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Lesson 3: A Route to the Sea

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1 Lesson 3: A Route to the Sea
The Midwest has access to the 5 great lakes and many rivers that connect OR have been connected Waterways make traveling or moving things on water easy The fresh water of the great lakes is very valuable to the US Locks and Canals connect many waterways The St. Lawrence Seaway links the Great Lakes to the St. Lawrence River and then to the oceans. You can get anywhere from the middle of the USA!

2 18,000 years ago glaciers covered the Midwest.
The Great Lakes From largest to smallest they are: Lake Superior--The largest freshwater lake in the world Lake Huron Lake Michigan Lake Erie Lake Ontario 18,000 years ago glaciers covered the Midwest. As they moved across the land they gouged enormous holes in the land. The glaciers melted and filled these giant holes with water. This is how the Great Lakes were formed.

3 The Great Lakes

4 H. O. M. E. S. Remember HOMES to name the Great Lakes H Huron
O Ontario M Michigan E Erie S Superior

5 The St. Lawrence Seaway You can get from the middle of North America to any ocean using the interconnected rivers and lakes of the St. Lawrence Seaway min 54 sec

6 Rivers Midwest has many lakes and rivers
Ohio River forms the boundary between the Midwest and Southeast Ohio River flows into the Mississippi River Missouri River is the largest tributary of the Mississippi River

7 Ohio River

8 St. Lawerence Seaway

9 Mississippi River Missouri River Ohio River The waterways created By connecting the large rivers of the Mississippi, Ohio and Missouri, we can get from the great lakes to the Gulf of Mexico

10 Its like an elevator for boats! Genius!
Locks A lock is a gated part of a canal or river. Between the gates, water can be raised or lowered to allow for a boat to move from bodies of water with different water depths. Its like an elevator for boats! Genius! (54sc)

11 Barges Barges are very large, shallow bottomed boats. They are used to move goods through the great lakes and along the big rivers. There are PROS and CONS of using barges. PRO You can move A LOT Its Green. Little pollution a result of barges Its cheap CON Its slow Its not door to door

12 Summarizing the lesson…. Let’s review what we’ve learned!!!!

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