BRIDGING/ARCH Tony Jeffree 802.3 WG CSMA/CD Bob Grow 802.16 WG BWA Roger Marks 802.15 WG WPAN Bob Heile 802.17 WG ResPackRing John Lemon 802.20 WG MBWA Arnie Greenspan 802.22 TAG WRAN Carl Stevenson 802.19 TAG Coexistance Steve Shellhammer 802.21 WG Handoff Vivek Gupta CHAIR Paul Nikolich 1 st VICE CHAIR Mat Sherman RECORDING SECY Bob OHara 2 nd VICE CHAIR Pat Thaler TREASURER John Hawkins EXECUTIVE SECY Buzz Rigsbee 802.18 TAG Radio Regulatory Mike Lynch Member Emeritus Geoff Thompson (Non Voting) DISBANDED 802.4 Token Bus 802.6 DQDB 802.7 Broadband TAG Ombudsman Karen Kenney (Non Voting) IEEE 802 Executive Committee (EC)

9 Why are rules important? l Facilitate orderly conduct of business l Define the standards creation process l If not followed can lead to l Delays l Litigation

10 Where are the rules? l The Rules of IEEE 802 LMSC are called Policies and Procedures (P&P) l The LMSC P&P can be found at l l Other key documents l WG/TAG P&P l Check WG/TAG websites l IEEE 802 LMSC (Chairs) Guidelines l

11 The LMSC P&P (For the average IEEE802 Participant)

12 Current Clauses (abridged) 13.PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURES 14.POSITION STATEMENTS FOR STANDARDS 14.1Procedure for Coordination with Other Standards Bodies 14.2Procedure for Communication with Government Bodies 15.STANDARDS PUBLICITY 16.USE OF LMSC FUNDS 17.PROCEDURE FOR PARS 17.1IEEE-SA Standards Board Approval 17.2LMSC Approval 17.3Plenary Review 17.4Chair responsibilities 17.5Criteria for Standards Development (Five Criteria) 18.POLICY FOR DISTRIBUTION OF NEW IEEE LMSC STANDARDS PUBLICATIONS 19.PROCEDURE FOR CONDITIONAL APPROVAL TO FORWARD A DRAFT STANDARD 20.PROCEDURE FOR COEXISTENCE ASSURANCE 1.INTRODUCTION 2.LMSC SCOPE 3.LMSC ORGANIZATION 4.RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE SPONSOR 5.OFFICERS 6.MEMBERSHIP 7.SUBGROUPS CREATED BY THE SPONSOR 7.1LMSC Executive Committee 7.2LMSC WG 7.3LMSC Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) 7.4Study Groups 7.5Balloting Group 8.LMSC SESSIONS 8.1Plenary Sessions 8.2Interim Sessions 9.VOTE 9.1Procedure for Establishing a Directed Position 9.2Proxy voting 10.COMMUNICATIONS 11.INTERPRETATIONS 12.APPEALS Organization driven by AudCom Baseline P&P!

13 1. Introduction l Common Abreviations l Provides order of precedence: New York State Not-for-Profit Corporation Law IEEE Certificate of Incorporation IEEE Constitution IEEE Bylaws IEEE Policies IEEE Financial Operations Manual IEEE Board of Directors Resolutions IEEE Standards Association Operations Manual IEEE-SA Board of Governors Resolutions IEEE-SA Standards Board Bylaws IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual IEEE CS Constitution IEEE CS Bylaws IEEE CS Policies and Procedures, Section 10 IEEE CS Board of Governors Resolutions IEEE CS SAB Policies and Procedures LMSC Policies and Procedures Working Group / Technical Advisory Group Policies and Procedures Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised (Latest Edition) 2 1 Indicates recommended reading Treasurer 3 4

14 Clauses 2-6 l 2.LMSC SCOPE l 3.LMSC ORGANIZATION l 4.RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE SPONSOR l 5.OFFICERS l 6.MEMBERSHIP l 6.5 All participants bound by IEEE Code of Ethics

15 7.1) The Executive Committee l Function l Charter groups, initial chairs, proc / tech advice on charter l Membership l Who is a member and how they become a member l Reaffirmation l Every even numbered year in March l EC Voting Rules l At meetings and between meetings l Meetings l Observers are allowed l Ask chair to speak l P&P Revisions l Long and drawn out l Appeal and Complaint Process l You do have recourse!

