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Earth’s Bodies of Water

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1 Earth’s Bodies of Water
What are Earth’s bodies of water?

2 Do Now Write a haiku for lakes

3 Lesson Essential Question
How are bodies of water formed on Earth?

4 tributary a smaller river that feeds into a larger river

5 River system a network of a river and its tributaries

6 drainage basin the land drained by a river system

7 Streams streams are bodies of water that flow over land in a channel
Source or beginning of a stream may be a: melting snowfield glacier overflowing lake

8 Rivers Broad and deep streams

9 Africa Nile River world’s longest river

10 Asia Chang Jiang or Yangtze
Water from Chang Jiang is used to grow about 70% of China’s rice crops

11 Australia Murray River Australia’s longest continuously flowing river

12 South America Amazon River
At its mouth the Amazon empties more than 50 million gallons of water per second into the Atlantic Ocean

13 North America Mississippi River
“Father of Waters” in Algonquian Indian language

14 Europe Danube River More than 300 tributaries

15 “first highways” used by explorers, traders and pioneers
Important Source Cleaning Drinking Food Transportation Energy Jobs “first highways” used by explorers, traders and pioneers

16 Lakes Bodies of water surrounded by land Greek word= “hole”
Most are formed when water filled a hole or opening in Earth’s surface

17 How are lakes formed? water filled a hole or opening in Earth’s surface glaciers gouged huge holes and basins in Earth’s surface and deposited water in holes as glaciers melted; during last ice age

18 How are lakes formed? Rain water collected in huge holes made in other ways Crater Lake= formed in crater of an extinct volcano (western United States) Huge crack in Earth’s surface

19 Lakes Deepest= Lake Baikal in Russia
Lowest lying= Dead Sea between Israel and Jordan Highest= Lake Titicaca in South America

20 Great Lakes H= Huron O= Ontario M= Michigan E= Erie S= Superior
1/5th of all fresh water on Earth is found in the Great Lakes

21 Great Lakes Identify the surrounding states

22 Lake or Sea? Dead Sea Sea of Galilee Caspian Sea
Called seas because they contain salt water (Southwest Asia)

23 Ticket out the Door How are lakes formed?

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