16 Clause 7.2- 7.5 Subgroup Operations l Defines WG Rules l Role of Chair / Election / Authority / etc. l Membership & Voting (7.2.3 and l Defines TAG Rules l Similar to WG l Defines SG Rules l ECSG l Created directly by EC l WGSG l Created by WG l Both generally create PARs l EC Decides placement of PARs l Defines Balloting Groups Most important reading for the average IEEE802 participant!

17 8) LMSC Sessions l Explains operations of LMSC Plenary and Interim sessions and meetings l NOTE: l A session is the entire period of time between the Opening EC plenary meeting and the Closing EC plenary meeting l A session may have substantial breaks during which no meetings occur l EC meetings while outside these bounds are generally considered part of the session l If a WG adjourns they END their session l A meeting is a single substantially contiguous period of time without any large breaks l Yes health breaks are allowed! l If you recess your meeting ends but session continues

18 Clauses 9-18 (Other Stuff) l 9.1. Directed Position l Requires chair to vote as WG desires at EC meeting l 17. How to establish a Project Authorization Request (PAR) l 19. Conditional Approval to forward draft

19 The P&P Today

20 SA / AudCom influence on LMSC P&P l SA has gradually tightened control on sponsor P&P l ~4 years ago established SA/AudCom Baseline P&P l SA gave AudCom increased control of Sponsor P&P l Sponsor P&P must conform with AudCom Baseline P&P l Sponsor P&P must be posted on AudCom site l Requires AudCom Approval l AudCom will only permit revisions once per year l Limit burden on AudCom of P&P reviews

21 LMSC Responses to SA / AudCom l 4 year ago started lengthy process to reformat the LMSC P&P to align with SA Baseline P&P l Many revision ballots l LMSC paid SA Staff to assist in process l Finally received conditional approval and posting of LMSC P&P last year (10/2/07) l Conditional (till Dec. 2008) since AudCom is requiring further reformatting of LMSC P&P to make it easier for them to review l Less is More! (We have too much material in our P&P) LMSC response to AudCom: Creating Operations Manual!

22 Why an Operations Manual (OM) l Sponsor P&P really acts as Bylaws l Should give big picture – charter, scope, etc… l Should not change frequently l High threshold for modification l P&P equates to SA Bylaws l Many organizations have Operations Manuals l SA and SA Standards Board both have Operations Manuals l Includes any detailed operating procedures l Usually easier to modify and update l No constraint limiting update once per year

23 Where are we in the Process l July 2007 – Initiated process to create OM l Nov 2007 – Review of first attempt to reformat P&P l Minus OM material l Not ready for prime time l Mar 2008 – Draft OM and P&P material available l Extensive commentary on partitioning l Material can be found at: l l Being commented by EC Members l Mar 2008- Initiate Revision ballot for new P&P/OM l July 2008 – Approve revised P&P/OM (if lucky) l Nov 2008 – Reballot of P&P / OM if necessary You Are Here

24 Approach Taken l Started with baseline P&P from AudCom l Filed in material from Existing LMSC P&P l Some areas of baseline P&P are not editable l Favored baseline over LMSC P&P l Tried to minimize material moved to new P&P l Moved remaining material into OM l Created recommended changes for AudCom baseline P&P l There are some clear issues with their document l Will submit for consideration at next AudCom l Plan on vote to send to ballot on Friday 3/21/08

25 Documentation Provided to Date l Clean copy of New P&P from ballot l Clean copy of OM for ballot l Marked up copy of New P&P l Explains where each text comes from l Provides some rationale if changes l Marked up copy of OM l Explains where each text comes from l Provides some rationale if changes l Remapping of current P&P l Explains where each line of current P&P wound up l Recommended modifications to Baseline P&P

26 The P&P Tomorrow

27 WG Baseline P&P lNoting is constant but change l SA / AudCom are working on WG Baseline P&P l Same role for WG P&P and Sponsor Baseline P&P l Will impact LMSC P&P, LMSC OM, and WG P&P l Many WG operation rules are currently in LMSC P&P l Many will wind up in the LMSC OM l Will require additional revision activies l SIGH!

28 Spare Slides

29 TASK GROUP STUDY GROUP AD_HOC GROUP AD_HOC GROUP IEEE 802 SPONSOR GROUP IEEE 802 SPONSOR GROUP WORKING GROUP Idea for standard or improved standard Passage Requires 75% or greater approval (Typically 95% Needed) RevCom NesCom PAR IEEE 802 Executive Committee Mommy, Where do Standards come from? Standards Association Standards Board PAR DRAFT STANDARD Procedural Technical Procedural Technical PAR – Project Authorization Request (Includes 5 Criteria)

30 Sponsor Ballot Process Working Group ballot process typically based on Sponsor ballot process

31 Old LMSC P&P Revision Process (Roughly Correct) IEEE 802 Plenary Session Present Proposed Revision to EC Send to Letter Ballot ? Out of Session Initiate Letter Ballot Yes No Rejected Assign to Further Study ? Comment Resolution At least 30 days In length Initiate at least 30 days prior to Next plenary Session IEEE 802 Plenary Session 2/3 Vote No Further Study Based on EC Comments Approve Revision ? Yes 1/3 Vote No Yes 2/3 Vote Out of Session Revision Effective at End of Session Must come from WG/TAG or EC member Notify CS SAB Identify any Conflicts with CS SAB P&P CS SAB Rejects ? Revision In Effect No Withdrawn Typical successful P&P revision takes 4 months to accomplish! Yes

32 IEEE Standards Association IEEE Standards Board (Standards) Sponsors IEEE Society or Council Technical Committee IEEE Society or Council Standards Committee Standards Coordinating Committee (SCC) IEEE Society or Council Standards Coordinating Committee Any of the prior Sub- Committee IEEE 802 LMSC sponsors standards as a Sub-Committee of a Standards Coordinating Committee within an IEEE Society (the Computer Society) IEEE Standards Organization

33 Executive Committee (EC) Technical Advisory Group 1 Working Group 1 IEEE 802 Organization EC Study Group 1 EC Study Group 2 EC Study Group N Technical Advisory Group 2 Technical Advisory Group N Working Group 2 Working Group N Study Group 1 Study Group N Task Group 1 Task Group N Standing Committee 1 Standing Committee N LMSC

34 Sponsor Organization Sponsor Standards Development GroupsSponsor Balloting Groups Balloting Group 1 Balloting Group 2 Balloting Group N Working Group 1 Working Group 2 Working Group N Working Group is a term typically used to describe Standards Development Groups. It is specifically used within the Computer Society. Other terms are also used to reference Standards Development Groups within IEEE 802

35 IEEE 802 in the IEEE Hierarchy IEEE Computer Society (IEEE CS) IEEE CS Standards Activities Board (SAB) Project 802 LAN MAN Standards Committee (LMSC) LMSC Executive Committee (EC) Standards Development GroupsSponsor Balloting Groups Ballot Group 1 Ballot Group 2 Ballot Group N...... IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) IEEE Board of Directors IEEE Technical Activities Board (IEEE TAB) IEEE CS Standards Coordinating Committee Includes SAB + all WG Chairs within IEEE CS You are here! All these entity have rules that 802 must follow Get slide used in 802 introduction

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